A better alternative to LENR

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    The magnetic field has a precise form that must not be changed by any other source of magnetism

    I'm already explaining it here. The overunity arises, when the magnetic domains don't change their orientation - but size periodically in analogy of repeated evaporation and condensation of water droplets. Which is also reason, why the magnetic field must be arranged symmetrically toward center in Sweet's billets. The bifilar coil can just pickup the irreversible changes in A-field intensity instead of B-field which is reversible. Many other overunity devices utilize the same mechanism and they utilize many types of ferromagnets at kilowatt scales - so that the Floyd-Sweet process is not exceptional in any way and there is actually no difference in strontium and baryum ferrite behavior and also no magic in barium ferrite preparation. This process must be very robust - or we couldn't drain large energy and COP from it.


    In general, if we surround some coil with pulsing electromagnetic field (i.e. this one fast changing intensity - not just orientation) with bifilar coil, any power induced in it will not induce back electromotive force, so it could be drained for free. Once the induced power will get larger than the resistive and capacitive wastes within coil (which can be eliminated with proper construction of it, i.e. elimination of skineffect and capacity of its winding), then the overunity will be reached during selfresonance of the coil. And this effect works even in vacuum, as it doesn't require presence of any ferromagnet. The attenuating effects of ferromagnet domain could be easily replaced with increasing the voltage at the coil.

  • Zephir_AWT recombination of atomic hydrogen

    in this very long video

    the owner (Alexandr Kuznetsof) of http://www.stins.biz/#/star2000/ company gives facility tour to Global Wave TV and shows research prototypes

    They started as hydrolysis apparatus manufactures and now seek general use of hydrogen in engines and heating

    He claims that all heat comes from recombination of atomic hydrogen.

    after 38 min a prototype of what he calls 'replication Valencia [sic] Rossi' 700w in 15kW out

    51 min he makes a claim that in Ni-H systems at around 800C hydrogen ionizes and then recombines with excessive heat. Reports low level of radiation around 14 mR

    55' shows nickel fuel up close

    1h 17 min shows 87kW diesel producing 60kW from the generator, diesel runs on 88% H2 fuel. Not clear what is the input into hydrolysis but I believe it is clearly an overunity

    around 1h 50' Ni-H Rossi replication is running

    at the beginning (around 5 min) he shows heaters ready for shipment with thermal output 36kW. He says that they made all hardware while circuitry is produced in Germany. The production had been going on for 1.5 years as of Aug 2016

    43' an apparatus he claims was first announced in australia which uses a mineral form the sea floor around Haiti. The mineral contains manganese plus some other elements. When irradiated with UV light absorbs hydrogen from water. Cycling light on off all is all you need to split water.

    The price of the hydrogen home furnace:

    $5000 USD for 2000 sq.ft

    monthly electricity ~ 400 kW/h

    water filters $10 every 3 month

  • In my opinion the best alternative to the lern is a small cyclotron because the cyclotron transmutes the elements.

    For example, if a small cyclotron is loaded with rarefied helium gas and the target is a piece of beryllium, by starting the cyclotron, the beryllium piece emits an intense neutron flux that can transmute all the elements you want.