Just for fun: Let's bet, what we can expect from Rossi in February... anyone interested ?

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    Zeph continues with selective use of the facts. The Planet Rossi call for moderation when the narrative doesn't support their mantra waveWhat

    Siferkoll and another sources say, Rossi offered to buy the license back for $11M, but IH refused. So I can be quite sure about what A. Rossi wants.

    I can be also quite sure, that ECat device works, because otherwise IH wouldn't want to keep the license so obstinately, if it would be useless.

    At the very end, Rossi was offered a couple of millions to stop the test. It wouldn't happen if the test wouldn't work as intended - on the contrary...

    Now we have kremlin propagandist here in Weaver troll. These trolls operate in typical modus vivendi: they attempt to create an enemy by repeating dishonesting labels and name calling ad nauseum.
    They usually recall to deep history in their fallacies (USA/Hitler/Nero DID lynch negroes too, so that everything is possible by now, Russia can do it too, etc...).
    At third, they're trying to doubt everything in an effort to confuse the readers at least if they cannot convince them about the opposite.

  • Dewey, there's a certain type of person who likes to sidle up to a group of strangers, fart, and walk away smirking whilst the ghostly stench of what they dropped permeates the room. Sound familiar?

    Re your 100t of gold: I imagine you think you are 'keeping your powder dry' for the court... But the more legally enlightened amongst us realise that IH will no doubt be barred from adducing this type of prejudicial hearsay "evidence" - and maybe with good reason.

  • You can't expect to be taken seriously if you claim Sifferkoll as your source.

    The claim that Rossi offered to bay back the license comes from Lewans blog https://animpossibleinvention.com/blog/. But the only source for this is Rossi. So if you believe everything Rossi say then fine, no more to discuss. But if you don't think Rossi always tells the truth then you can't make any deductions at all from this claim from him.

  • Alan - the occasional selective bias that has been demonstrated by some, but not all, L-F moderators in support of Rossi, his sockpuppets and remnant followers has denigrated this forum's value. Sunset on the Rossi' era might hopefully give the L-F an opportunity to gracefully move into a more balanced position as the gathering place for LENR discussion and debate.

  • Z46 - that's pretty crude and I guess to be expected/ allowed around here from your side.

    I have not seen any indication of legal enlightenment among Rossi followers - quite the opposite actually.

    Rest assured that the legal standard as to how facts are introduced into evidence in Federal court is well understood.

  • It would appear not.

    And the fart analogy seems a fair one to me. Your sly release of the "100t of gold" statement was the 'fart', and your current evasiveness is analogous to you sneaking off, leaving a stench behind.

    And I managed to get my point across without resorting to schoolyard name calling. Unlike you.

  • Well in that case Z46:

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    Sunset on the Rossi' era might hopefully give the L-F an opportunity to gracefully move into a more balanced position as the gathering place for LENR discussion and debate.

    Well, in case you hadn't noticed moderators here have made strenuous attempts to move this forum back to its original technical purpose. Your provoking posts are one of the reasons the Rossi meme won't die in here. Ponder that.

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    Well, in case you hadn't noticed moderators here have made strenuous
    attempts to move this forum back to its original technical purpose.

    Ummm... it was just a dream or a wishful thinking of few, it's from beginning that this Forum (old or new it doesn't matter) is mainly the fashion show for Rossi's stuff.
    Rossi's supporters (his troops) reported each "says" from jonp like words of God because even if it has not any scientific basis or verifiable proofs it does not matter, it's sufficient sell it for that.

  • DNI has made this point, but it is worth repeating.

    Your stated "I can be quite sure what Rossi wants" here is absurd at every level, and you would perhaps like to come back and modify it.

    Firstly no-one can know what Rossi wants, merely what he says he wants. We have plenty of evidence that what he says and reality do not match even when he is talking about provable external facts like the existence of customers, let alone when he is claiming to describe his internal motivation.

    Secondly Sifferkol is the most unreliable reporter that exists in this saga, up to his eyebrow in unproven and unlikely conspiracy theories, for example basing a speculation that TC as used to post here was a paid promoter of "fossil fuel" interests engaged to destroy Rossi on the fact that some academic's open web page mentioned consultancy for British Gas (a UK commercial gas supplier) more than 20 years ago, and in spite of their being no other of subsequent link.

    Your stated "I can be quite sure the ecat works because otherwise IH would not want to keep the license so obstinately" is equally fantastic.

    You know nothing of how much IH wants to keep the ecat license. They were sued by Rossi and are replying, to defend their reputation and if possible retrieve badly spent money. This is just what is expected. You can of course argue they have some other motive - say fanatical Rossi hate, or the wish to promote the cause of Song-birds in Ireland, or anything else under the sun. You have no evidence for this and it is inherently unlikely. Furthermore if the ecat does not work IH would still reasonably be expected to hold onto a license paid. The ecat IP comprises many things, and is probably worthless, but who can be sure given LENR is not understood? That is a quite different question from whether Rossi, using that IP, has been able to substantiate his claims even one little bit. As a VC company you know that the utility or otherwise of IP from research is very unclear. You keep every scrap of it just in case. Some of the ecat IP might relate to real research given Rossi's inheritance of Focardi's stuff. Personally I'd say that is unlikely, but that is not the point.

    I find it shocking that you attach such a level of certainty to two statements for reasons that are just not credible. You have not even shown weak evidence to support them, let alone "I can be quite sure" level evidence. Unless that is your certainty is based on some inner conviction separate from the facts you quote.

  • IMO this post is prime candidate to the third (and very final) warning from the side of moderators.

    If you are going to ban people for telling the truth, I will leave. This is your first, last, and very final warning. This kind of crap has no place in a serious discussion of Rossi. He is a criminal fraud. The evidence for that is overwhelming. His data shouts it out.

  • Now that Mr. Rossi has conjectured that he will not show his latest QuarkX until maybe mid-summer (at that). And any and all conversation about his robotic plants and other customers has safely died down maybe we can speculate that since IH owns the blue container, they will donate the cats to replicators to test with.

    Since this is just for fun what will you do with your cat? Reload with an exotic mixture? Use as a resistance heater in the winter? Sell it for parts on Ebay?