(not MFMP but) BG preparing some big announcement?

  • Is it really that far fetched that the technology behin LENR (if he really understood it) scared the shit out of him?

    I don't necessarily agree with his implications but there is only two possibilities:

    a) He has seen something that is so powerfull that it scared the shit out of him and he is seriously concerned.

    b) He has some psychotic episode and makes up stuff completely out of the blue.

    I have seen a friend of mine having and schizphrenic episode just half a year ago and he looked eerily similar (pale, staring eyes and so on) but i am also open minded enough to take into account that the "truth" is scary.

    I will wait for further messages to draw a final conclusion.

  • It sure sounds like the red pill is the zero pint energy meme. Something that Bob has seen recently has convinced that ZPE is real and can be taped in a massive way.

    But this ZPE meme has been out there since 1980 and has not yet caught fire. Espousing it has been a road to crackpotism.

    What John Hutchison says about how the DOD confiscated his equipment in the late 80s is consistent with the DOD dragon development meme that Bob believes.

  • And please keep in mind that Bob's "Red Pill" thesis is not being presented by or on behalf of MFMP, nor is it endorsed by those of us who make up the working group.

    Bob introduces himself at the beginning of this video with this words:

    • Hi, my name is Bob Greenyer, and I am a volunteer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project. This project was set up in 2012 ...

    And at the moment the two top entries on the MFMP facebook site are a "ball lightening" video (with reference to George Egely), and a "(RedPill)" teaser.

    So, don't be surprised when people mistake this "(RedPill)" stuff as a MFMP activity.

  • I've attempted transcribing the recently released videos, if anybody is interested:


    Ok, a few hours ago I was at a facility where I saw the solution ... you do not need to let them kill the masses. To the masses: do not be in a steel and concrete - that's a steel and concrete rebar building - or a glass and steel building. The weapon can turn both of those things to practically atomized ash.

    The elites are building bunkers because the technology - the weapon - is unable to work underground, it needs an electrostatic field in order to affect the destructions. It's designed to burn the books and ... leave poor people, uneducated people alive. Therefore they can keep the upper hand.

    We have the technology, I repeat: we have the technology. You do not need to let them do this. So, you need to confess, and ask for forgiveness. I'd like to thank Julian Assange and [pause] Edward Snowden for starting the revelations.

    For those people in California, do not think you are safe in your wooden low-rise buildings. They can try and flood you, or burn you out. If you want to know where the CIA went, it went to making the Dragons. So please, people with the knowledge: you need to come forward [video stops abruptly]

  • The DOD scientists know that the fundamental forces of nature: gravity, strong, weak can be modified through manipulation of quantum entanglement, but they will not tell academic science that their particle based beliefs(supersymmetry) are nonsense. So the deception goes very deep and designed to perpetuate ignorance.

  • No doubt that is pretty far out there. Sane of BG to put some distance between he and MFMP, and good business of MFMP to agree.

    That said, I hope everything is alright with BG? Balancing job duties against the demands of MFMP volunteer work, saving the planet, young kids to raise, can tax even the most tough of us.

  • According to Bob his emotional outburst is related to theses things he saw:

    Bob Greenyer wrote:

    Thanks Artefact - the last few months since meeting Egely have been
    Spiritual and everything I have done in my life now makes sense given
    the presentation I had no choice but to deliver yesterday - and the
    fruit that bore today. More happy than you can possibly imagine - but I
    need to go to sleep now!

    artefact wrote:

    Has the dark side something to do with the reaction or is it something different?

    Bob Greenyer wrote:

    It is to do with the power density and the many ways you can instantaneously deploy it.

    Who is Egely?

  • Georgi (?) Egely is a LENR researcher - microwave transmutation etc.

    I have be working for the longest time now to get you'll to swallow that red pill but NO, you'll love that blue pill and crave the oblivion that the blue pill brings. So go back to sleep again and partake in the peace that ignorance brings.

  • Well this is bad.

    Bob seems to have turned into a prophet.

    He is referencing scripture and predicting dire calamities.

    This is a personal tragedy for Bob and his family.

    This is a big problem for MFMP and their credibility as Bob is so linked to them as a spokesman and those who wish to can use this in a bad way.

    I wish Bob well and hope he recovers speedily from what has the appearance of a mental breakdown or psychological episode.

    I hope the MFMP can recover from this quickly and continue to make good progress.

    A bad day for LENR.

  • I hope everything is fine with Bob Greenyer. He doesn't look good in these videos

    From a human compassion point of view I hope that Bob will recover.

    Probably he we need a good psychiatric care.

    I should note that this for me is the END of MFMP.

    I never trusted them but I was giving them the benefit of the doubt. After that I'm more and more convinced that they are not scientist (open or not) but just an amateur group in search of fame.

  • I would like to remind members that this is a science forum, not a psychiatric one. In here we don't do diagnoses of someone's mental health, since you cannot do that by remote viewing. Comment on the content if you wish, but lay off the man.

    And please keep in mind that Bob's "Red Pill" thesis is not being presented by or on behalf of MFMP, nor is it endorsed by those of us who make up the working group.

  • Technically speaking, if one were witness to an early demonstration of a nuclear explosion, e.g., the Trinity test, one would be likely to have said things to other people about the possibilities for death and destruction that sounded strange and that strained credulity. But in this instance one must weigh the likelihood that Egely would have been able to demonstrate something of such gravity.

  • I sincerely hope- against all odds - that what Bob is currently going through is not what has been suggested here, and what indeed seems eerily familiar to anyone having friends or relatives suffering from this condition, but only a temporary bout of insanity caused by really having witnessed such earth- and mind-shattering technology.

    In any case, I wish him all the best. The tremendous work he has done for the MFMP will never be forgotten!

  • I never trusted them but I was giving them the benefit of the doubt. After that I'm more and more convinced that they are not scientist (open or not) but just an amateur group in search of fame.

    What is your expertise to judge whether they are an amateur group?

    There is no fame to be had by anything associated with AR, but MFMP has done lots of hard work testing out the patent of AR and many other things. They have been far more rigorously scientific than anything AR has ever done or any other third party tests of his "technology." I personally think they should have concluded the whole AR replication mess by now, but understand the need for hope and to be thorough.

  • For some reason, this never crossed my thoughts before....

    Does MFMP have a governing "board of directors"? How are decisions made on where to send people, whom to send and decisions on spending funds and what projects to take on?

    If some issue should arise, how would difficult decisions be made?

    Note that I am a supporter of MFMP and appreciate their intentions and goals.