Patent by Hans Lidgren Rickard Lundin for transmuations

  • Mats Lewan just reported that the patent application of a LENr reactor developed by Ludin and Lidgren, based on their theory around Ponderomotive force, is now public .

    He made an article on their new theory, refering to a patent, recently published…20161026&DB=&locale=en_EP

  • Quote

    ponderomotive forces at resonance frequencies shake out neutrons from elements such as deuterium and lithium

    This looks like quite naive explanation for me given the fact, that just the neutrons shouldn't interact with EM waves and that the cold fusion works even with normal hydrogen, which doesn't contain any neutrons.
    Otherwise this patent would probably collide with many nickel-lithium based patents already existing, because it adds nothing very new into an experimental arrangement.

  • The Lidgren-Lundin hypothesis suffers from problems similar to those of Widom and Larsen and Brillouin.

    • If you have free neutrons (in the case of Lidgren-Lundin, from spallation), large numbers of those neutrons are going to escape the apparatus, as the neutron capture cross section is always finite, and you need gobs of neutron captures to account for power on the order of watts.
    • Neutron capture is indiscriminate, and many unstable isotopes are produced as a result, which will have half-lives in some cases of many, many years. This is the basis of neutron activation analysis and one of the sources of the radioactivity in spent fission fuel that necessitates special containment facilities.