(not MFMP but) BG preparing some big announcement?

  • I can see why the nuclear powers would want to stop LENR. LENR is a prodigious generator of muons. It would be possible to place a satellite into orbit with a LENR source of muons that could be concentrated into a beam and projected onto the ascending warhead in the boost phase. The muon beam would catalyze fusion in the structure of the warhead as well as inside the plutonium pit itself. These muons would produce enough neutrons to prematurely start a chain reaction in the warhead thus exploding the warhead over the territory of the aggressor nation.

    Muons cannot be easily shielded at least by anything that can be boosted into space. LENR can produce the ultimate defensive nuclear weapon.

  • @dewey: "Rigel - such a presumptuous comment on your part but not to worry - it was not taken seriously or personally."

    Thanks Dewey. If someday something had caused you harm, I would make a similar comment to them also, and ask if I was mistaken.

    You speak like darmok and jalad @TARGET sometimes. Now you asked about me earlier what would you like to know, and where can I send it?

    Be specific please. You can ask anything you like.

    //since this is OT here please respond in the playground - thanks

  • This is a transcription of what Bob Greenyer also said in the (RedPill) | Breaking file on SoundCloud starting from minute 49:15. Is what's being hinted here part of the reason why he's acting this way?

    * * *


    Bob Greenyer: [...] and everything Rossi says is true. This is why Industrial Heat is trying to destroy the MFMP. Because everything else they can walk along, and give them a bit of money and say: "actually, you know: you're doing some great research, but why don't you do this and this?" - just what they've been trying to do to our researchers. And I know they're in the CIA, because other people have told me.

    Kenneth Shoulders worked at Stanford Research International for 11 years. With all the Michal McKubre and Edmund Storms... the only person he respects in the entire LENR community is Edmund Storms. Kenneth Shoulders, he says that in one of the videos.

    And then he went to work at - this where it got really weird for me - he went to work with Harold Puthoff and Stewart Little in Texas EarthTech. And everytime we've had a result at the MFMP, Marissa Little from EarthTech writes to us and says: "Oh, you saw a gamma pulse out from your Celani wire in 2013. Can we send you a... help you get a sodium iodide so we can see what the signal is?" and then we ran the reactor in Padua in ICCF19 and they say: "Oh, you've been running this Parkhomov fuel from Parkhomov? You've received from Parkhomov for 30 days... 15 days... can you send us some of the ash so we can analyze it?". And then I said I got an agreement with... what you call it... Vysotskii... calling over to do the biological transmutation for nuclear waste remediation - Cesium-137 etc. - And I know that the CIA want the technology. They've tried to get it. I spent 5 hours at ICCF20 speaking to someone... who was trying to first dissuade me the previous night and then trying to "nurture" me. But for Earthtech they just came out with "Oh, we can help you with that experiment". Oh, I bet you can! Cause I know he works with... you see how it's all connected? They are trying to destroy this every single day. And you know what? This is the coup de grâce, right here.


    Audience: But the point is, forgetting everything else, why haven't we succeeded building a succesful reactor [for LENR] ?

    Bob Greenyer: Because it's constantly being crushed.

    Audience: But you are... the...

    Bob Greenyer: I'm telling you where I got to in last couple of weeks. Everything I knew before then was/is a waste of time, which is why had to really fight these guys to tell you what the truth is. So, the coup de grâce is this. About this length on the table, Pons and Fleischmann... there's a guy and he sits down and he says: "Right, should we decide if cold fusion exists?" and he puts his hand up. "Anyone else wants to vote?" and they all kind of put their hand up apart from one guy. You know what? The same person that's trying to destroy Judy Wood's career? Is the same person who put his hand up, to destroy Pons and Fleischmann. So, the project I set up to clear the name of Pons and Fleischmann has now, has to clear Judy Wood.


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  • Well looks like BG is insisting that we put him on that list. I was going to use pencil but have changed my mind.

    I hope he finds his marbles soonest. I don't think they are in India.

    You might like to reconsider this post, and allow people to draw their own conclusions, whatever they may be. Alan.

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    He will do it again. An explanation of it all would be a full-length novel. Bob talked for around 6 hours, having abandoned his earlier schedule it seems. Lots of conspiracy stuff, the fact that he is shortly to visit Me356 who may just reveal all, and add in a lot more about Ken Shoulders EVO research papers, life, the universe and everything, and you are about there.

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    the fact that he is shortly to visit Me356 who may just reveal all,

    Looks like me356 has started playing hard to get again. From BG today:

    "He (me356) is not prepared to share that at this time.

