• And here's another possibly relevant paper. - hydrogen chains.

    Ground-State Properties of the Hydrogen Chain: Dimerization, Insulator-to-Metal Transition, and Magnetic Phases

    (Received 17 March 2020; revised 14 June 2020; accepted 13 July 2020; published 14 September 2020)

    Accurate and predictive computations of the quantum-mechanical behavior of many interacting electrons in realistic atomic environments are critical for the theoretical design of materials with desired

    properties, and they require solving the grand-challenge problem of the many-electron Schrödinger equation. An infinite chain of equispaced hydrogen atoms is perhaps the simplest realistic model for a bulk

    material, embodying several central themes of modern condensed-matter physics and chemistry while retaining a connection to the paradigmatic Hubbard model. Here, we report a combined application of

    cutting-edge computational methods to determine the properties of the hydrogen chain in its quantummechanical ground state. Varying the separation between the nuclei leads to a rich phase diagram, including a Mott phase with quasi-long-range antiferromagnetic order, electron density dimerization with power-law correlations, an insulator-to-metal transition, and an intricate set of intertwined magnetic orders

    Hydrogen chains.pdf

  • Some new news at BrLP this video and a post about evidences of hydrino via gas chromatography. Starts to look solid and it is really close to test at customer or partner. Sure they can run for hours still I think there are more engineering to get it to work flawlessly for years 24/7. We do not have any performance measures of the final version 10X? or more? sure they act is that's the case. Anyway that's the news I'm waiting for now and I expect that to be ready when the product is ready. Maybe as a nice Christmas present to the world we will have a brake through of this technology and a world sensation. That would be fun to see how common academia would handle this, GUTCP real? what! is hell freezing over? is QM a hoax? WTF?

  • "We are developing a new patented power source based on injecting and reacting atomic hydrogen with a catalyst to form a more stable chemical state hydrogen gas call hydrino that we have isolated and characterized by multiple spectroscopies and analytical methodologies. Due to the hydrino product being 200 times more stable than water, water may serve as the source of hydrogen fuel in a proprietary SunCell® power cell. Since the internal field trial of September 22nd, we have designed, engineered, and built a larger diameter SunCell® with increased surface area in contact with a water bath to increase the heat transfer to the bath directly from the reaction cell chamber. This in turn reduced the wall operating temperature to reduce the thermal shock and high-temperature capacity of an internal liner. New materials were tested that reduce the cost to manufacture. The new design also prevents undesirable steam blanketing of the outer cell wall to provide reliable stable steady state heat transfer. The ability to reduce the cell internal operating temperature further improves the lifetime of the cell which should be years. This reaction temperature reduction was achieved without sacrificing high kinetics, power, and gain as previously encountered due to the successful implementation of the two breakthrough innovations of (i) a means to condition the inflowing reactants such that they are in an equivalent chemical state as that of being at extremely high temperature, and (ii) a means to suppress hydrino product inhibition. On September 24th, we started a third internal field trial of our new 250-kW thermal reactor SunCell® having a molten gallium to water heat transfer system to produce boiling water and steam on a continuous basis for a long duration run. A real time excerpt of the trial that is still in progress is shown in this video. We plan to run for 100 hours in preparation for deploying SunCells to commercial customers to perform field trials in their facilities."

  • Steady as she goes DR Mills and team.

    Slow and steady wins the race they say. Here's the latest, from today. I wonder what the 'breakthrough innovation' is regarding the inflowing reactants, which among other things has taken the SunCell to another level. It seems to me that, unlike the first sealed versions where the amount of oxygen in the SunCell was fixed in a very stable oxide, the newer versions are adding oxygen in some form perhaps more or less continuously. This would mean that the oxygen is vented out, perhaps to be recycled back. I recall from a recent video the implication that hydrino product buildup was inhibiting the reaction. If so, this would mean that the hydrino product was not escaping fast enough through the reactor walls as anticipated. Now that the oxygen is (presumably) being vented out, so is the hydrino product, and hydrino buildup is no longer an issue.

    100 Hour Power Boost Test

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    On September 24th, we started a 100-hour duration field trial of our new 250-kW thermal reactor SunCell® having a molten gallium to water heat transfer system to produce boiling water and steam on a continuous basis. In preparation for deploying SunCells to commercial customers to perform field trials in their facilities, we are testing commercial power levels under commercial operating conditions with start-stop, power control, cooling level, reaction condition, and other tests. A real time excerpt of the trial that is still in progress is shown in this video wherein we are testing dynamic control of power by controlling our breakthrough innovation of a means to condition the inflowing reactants such that they are in an equivalent chemical state as that of being at extremely high temperature. Other conditions such as plasma ignition power, hydrogen flow rate, and other parameters were maintained constant compared to the run posted on September 30th ... Even though the reaction appears very energetic, the SunCell® is very safe with the reactor pressure at less than 1% that of atmospheric pressure. No prior known chemical energy releasing reaction is possible. The power is proven to be from hydrino production at 200 times the energy of burning hydrogen by gas chromatography, EPR, XPS, Raman spectroscopy, and other analytical analyses...

