What me356 did for us.

  • Shane D.  

    Okay, found it :)

    Bob Greenyer wrote:

    Allan is Wrong.

    me356 has committed to me just 2 days ago that we will test his technology.

    Bob to the question when it will take place:

    Bob Greenyer wrote:

    Not March.

    Will appeal for funds in preparation. Team prepping.

  • Well, BG claims he is taking "a lot of heat" for his latest marketing promotion. Deservedly so, if you ask me. If this were the first time he has hyped something, that would be excusable, but it is not, as we all know.

    I am tired of LENR showmen. Real scientists do not do these things. You either have something, or you do not.

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    Real scientists do not do these things. You either have something, or you do not.

    The mainstream scientists are doing it routinely, once more than trivial amount of (grant) money gets involved - the very recent examples is the superluminal neutrino or metallic hydrogen formation

    Whole the thirty years long history of WIMPs dark matter search is essentially hunt for ghosts, the existence of whose has been claimed multiple-times.

  • In BG defense this is from his post on ecatworld's thread on me365


    I have made some very significant advancements in my understanding - but I don't want to cause any feeling that the MFMP is diverted from its core, step by step planned research. Unfortunately the MFMP has been unfairly criticised in the past because I am a non-linear thinker and am unafraid to put things out for public scrutiny, for better or worse.

    You will very much understand why I have separated this out and for my own protection the reveal must be a measured one. The totality will be very difficult for people to accept and the final pieces only fell into place last Saturday evening.

    I fully expect to be ridiculed when the reveal is done - however, I do not fear that. I am already taking heat.


    please tell where is here 'oops he did it again' moment? And if there is what is so bad about it?

    The way our science is run is forcing scientist to become a bit of a showman. It is easier to get 100K views on youtube with dusty plasma experiments in the microwave or some homemade fusor than get 2 traditional scientists to peer-review you work so you it can get published.

    If a scientist came across an idea he believes worth attention, should he use any possible means to promote it or sit on it waiting for a stamp of approval perhaps to the point when there will be another memorial research project named after him?

  • Anyone have an update on this ME356? Bob G was really hyping him at one time and I believe MFMP visited to conduct a test which was a bust.

    I believe there was promises of more to come...... but I have heard nothing. Has anyone else?

    (Now the limelight seems to have moved onto "Lion", whoever that is)

  • At some point after the test there was also an interview:


    In retrospect me356 and Mr Rossi seem more and more similar. They both claim to have the technology under control, both say they can achieve self-sustained mode, both claim to have large teams working to turn the tech into a commercial product, and both say their timing will be affected by the need for safety accreditation.

    And now here we are facing the same decision regarding me356 as with Mr Rossi ... how long do you accept these sorts of explanations before concluding that it is all nothing but deception?

    me356 is fast approaching the 1-year anniversary of the failed MFMP visit (i was May of 2017 as I recall). 1 year with absolutely no progress to show and no further replication attempts to report. Will that be a significant timepoint for people?

  • Bruce__H add robots to the list. The margins on grounbreaking device are so slim that without robots making them they can't compete?

    Same lame excuses from the Rossi playbook.

    No mention of stimulation. Just mix hudrogen with transition metal. Nice. Isn't that something 100s of people tried with no luck?

  • To me356's credit, he did allow testing. I was actually kind of surprised he did the ECW interview after that. No doubt, a very high degree of skepticism is in order. Surely 356 understands that. Maybe he reads LF still, and will make a comment?

    BG has studied 356, and Suhas's fuel ash , along with some other sample's from Shoulders, to form the theory he will present come O'day. If the theory works, and ushers in the new world order, me356 will have been vindicated.

  • Have any news about me365?

    I have some news: My CHM32 He3 detector show some activity from some materials (including Ni powder). Activity up to 500x BG have seen some times (and logged). I have seen also ~15min lasting activity mode (me365 talked about) after stimulation cycle.

    Question, what else it can be than neutrons? Holmlid talk pseudo neutrons. Why pseudo neutrons? Not real neutrons but something that neutron detectors show?

    I have reason to think they are not real neutrons, because no measurable activation from surrounding materials, 2nd same conditions produce sometimes strange radiation that feels in brains (I have not found literature that neutron based cancer theraphy produce feelings in brains). 3rd old alchemist literature speak "running mercurial" --> something that feels inside brain, essential for transmutations..

    I claim that some alchemist was not pure chemist but physicans that have LENR like tool to do things (including transmutations). There is also old warning "One of three is empty skull". That material generate lot of detector counts and strongest feelings in brains. Sometimes hospital is also needed..

  • eros,

    Last official word from me356 was last Sept 2017, in an email interview with ECW:


    Before that interview, and several weeks after MFMP's unsuccessful visit, he gave some rambling excuse to MFMP as to why he did not use the equipment they left him:


    I think BG stays in touch with him, so you might want to ask him. Everyone else has moved on I think, and written 356 off. Of course, he is welcome here anytime to give us an update, and answer some questions.

  • Question, what else it can be than neutrons? Holmlid talk pseudo neutrons.

    The proton magnetic moment can undergo quantization, what possibly leads to highly kinetic H* like Holmlid sees. This is a kind of soft-neutron. Thus you should not do medical experiments...Buy some proper shielding and some strong magnets for the muons...

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    2nd same conditions produce sometimes strange radiation that feels in brains (I have not found literature that neutron based cancer theraphy produce feelings in brains).


    me356 reports intense ionization experienced up to 3 meters away from the his test reactor, heavy enough to disable his test equipment. Such heavy ionization could effect the electrical activity in a susceptible brain.

    IMHO, such ionization might be produced by heavy muon and/or RF production.