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  • Please all, this file from a former boss of French CEA, Dr Vigier who worked with the famous researcher Graneau.…icle/pii/037596019291045S…urants/force-obsolete/eng

  • I really like this part- from the rexresearch link - very reminiscent of Mills Hydrinos...

    " For him, it is a new form of hydrogen (comparable to pseudo neutrons) that is created in the structure of palladium. Compatibility with theoretical calculations, these hydrogen atoms occupy a considerably reduced volume compared to the "normal" atoms. The binding energy of the former is below 80 kV of the latter; the passage from one to the other is an exothermic reaction that would explain the excess heat. Once the small atoms are formed, one could then have fusion reactions with deuterium or lithium, which corresponds to the spurts sometimes observed (in Fusion review). These micro-thermonuclear explosions that occur have been verified by the team of YR Kucherov, AB Karabut and IB Savvatimova in Russia. Professor Vigier is among those who think that a real revolution is on our doorstep and that all countries with access to heavy water will be able to produce cheap energy in large quantities."

  • Lou Pagnucco

    I am beginning to doubt if you are human. You truly post the most interesting links here on this forum beyond a doubt now. Then you leave the most minimal response in your links.

    How do you find such interesting topics (like all the damn time)? I am beginning to wonder now. I am spending my life wrong "me thinks."

    Bet you think I am kidding? I am not. How are you scanning this much appropriate to the topic information? I do not understand. GiVe! how you do it please.

    I see using uspto. I just do not get how it is being correlated. Some superhero I guess now.

  • Hello Rigel,

    Thanks for the kind remarks.

    Actually, I spend most of my time tutoring math at coffee shops (and pubs).

    I have been following LENR since Pons and Fleischmann, and saw that they were being attacked with religious fervor - they were receiving the same treatment as Galileo, when he challenged The Establishment. Human nature never changes.

    Anyway, my bet is that LENR is likely real and that collective effects are involved. Handling QM, QED, QCD in condensed matter is pretty intractable - so I don't believe the official "refutations" are convincing. I also have met victims of the enforcers of scientific/political conformity - so I regard some of the attacks on LENR proponents as scurrilous.

    I enjoy doing web searches on various areas in math, physics, and medicine - so I just spend a lot of time on it.

    I don't comment too much on theories, but try to limit my postings to ones I find plausible.

    - Cheers, LP

  • Because you post patents (that I love) but very very little comment I thought you were queueing USPTO website. So I was just wondering how you were sorting (just me wondering how someone thinks). It is my nature.

    I have made no secret that I live in the DC area. After all these years I have friends still working everywhere here. I have some close ones here and there. One is at USPTO.

    I do not advocate LENR with my friends. So without "bible thumping" that I believe in Pd. Eventually after talking about kids, I get to a question "Is anyone suppressing LENR patents?" He had no idea even after I explained it to him. This is not being suppressed at the patent level. This is more BS. I really believe we need to be honest with each other. I research now all the time. But medicine requires too much thought so maybe when I am older ;)

    You take care please. And if you have a good OT medical url put it in the playground. I will read it.

  • This is not being suppressed at the patent level. This is more BS.

    My impression is that if and when there is suppression it is now largely at the individual examiner level. Hot fusion biased examiners from the F-P days are now largely retired. There still may be some categorical "class" red flags at the USPTO, so that If an application avoids the titling and focusing terminology as "cold fusion", and if it does not loudly claim fusion per se, applications are now often accepted and patents effectively claiming LENR / CANR / CF are now granted. That is, there is a good chance to gain LENR patents through the USPTO today, if one is careful with claims and class title. (Longview not an patent agent nor patent attorney)

  • Hello Rigel,

    I regularly visit USPTO,, and several other physics websites. I would list some of the med/biotech ones here, but I still need to compile them. Since I am short on time right now, this will take a few days. Also, since it's off-topic, I'll email you them later.