• the reason its so difficult to get my head round is that Mathis effectively asks you to unlearn the confusion that has been instilled in me by trying to interpret Einstein and Feynman et al!

    His analogies of spin are fascinating and reset the dissonance of learning QED from Feynman's perspective.

    His work is most fascinating and very intuitive indeed, his thought experiment based intuition and method reminds one of Einstein! Very impressed indeed with the pages on reinterpreting relativity and factoring in the earths field into the equation. Is genius in fact if I do say so myself...I'm always visualising waveforms when I'm trying to think of the particulate nature of matter. Or the apparent particulate nature of light matter etc to give Mathis the credit he is due.

  • Axil said "You can reveal it"

    Randy Mills in reply to a query about his molten silver level control in the Suncell said he will reveal it sometime.

    Query: "Are you using a magnetic flow meter to control the levels of molten silver? As the reservoir fills up one expects the flow of the molten silver to increase. In that case the electromagnetic pump of that reservoir should pump a bit harder in order to get more molten silver in the other reservoir. Vice versa, reduced flow would mean that side should pump a little less."Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 8:43 AM

    Answer:"The flow meters are big, inaccurate, insensitive, killed by electrical noise, won’t work at these temperatures. I’ll reveal how it works eventually."

    via Yahoo.