  • En ny BrLP-video från deras 100-timmars test här .

    Vad som är intressant är att påståendet i berättelsen 10 gånger mer ström ut än antändning av powe5r. De hävdar också att 200 gånger mindre väte behövs än att bränna väte till vatten för att uppnå detta överskottsenergi. Ser ut som en slam dunk eftersom dessa siffror borde vara ganska lätt för dem att kontrollera nu. Jag kallar det en framgång nu eftersom jag inte kan se detta som en bluff och det kan inte vara självbedrägeri.

  • I just hope the (greater than) 10x energy output/input calculation is done by measuring liquid gallium temperature differences, and not by water undergoing change of state.

    Now, who is going to be the first to fill a kettle with that boiling water and make a pot o' tea?

  • Their presentation has a mixture of great claims and some seemingly convincing evidence, but also puzzling information. Is this presentation aimed to raise more money from investors?

    Some of the budgets presented , unless I am understanding them all wrong, seem to be low enough as to be able to be financed by Mills himself from his pocket, why bother present such numbers if you could finance them yourself?

    I am a bit puzzled by this.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • The presentation is, as usual, a mix of old and new.

    Some time ago BLP must have acquired some extra funding because the engineering quality really appears to gave gone up a big notch in the last six months.

    Newer material is found on page 15 and a little afterwards, such as this:

    I'm very excited for Dr. Mills and BLP now, they seemed to have crossed a threshold.

  • Still: Missing that H*-H* is harmless and in fact pollution free. I would currently not allow it to be released into the environment

    A 100 hour test is not what is required for industry. A 1 month test is the minimum.

    You would want to absorb or condense it as it forms. Or keep it in some form of closed loop till it condenses into that magnetic spiderweb like stuff they show... Why would it be released in the environment if it's a useful substance? Would need some sort of filter/condenser, a functional diaper, that can be changed and repurposes when saturated 🤔. What else is a good high temp pourous conductive substrate? Conductive graphitic foam with carbon-nitride filter and metal catalyst doping, this could replace liquid metal electrodes, seperate electrolysis step and catalysts. Graphitic carbon-nitride could be a photocatalyst for freeing H in gasious simple hydrides. Imagine you have low tech hot electrolysed water vapor, ammonia vapor and/or standard methane fed through one end, even with slight impurities. God gives us valuaable complexity in simple solutions, life is the way naturally.

    KeV - heV scale H* pico-chem and passively pushing the decay rate of unstable carbon/potassium isotopes using H is safer than focusing on breaking/fusing the nuclei. Conductive carbon is a solid state hi-temp electrode, potassium is a catalyst also! H* should be like oxygen to their hearts. Could use regular tap water and get oxygen output for you...

  • The successfull applicatoin of suncell of GUTCP is a mystery. QED does calculate a lot of values very exactly, but is so different from GUTCP Now I have tried to compiled a sketch of how to find another solution of QED that has the property of yielding the same exact energy solution and have a feature of a sperical shell non-linearity manifesting that the second derivative is not continuous on a spherical shell. With this approach it is plausable that QED and GUTCP is the same theory or share much more than believed. Here is a link to the sketch of a new solution to QED that yields the same energy.

    QED Calculations

  • Here is a link to the sketch of a new solution to QED that yields the same energy.

    Stefan: This is a joke. Neither Mills nor QED deliver the right potential for the ground state. Both approaches are simply wrong as both are based on a charge bound orbit. As you should know the Bohr potential has nothing to do with the Bohr radius it simply is the magnetic resonance energy of the electron.

    EBohr = me* α2! or for SO(4): EPot Bohr =(1/21/2)2* me* α2 (me in EV)

    The metric factor for 1D is 21/2 all magnetic coupling is 2D!

    The Bohr radius is a useful interpolation for simplified models only as you have to correct it with the magnetic dipole repulsion also called reduced mass what again is a classically wrong term (see Mills).

    Mills general one electron formula simply is wrong and does not deliver consistent results as he does cheat with the nuclear mass being just made of p+n...

    Of course Mills models is 1:1 with QM/QED with the exception that he gets a more complete picture due to the correct multi pole expansion.