Japan : Cold Fusion article in The Economist

  • Toshiro Asanoi (?) aka Sengakut just posted an article on his blog about an article in The Economist (Japanese version) About Cold fusion, on 17 Jan 2)017.

    The Economist's article is there

    He reports that it is focused on Clean Planet company who drive the LENR research in Japan.

  • Came across this comment on the "http://amateur-lenr.blogspot.jp/2015/02/blog-post_22.html" about: A patent of a new cold fusion reactor by Dr. Tadahiko Mizuno's glow discharge. Wondering if anyone knows or has this material?


    January 2, 2016 11: 21 I think that tunnel resonance phenomenon of matter waves with cold fusion in common in any energy flow.
     I summarized the reasons and examples of that idea and summarized it in PowerPoint. It became a file with 7 MB too. I would like to show you the materials if you can have a reply. I do not know how to keep in touch with GOOGLE or blogs, so it may be a once in a while for this one. Name belongs to Masanobu Banba and Takanobu Banboshi, a research group named JCF, Electronic Information and Communication Engineering Association, Japan Physics Society. If it gets stuck, please try looking. I think that my paper will be found on the Internet as well.
     It is an old man who does not have an experimental research environment. I would like to have the opportunity to tell young people their thoughts. I just handed it to Mr. Kojima of JCF, but JCF 17 in 2016 is going to show off to everyone with this power point.

  • This is interesting patent, as it predates the Rossi Quark-X and me356 experiments. The tunnel resonance of matter waves is too weak mechanism for cold fusion, otherwise it would run everywhere.
    Anyway, show us your PowerPoint definitely, I'm used to pan for gold even in diluted informational noise. The most close link to your idea I was able to find is here:


    We propose that cool fusion is fluctuation of the resonance which happens to the electron wave. When electricity is discharged, a special crystal is made from free particles by the tunnel phenomenon of the electron wave. If free particles line up in the arrangement of the crystal, and the particle shifts, the line makes a wave. When alignment fluctuates, phase transition occurs in crystal. There is a possibility that the distribution of energy is converted into all the combinations for the phase transition of the crystal. The phenomenon of CF appears variously for that.

    This model is rather close to my theory, according to which cold fusion results from momentum attenuation (Astroblaster effect) during low-dimension collisions of multiple atom nuclei arranged along single line.
    But IMO it's merely classical effect, the quantum wave mechanics participates on it only in limited degree.