(not MFMP but) BG preparing some big announcement?

  • I do not know what to say....

    For one, the cavitation seems it could be simply ultrasonic. See about :35 on this simple video showing mixing with ultrasonics. One can see

    similar vortexes.

    On this video, at 1 minute in :

    a similar underwater plasma is seen.

    I am not sure what Mr. Greenyer is trying to convey on the videos. Although I was unable to listen to any audio at the present, perhaps there is important information contained in any audio?

  • There is now a second 'Red Pill' soundtrack on Soundcloud. These appear to be audio recordings of a presentation Bob made in India. Part two wanders into 9/11 conspiracy theory at around 40 minutes in. Apart from some discussion of Ken Shoulders theories, I'm afraid there is little in the rest of these vary good presentations on the current state of mostly 'wildcat' research that serious LENR topic researchers have not come across already. For example, the claim that you need to exclude oxygen from the reactor environment has been in the public domain for some time, it is not quite as new as Bob imagines. But never mind. Onward and upward.

  • If I may, since MFMP has been mentioned and then MFMP saying that it's independent effort is there a recent update from them on this? I did not see a sealed oxygen free reactor in any of the multiple videos, did someone else?

    There does not seem to be a controlled environment. After Rossi I am sure that this will be an uphill battle without more information. I can not understand why he is making these claims at this point in time. If there are MiB they are coming for your taxes, not to suppress technology. Heading down the classic conspiracy is not warranted and is not beneficial. It is plainly scaremongering.

    A simple question would be to film a self loop. Has this been tried? That is the smoke test if you really want to see some real spooks.

  • If CIA was in that affair :

    DIA would not have made any FOIA available report.

    NRL results would be invisible.

    Drone would be LENR.

    Jed would be in a locked room in Langey with McKubre, Miles, Storms, Miley, Letts beside...

    CEES and SKINR would not exist.

    There is only one clear conclusion to the crazy situation : they are stupid, or just protecting their own butt from their boss stupidity.

    I've talk with many french Scientists, or engineers having done LENR research... Their only problems was public stigma, not even business or strategic problems.

    APS and NyT decided that they could not do LENR research.

    BARC stopped despite good results, and despite conviction that US were just blocking strategic technology to India, because of the academic stigma.

    EDF, CIA, CNRS forbid to their workers to make any experiment, even at home (it failed because French disobey orders - habit of stupid orders - if french were obeying laws, country will collapse).

    Some say there was competition with business lines, but only concrete problem I've heard was fear of ridicule, and ... safety problems (It's nuclear ... paaaaniiiic).

    APS and NyT have more power than CIA. Fear have more power than greed. Fat cat don't hunt mouses.

    NB: I get informed that some people around ITER are interested in LENR, but sure not in public.

    I propose them to organize secret meeting with funny robes.


  • So Greenyer just pretended it? :/:?:

  • I've attempted to transcribe the me356 segment, here it is:

  • Conspiracy theories are a waste of time.

    They take the "facts" they want and follow the logic they want.

    They are asymmetric so that even if Rossi stood up in court and admitted it was all a fraud then some would say "Ah but he has been forced to say that, it is a conspiracy to cover up his Ecat", but if Darden visits the White House for a charity event, then of course it proves he is part of the conspiracy. No lose situation.

    So the only useful path is scientific data. Does BG have any new scientific data to back up his assertions? Any new research to bring to the table? If he cannot produce that then the rest is just a conspiracy theory.

  • Traveling a lot, jet lagged and admittedly tired. It's best for himself and his family if he rests and regroups. It will help clear his thoughts and he will do a better organizing and reporting on what he saw. This thread should move away from the MFMP title, to Redpill. Per Magicsound this does not represent MFMP, nor its working group.

    On the conspiracy stuff, only a very small part of NASA even remembers LENR. Other than a blurb from the administrator, the NASA centers operate independently as they have specialized functions. Very little overlap.

    Absolutely no one is aware at either the USPTO or NRC anything related to LENR on an administrative level. I am also very sure that what ever 'dark danger' is involved OSHA has never heard of LENR. Living in the DC area involves a lot of self-important people that sit for hours in miserable traffic. They go to work, come home and go to work again.

    And finally the government is staffed by normal people and mostly spends it's time on administration.

  • Dewey,

    Even though I am on your side with regards to the IH case vs. Rossi.

    Since this thread is about someone in MFMP not the Rossi case your comment is meeting an extremely low bar for a Southern Gentleman. Cryptic or not, it is plainly inconsiderate of his health. Just consider it. Or am I mistaken? Lets not talk past each other this time ok?

  • It seems Mathieu Valat is sad today... I think I understand why, but you surely understand better.


    Sad day for the MFMP.
    — Mathieu (@mateMathieu) 3 mars 2017