New USPTO Patent Applications

  • A new LENR USPTO Patent Application --

    United States Patent Application 20200013517 January 9, 2020



    Methods, apparatus, devices, and systems for creating, controlling, conducting, and optimizing fusion activities of nuclei. In particular, the present inventions relate to, 5 among other things, fusion activities that are conducted individually or collectively on a very small scale, preferably on the nano-scale or smaller such as pico to femto scales, for the utilization of energy produced from these activities in smaller devices and for aggregation into larger devices.…0013517&RS=DN/20200013517

    The author also published the fairly recent Arxiv preprint --

    "Approach to Nuclear Fusion Utilizing Dynamics of High-Density Electrons and Neutrals"

    An approach to achieve nuclear fusion utilizing the formation of high densities of electrons and neutrals is described. The profusion of low energy electrons provides high dynamic electric fields that help reduce the Coulomb barrier in nuclear fusion; high-density neutrals provide the stability and reaction rates to achieve break-even fusion where charged particles are the main products. Interactions of energetic charged particles with high-density background produce positive feedbacks with enhanced cross sections. Experiments in a rotating geometry illustrate the advantages of this approach, which discriminates against neutronic fusion.

  • "

    To our best knowledge, this is the first time fusion with positive gains is achieved in a table-top system under both pulse and steady-state conditions "

    Knowledge does not include LENR

    Interesting calorimetry for proton boron fusion.. output/input= ~9

    A lot better than ITER.

    3-5 Mev particle output .. Protection?


  • If they find a way to focus the charged particles into a beam then run it through some conductive coils, that could absorb 90% of the charged particle output into electric current flow.

  • Perhaps related is the enormous charged plasma acceleration possible in channeling ---

    "Creating localized plasma wave by ionization of doped semiconductors"

    EXCERPT -- "In another speculative application, the creation of localized plasma wave might also offer a new route for inertia confinement fusion (ICF). One can use ionizing semiconductors to create a plasma wave with total energy E in volume V and then compress the plasma volume adiabatically using, e.g., lasers. According to Refs. [3,4], the mechanical energy of compression is partially transferred into the plasma wave leading to increasing thewave energy E∝V−1/2. The compression also increases

    the plasma wave vector k∝V−1 until Landau damping suddenly dominates and damps the wave energy into hot electrons. The semiconductor plasma wave is particularly attractive because both the plasma and the embedded wave are well localized, making it easy for compression. It avoids the difficulty of laser energy penetration into overdense plasma targets in current laser heating ICF experiments.z'


    "Ultra-High Gradient Channeling Acceleration in Nanostructures: Design/Progress of Proof-of-Concept (POC) Experiments"…milab-conf-16-381-apc.pdf