• There is also no comparison with control in the water calorimetry..

    perhaps Booker is rewriting the report with a number of qualifications..

    due to feedback from BLP readership..

    A 300kw heater of the same size is a bit difficult to get thingie I suspect so It is not strange that there is no control.

    But why only high power short runs. Much more interesting to see the COP of what's working e.g. the 5h run.

  • I haven't carefully looked at the gallium calorimetry, but the water calorimetry is likely to be off, and a significant overestimation.

    First, it involved a water temperature change of only one third of a degree C, in a container that is about 1 cubic metre. Temperature measurements are almost certain not to be uniform, and thus error prone.

    Second, the calculations are assuming all the water mass loss is from a water change of state, from liquid to vapour. But surely this in untenable because the temperature of the water was only about 33C, and bubbles from the very hot SunCell surface in the bottom of the water tank would carry liquid water up and away from the tank. So clearly not all water loss is from change of state, perhaps not even close. This is made even more critical seeing that most of the excess energy calculation comes from change of state.

    I say this as a long term Mill's fan: It's a letdown to see both a low COP and questionable water calorimetry.

    I have to agree. It would be good to see more clarity and stronger results over time that can be verified top to bottom. This press release is cloudy and not a confidence builder. It's more of the same, at best.