Japan: next JCF17 conference will be on march 19-20th 2017 in National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College​

  • Thanks to sengakut for the announce of next JCF17 on his blog.


    It will be in National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College from 2017 March 19 (Sunday) to March 20 (Monday)

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  • JCF17 is aproaching,

    here are the abstracts provided by Akito Takahashi


    Many experimental papers :

    One experiment is strange :

    There are 2 team experimental article involving wide team (Kitamura, Takahashi, and many) from Technova , Nissan, and many Universities (Tohoku,Nagoya,Kobe, Kyushu), about PdNi nanocomposite behavior when absorbing hydrogen....

    Another article involve a smaller team in Nagoya.

    Another involves many common researshers, but also Clean Planet, and clarify some points on their previous results...

    Another experimental paper is made by Takehiko Hitoh of U. Sendai and Clean Planet, with researshers from U. Sendai.

    A paper from Iwate University study the deuterium diffusion in multi-layered coumpounds... Very technical, and many not LENR.

    About business, an investors review "Global Assessment of Investment in LENR: Challenges and Outlook" seems to be linked with the recent report in US by Anthropocene Institute, presented by the same team.

    At the crossing between experimental and engineering, a presentation by a team from Nissan, discuss of their work in Parkhomov style experiment, and of their expectations for automotive applications.

    Beside a presentation on theory Hide Kozima present "The Sociology of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon "

    And beside that, an handful of theory papers, on which I cannot say much.