• You would need positrons to generate X17 particles, so where would these positrons come from in BLP's reactor? Possibly from positive Kaon-Pion-Muon decay to positrons as described in Holmlid's setup? A wide range of possible particles result from intense electrical discharges, including neutrons etc, as observed from thunderstorms/ball lightning effects - so which reactions underly BLP's electrical discharge mediated claims of excess energy remain open I think?

    There are indeed a wide range of possible particles. Further, the energy could remain in the fusion product (transmutation product mostly nitrogen) for a relative long time. I believe the quickest way to know what reactions are available to claim the fusion reaction energy is to study the decay of magnecules and work backward to what combination of atoms and possible particles creates stable magnecules. I believe that the majority product of colder fusion must be very stable or must travel a considerable distance from the reactor before it decays. It could be as stable as dark matter or perhaps it is the dominant form of dark matter or perhaps the reactions in the chromosphere of sun harvest it. That is to say I assumes that fusion of hydrogen and fusion of hydrogen to oxygen generate a group of related particles and decay pathways.

    then it would prove that such an energy source would be impossible to harness as BLP have found to their cost over the last 30 yrs or so - without reaching some equilibrium in energy release on high current stimulation the reactors just explode, as they have clearly demonstrated. Any suggestions for a way out of this? Trying to be positive!:)

    In the BLP case the innermost reaction chamber should cause fusion and a new second layer of liquid metal/current should be used to harvest the radiation of the inner chamber. In this way the rate of production of fuel is disconnected from the means of conversion of fuel to energy. Only the inner chamber should be fed any oxygen (water). The outer chamber should be engineered to as high of equilibrium temperature as possible for the heat/light recovery system. One desires fusion and radiant (particle) transfer from the inner chamber and heat production without fusion in outer chamber. Ignition of the flow in the inner chamber would only be needed until the reaction in the outer chamber can supply that energy by heat flow. The fluid of the second chamber would be selected based on trial to find what will capture and reacts with the majority product of colder fusion. So there you have a rough idea of what is needed with some big holes.

  • youtube.com/watch?v=cabqeXX0Rto does the reactor reassembles something? I am starting to buy Russian vlogger Danilov's argument that Santilli's type of reactions are behind all the excess energy in all the different lenr reactors.

  • The sad thing about BLP is that they previously had a system operating at around atmospheric pressure that produced a self sustaining plasma even after all input was cut off, at least according to Randell Mills. You can watch a video of this system on their YouTube channel. Randell Mills shows the video to a group of students at Fresno State University. Now, after having to gimp the system to stop it from destroying itself, they are barely producing COPs of 4-5. If they would simply go PURE PLASMA instead of using liquid metal, use the same negative resistance regime they claim to be using to increase the reaction rate, and tune it into resonance so the plasma ball with double layers becomes free floating (not touching any surfaces), they could produce an ultra high COP without destroying their reactor. The problem with this is, of course, that they would rapidly find out that if they tuned the system optimally and used the right fuel, they wouldn't need a constant stream of hydrogen because they would be inducing LENR reactions that can produce millions of eV per reaction compared to hydrino reactions are admitted to usually only produce around 200 eV per reaction.

    BLP could build an amazing system that could be rapidly commercialized if they would follow the path outlined above. I suspect the reason they won't do it is because they don't want to provide evidence that both hydrino like reactions and LENR are possible.

  • Quote

    Members...we are getting lazy! ECW scooped us on the latest BLP news...again. How embarrassing. Anyway, they do have another validation, and a new business plan out.

    https://brilliantlightpower.com/pdf/Randy_Booker_Report.pdf ??? mean this ???

    Note that this is a personal report. Do you know if it has been accepted for publication anywhere?

    And in general, I am not sure that being as quick to be gullible as Frank Acland is an important achievement.

  • The recent validation tests are important from a certain perspective. They seem to indicate strongly that there is some sort of exothermic reaction taking place. But I would say that BLPs most significant accomplishment was when they were able to create a self sustaining plasma in a Suncell without input power. Since then, it seems like they've had to throttle back their systems a huge amount to prevent them from melting down. Randell Mills has the equipment, the lab space, and the staff to build a high powered pure-plasma based device within days if he so desired. It could operate at an insanely high COP while continuing to operate for extended periods of time without melting down. I just don't see why he won't go down this path other than my suspicion he doesn't want to prove that in a well tuned, resonant system with the right fuel mixture that you can induce LENR reactions that produce millions of eV. This would make his hydrino technology - while incredibly important for the new materials that could have countless applications and be worth billions - slightly less important for energy generation.

  • Members...we are getting lazy! ECW scooped us on the latest BLP news...again. How embarrassing. Anyway, they do have another validation, and a new business plan out.

    Not true. It was posted here same day it appeared on brlo site. But almost everyone here is a microbiology expert today.

  • Thanks to Brian Josephson for countering Tim Flannery's rhetoric

    Flannery... zoologist.. palaeontologist.. erstwhile head of the climate council...author of "FutureEaters"

    Flannery 2005.."Sydney's dams could be dry in as little as two years because global warming was drying up the rains,

    leaving the city "facing extreme difficulties with water".Today 2020.. storage is 77%


    Flannery maintains, like others, that GW is causing megafires

    but here is ample historical evidence that land mismanagement is the cause

    Flannery "There’s a British saying that fire is a good servant but a bad master."

    For thousands of years the Aboriginals managed this fire-prone continent .with fire.. it was a sacred duty.

    also defensive...barefoot tribes faced extinction by megafire..unless they got rid of the fuel with cold burning

    when the British arrived ,,it was a gentleman's estate

    not a megafire waiting to happen. but over two centuries the new gentlemen have mismanaged the estate


    When Flannery says

    "As far as swift climate action is concerned, all good choices have gone up in smoke”.

    he is conflating megafire sensation with climate action with choices.

    This year the Victoria aboriginals reinstituted in a small way the gentle land management of the past with cold fire..


    Josephson's recommendation for cold fusion research funding

    recently in the Guardian is commendable

    but it won't stop megafires... the Aboriginal cool burn will...