Report on a Chinese experiment , in Chinese language.

  • I found this article on a Chinese experiment on Rossi/Parkhomov…dex&a=show&catid=7&id=811

    The google translation is not very clear, but it seems to have been interrupted, without excess heat because of some damage.

    However the results seems to be interesting, because the reactor behaved well and the last problem is interesting...

    The experiment seem to have been done on January 16th 2017, with heating during 2 days.

    It was performed in Chinese atomic institute (?), involving Liu Liu Zhilin (?) and Zhang Xian (?, maybe someone we cited here)... Not clear.

    A Chinese language reader is welcome.

    PS: here is a google tranlator link…%26id%3D811&sl=auto&tl=en

    Bing translator may be better


  • Isn't it related to this video? It already contains some translation.

    It seems, as the preview experiment is cited on 29th of December.

    Bing is better at translating, but all is not clear.

  • There is a third report (above was the second, and first was in december)…dex&a=show&catid=7&id=812

    As I understand it was stopped after 3 day because some extreme overheating causing damage.

  • Another report in Chinese about experiment done by Xian Zhang…dex&a=show&catid=7&id=817

    Report by the Chinese Academy of Atomic Energy Jiang Songsheng teacher to cold fusion world, thanks to the help of cold fusion experiments Jiang teacher give. The flight engineer Zhang Xian experiment is part of an experiment done this year, the results of cold fusion experiments using Raney nickel porous heating device made great overheating, provide a solid experimental data for us to continue exploring cold fusion technology.

    I don't understand all, but it seems a modest COP of 1.2, 70W excess heat...


    The reactor have changed shape.


    Some serious analysis of the claims is required.

  • Well, very interesting if correct. Use of raney-type Ni powder with 10% LiAlH4, no pre-treatment of the fuel mentioned, and DC power- no fancy waveforms. The reported COP of 1.2 is around the level others have reported for such 'basic' systems.