• Anomalous electron states


    Ivlev is one of the experimenters that measured the 1keV proton resonance. Since then he tries to find a classical answer for his mind troubling results, that of course cannot exist. Such papers show how mad people can get, if their live foundation (Standard model) breaks down in a simple experiment.

    There are and there never will be deep electron orbits as the electron never does orbit a proton. Every child knows that the the "plasma" some call charge is distributed symmetrically and thus we have to talk about deep potential surfaces not orbits. The problem with SM is that that the potential surface is modeled with spherical harmonics, what is OK for a free field but not for a bound field as static field lines cannot cross. Of course spherical harmonics never work as a physical model for a charge distribution.

    So one question remains: Why do people waste their live time with nonsensical models to finally invent even bigger nonsense?

  • Interesting read, and by a Mexican researcher with a research grant, no less. He doesn’t propose any experimental conditions to observe this “anomalous state” but by saying it needs electromagnetic interactions, is basically opening the door to what was observed by the legendary Carlo Borghi and all those inspired by him.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • Update on March 1st:


    "On February 4 and 5th, we demonstrated to about 200 people from academia, business, media, and political fields, the continuous production of about 150,000W of steam by our breakthrough Hydrino primary power source. An expert presented his validation results of 100,000W of continuous steam production by the corresponding SunCell which harnesses hydrino power. See full video. In six out of six live demonstrations, the SunCell performed flawlessly, continuously producing about 150 kW of superheated steam as shown in these exemplary video excepts."

    Overview video.

  • https://www.roi-nj.com/2021/03…ed-credits-weve-got-list/

    One way BLP has been able to stay in business, is to sell the tax write-offs on their operating losses, to profitable New Jersey companies under a state sponsored program. According to the article, the tax credits sell at 88 to 94 cents on the dollar.

    That would explain a lot, but still you can’t live loosing money for 20+ Years.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • That would explain a lot, but still you can’t live loosing money for 20+ Years.

    Well, Mills has been losing money for 30 years, so I guess you can. :) I do not think this state tax credit program has been around that long anyway. He did get investor money, and he still has that software program he developed that pays some bills.

  • Anyone heard anything about "hydrinos in a bottle" or these mysterious hydrino materials that were being sent to labs for analysis? Seems like we should have heard some results by now. Also the sudden pivot back to photovoltaic is a bit troubling, but I understand the point that they can reflect IR back into the system and improve the efficiency at lower black body temperature (it's in the latest updates on the BLP site).

  • If I recall correctly, Mills’ brother is in the hedge fund world, and so that probably helps. I’ve heard stories of them cold calling hedge funds to solicit investment. Whatever the case, they certainly seem to have a robust ability to raise financing.

  • You should read the posts of others before you post....Or once try to read something of what Mills posted on brilliantlightpower.com/ papers... This will answer your question.

    I was talking about Mills claim that he was sending his hydrino materials to an independent lab for validation. I have not seen an independent hydrino materials verification yet. And as for your advice for what I should do, I would give you my advice for you but decorum prohibits me from specifying, but it involves hydrino materials as lubrication.