    The sequence will be (as of now):

    1. When he is ready (soon I hope) we verify.

    2. If valid, then much wider verification

    3. Release.

    Ultimately it has to be a single pure act from him, he cannot be forced to do it. He reads here, so if there is something more he chooses me to share, then so be it."

    If 356 was indeed about to come out of his shell -which I doubt BTW, BG scared him back into it. Can not say I would blame him under these circumstances. I do not think I would let anyone into my home that is ranting on about the things BG is saying.

  • After looking at the recent videos and responses at ECW. I have to say most people have no idea on how the U.S. Government works.

    The NRC/NASA/USPTO/OSHA/EPA/CDC are Federal programs that administrate and have loose enforcement based on laws and regulations (meaning they send you a notice) they are not the gestapo.

    The US also has the NSA/FBI/CIA and these are grouped as either intelligence or clandestine. Why people put them all in a "alphabet blender" turn it on and say... " A CIA spook from either the EPA or NRC came by and" grabbed my all over the internet secret technology", then "shutdown my business and gave me a health code violation" as a premise is invalid. After all how can that be falsified if it never happened.

    Take a step or two back, think has anyone of these ever directly stopped any LENR work? We have many replicators, anyone want to come forward and tell own personal story? Even Rossi is not claiming this (as he sits in a Federal courthouse pondering his fate).

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    Shane D.

    I already had the same thought.

    I'm afraid me356 will revoke his offer to let MFMP validate his reactor when Bob continues to damage his and MFMP's reputation.

    I don't know in what Bob exactly got into, but his claims are more harmful for the credibility of LENR than the "evil elites" he is accusing to exectly doing this.

  • "Take a step or two back, think has anyone of these ever directly stopped any LENR work? We have many replicators, anyone want to come forward and tell own personal story? Even Rossi is not claiming this (as he sits in a Federal courthouse pondering his fate)."

    Well if someone thought his was the case, would they benefit from making these claims... There are a lot of campfire stories being shared in private among researchers but not so much openly on the internet. The few researchers who rely on public funding really cannot bite the hand that feeds them, as long as they want to rely on public funding. As a LENR serious researcher you are walking a very fragile balance with your reputation as is. If you can call this a conspiracy, I would say one I believe in is one were universities have chosen not to fund LENR over the years due to pressure. Please tell me if I got this wrong but was there not a university that tried to refuse a donation from Bill Gates?

    I think we are now at a point where the researchers have alternatives, however I think the researchers has not yet realized this. (Not referring to Industrial Fleat)

  • As an aside, I saw Dr. Mills speak this week and someone (not me) asked him pointedly "if something were to happen to you would the SunCell still move forward" and he said "yes". The main reason being that the SunCell is past the science phase and into the engineering phase and many people have schematics and all of the details they would need to move forward.

    Someone also asked him about the US Military and their interest. And he said the bottom line is the US Government doesn't really care, and won't care until there is a working prototype. Until then there are other things that take the focus of their attention. And Dr. Mills even made mention of the SunCell and A130 Gunships for a potential application.

    I guess my point is that maybe the Government conspiracy stuff sounds exciting, like a spy novel, but the process of scientific and technological development is a bit more mundane, per Dr. Mills. Maybe some secret agents are actively following BG around India trying to plot his next move, but I am going to bet not.

  • Sam, I have some direct knowledge that campfire stories are only that. Yes, it is true that LENR researchers (that are publicly funded) can not embarrass their institutions. But they can (and still do) honest research. Also Bill Gates spends his money very carefully in what are large amounts to us, but small and very often tax write offs to him.

    /My rant is old Bill should invest some of that cash fixing his core OS. Have you ever tried to restore a backup from older windows7 on win10? Not supported no reason why.

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    There is absolutely no logical sense for a government to suppress a technology which may be further developed in other countries without their control.

    They - let's say, as in BG's example "the US" - would lose all their technological advantages in this technology while other countries are becoming independent on - let's say - US oil.

    Even if it would completely change the energy markets as we know them now, it would be intelligent to have control over this technology. And when it is just to introduce it in a controlled manner to avoid financial crashes.

    Sooner or later there will be a game changing technology. Whether it is LENR or something else. And our governments know this. It's not the first time in human history.

    I can't imagine why the CIA or what ever should stop it. That had long enough time and will have more time to prepare for it, even when Rossi would start selling his ecats on monday.

  • 1. Twin-towers AHA moment from http://drjudywood.com/wtc/

    Steel columns disintegrating in thin air


    I always wondered why Dash's electrolyte experiment on LENR in uranium showed the uranium cathode releasing more radioactivity above the electrolyte rather than below.


    EVOs = a possible explanation

    3. Mr Weaver's role :"Pleasant words are a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." Prov16/24

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