New USPTO Patent Applications

  • Seems that, at least, the undesirable effects of high density electron clusters have been recognized!

    "It wasn't until the 1990's that the buildup of high densities of low-energy electrons was identified as the reason behind performance limitations in many types of particle accelerators over the preceding decades. Nowadays the incorporation of means to prevent the buildup of electron clouds is a necessary feature of modern accelerator design. These electrons cause a wide variety of undesirable effects, such as increased beam size, beam loss due to instabilities, distortions of the magnetic lattice optics, noise induced in instrumentation, vacuum contamination and increased heat load on cryogenically cooled accelerator components."

  • These two new patents have Joseph Murray as co-inventor. Is this the same Joe Murray IH employed for Doral?

  • Here are links to the pdf versions of the Google patent applications.

    The first two appear to have the same figures and specifications.

    When a patent is examined, the USPTO may determine that the claims are directed to more than one invention and issue a restriction requirement to make the inventor elect only a subset of the claims to be examined initially. The non-elected claims can be included in later filings of divisional or continuation applications that retain the same priority date.

    In this case it looks like they initially filed two sets of claims to avoid a later restriction requirement and start the examination of both sets of claims more quickly.

  • Dense electron clouds?! Evo?

    Rossi now Google. Nice and weird.

    Max, didn't EcatWorld give you the credit for bringing this patent to their attention?…-density-electron-clouds/

    Google, University of Maryland File Patent based on ‘High Density Electron Clouds’

    Posted on February 7, 2019 • 57 Comments

    Thanks to Max Nozin for referencing a new patent application (published February 7th, 2019) filed by Google Inc. and the University of Maryland, College Park on Aug 3, 2017.

    The title is “Enhanced Electron Screening Through Plasmon Oscillations”.