(not MFMP but) BG preparing some big announcement?

  • I have stated for a while now that monopole magnetic fields could disrupt nuclear matter. Could some government have produced a macro level device that can project monopole magnetism in huge amounts to disrupt matter inside the atom on a large scale: a disruptor beam?

    If Snowden is involved, the info about this device must have come from the people who invented this thing. To keep this thing secret, then all the good things it could do would be suppressed.

    No wonder why Holmlid's work has been ignored. I thought that his results were just to hard for people to beleive, but official suppression might be the real reason.

  • This 'red pill' video

    Can someone illuminate me on what is meant by "red pill video"?

    Is Mr. Greenyer implying that everyone needs to record this video because "black ops" is going to remove him and suppress this information? What is the comments about shooting himself or heart attach mean? This sounds like he really is thinking something may happen to him? :?:


  • If you remember, Fabiani told Mats Lewan about seeing tiny balls of light that ate the structure of Rossi's reactor during meltdown quietly as they floated around. ME356 said about the same thing when the COP hit 100 as 1 liter of hydrogen vanished in a flash.

  • No matter what the result of this, MFMP seems to be reading too much SciFi. Around the edges of LENR has always been the promise (or threat) of a Science Fiction ending. In all sincerity I hope Bob is OK, and I, for one took the RedPill long ago.

    Having said that I do hope he is with friends and loved ones because his affect is not encouraging.

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    Could john k hutchison tech actually be real.

  • Bob, as is his style, is making some very strong claims. And in a way that is even less convincing than the first lot. I don't expect the evidence he uses here to be better than before, but where perhaps we all agree is that if MFMP validates clear excess heat then Bob's claims would look more plausible - though even then I can't say that his ideas about theory excite me much more than Axil's.

  • Is it really that far fetched that the technology behin LENR (if he really understood it) scared the shit out of him?

    I don't necessarily agree with his implications but there is only two possibilities:

    a) He has seen something that is so powerfull that it scared the shit out of him and he is seriously concerned.

    b) He has some psychotic episode and makes up stuff completely out of the blue.

    I have seen a friend of mine having and schizphrenic episode just half a year ago and he looked eerily similar (pale, staring eyes and so on) but i am also open minded enough to take into account that the "truth" is scary.

    I will wait for further messages to draw a final conclusion.

  • It sure sounds like the red pill is the zero pint energy meme. Something that Bob has seen recently has convinced that ZPE is real and can be taped in a massive way.

    But this ZPE meme has been out there since 1980 and has not yet caught fire. Espousing it has been a road to crackpotism.

    What John Hutchison says about how the DOD confiscated his equipment in the late 80s is consistent with the DOD dragon development meme that Bob believes.

  • And please keep in mind that Bob's "Red Pill" thesis is not being presented by or on behalf of MFMP, nor is it endorsed by those of us who make up the working group.

    Bob introduces himself at the beginning of this video with this words:

    • Hi, my name is Bob Greenyer, and I am a volunteer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project. This project was set up in 2012 ...

    And at the moment the two top entries on the MFMP facebook site are a "ball lightening" video (with reference to George Egely), and a "(RedPill)" teaser.

    So, don't be surprised when people mistake this "(RedPill)" stuff as a MFMP activity.

  • I've attempted transcribing the recently released videos, if anybody is interested:


    Ok, a few hours ago I was at a facility where I saw the solution ... you do not need to let them kill the masses. To the masses: do not be in a steel and concrete - that's a steel and concrete rebar building - or a glass and steel building. The weapon can turn both of those things to practically atomized ash.

    The elites are building bunkers because the technology - the weapon - is unable to work underground, it needs an electrostatic field in order to affect the destructions. It's designed to burn the books and ... leave poor people, uneducated people alive. Therefore they can keep the upper hand.

    We have the technology, I repeat: we have the technology. You do not need to let them do this. So, you need to confess, and ask for forgiveness. I'd like to thank Julian Assange and [pause] Edward Snowden for starting the revelations.

    For those people in California, do not think you are safe in your wooden low-rise buildings. They can try and flood you, or burn you out. If you want to know where the CIA went, it went to making the Dragons. So please, people with the knowledge: you need to come forward [video stops abruptly]

  • The DOD scientists know that the fundamental forces of nature: gravity, strong, weak can be modified through manipulation of quantum entanglement, but they will not tell academic science that their particle based beliefs(supersymmetry) are nonsense. So the deception goes very deep and designed to perpetuate ignorance.