• the reason its so difficult to get my head round is that Mathis effectively asks you to unlearn the confusion that has been instilled in me by trying to interpret Einstein and Feynman et al!

    His analogies of spin are fascinating and reset the dissonance of learning QED from Feynman's perspective.

    His work is most fascinating and very intuitive indeed, his thought experiment based intuition and method reminds one of Einstein! Very impressed indeed with the pages on reinterpreting relativity and factoring in the earths field into the equation. Is genius in fact if I do say so myself...I'm always visualising waveforms when I'm trying to think of the particulate nature of matter. Or the apparent particulate nature of light matter etc to give Mathis the credit he is due.

  • Axil said "You can reveal it"

    Randy Mills in reply to a query about his molten silver level control in the Suncell said he will reveal it sometime.

    Query: "Are you using a magnetic flow meter to control the levels of molten silver? As the reservoir fills up one expects the flow of the molten silver to increase. In that case the electromagnetic pump of that reservoir should pump a bit harder in order to get more molten silver in the other reservoir. Vice versa, reduced flow would mean that side should pump a little less."Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 8:43 AM

    Answer:"The flow meters are big, inaccurate, insensitive, killed by electrical noise, won’t work at these temperatures. I’ll reveal how it works eventually."

    via Yahoo.

  • No timeline and no working model ever tested properly and independently. That and grandiose claims that never come true are Mills' modus operandi and have been for going on thirty years. TMI Climate Solutions as a "development partner" is an interesting touch. I suspect they have simply been hired to do some work for Mills under a (probably secret) contract. Research companies often take way out stuff to do as long as someone is paying. It doesn't mean they believe it will work or endorse it. I searched TMI's web site for "hydrino" "suncell" or "Mills" and no returns. They certainly aren't proudly advertising the liaison that I can see by that search.

  • Come on mary. Last year on october Mills had a presentation and two guys from well known companies talked openly about their work and business relationship. You can see this on youtube.

    No timeline? They have a timeline - but they are months behind :)

    No working model ever tested properly and independently? That is correct - but they don´t have a working model either.

    Grandiose claims that never come true? That is not correct. He said that he developed a theory based on maxwells equations that lets you calculate the structure and parameters of more or less all molecules with analytic equations with much greater accuracy than quantum mechanics. He did that and shared it with everyone.

    But I get your point - a working cheap and green power device is way more catchy than boring equations. I have time to wait.

  • A new presentation was uploaded to the BLP website:

    On page 12, does anyone know what any of the bullets mean?

    • GUT

    • Molecular modeling

    • H(1/2) and H(1/4) hydrino transitions observed by continuum radiation

    • Astronomy data verifying hydrinos such as H(1/2), H(1/3), and H(1/4) hydrino transitions

    • H-(1/2) hyperfine structure

    • H2 (1/4) XPS binding energy

    • H2 (1/4) ro-vib spectrum in crystals by e-beam excitation

    • H2 (1/4) FTIR

    • H2 (1/4) Raman

    • H2 (1/4) Photoluminescence spectroscopy

    • Fast H in plasma including microwave and rt-plasmas

    • Rt-plasma with filament and discharge

    • Afterglow

    • Highly pumped states

    • H inversion

    • Power with multiple solid fuels chemistries

    • SunCell® energetic plasma

    • ToF-SIMS and ESI-ToF identification of hydrino hydride compounds

    • Solid H NMR

    • H (1/4) spin-nuclear hyperfine transition

    • Electricity gain over theoretical in CIHT cells

    • Official Post

    Yes, BrLP could be a scam. Many of us have certainly learned from Rossi, that one can not be wary enough when dealing with these freeenergy claims. BrLP does have some things going for them however, that make it hard to rule them out:

    -They have a large (22 fulltime/8 consultants), highly skilled workforce working with Mills. Were this a scam, it makes it all the harder to carry out when you have to deceive your team working alongside. Even more difficult to try and enlist them in the scheme.

    -They have had many validations from credible, independent (some were paid, not all) experts. Those validators are known, not anonymous, and have stood by their reports.

    -BrLP has a very qualified board. These guys are no dummies, and again, were this a fraud, Mills would have to fool them, along with his scientific team. No, not all BODS are scientists, but the ones that are not, are the types that can smell if something is not right.

    -BrLP has attracted considerable investment over a 20 year period. I would call that a minor strength, as there are so many examples (Steorn/Rossi/Madoff) where investors were suckered. But in a general sense, IMO, the more investors you have kicking the tires so to speak, the more unlikely it is a scam.

    -BrLP is doing considerable outsourcing for the Suncells accessories, engineering and design. In this update, they report joining forces with TMI Climate Solutions, and are ironing out contracts with 3 companies for the Si PV cells, and Concentrated Solar. Now, I do not know what an established company would say, or think, were someone like Mills to approach them and want to do business. I know in their shoes, first I would search the web like crazy to learn as much as I could about them. Then I would have to have some assurance that the product works as claimed, and that the specs were legit, so that I could fulfill my part of the contract without blowing something up. So I take it as a plus that these companies are willing to do business with Mills.

    -The Suncell itself looks like it means business. Even to a layperson, that thing looks like a lot of thought, and honest engineering went into it. Not some oddball collection of parts made to look impressive, but built around a concept which so happens to look impressive.

    -Lastly, a FWIW; if they go through with their "foundation for National Labs experiments and conclusive proof better than fire energy source", that would quickly lay aside any doubt once the first lab replicated, or not.

    In comparison, Rossi had no team, although he told us he did to gain our trust. No credible validations. No BODs...well maybe his wife, and Johnson his lawyer/JMP President. Only company he worked with was himself, as JMP. He did not even have a brick and mortar building all these years, until he rented the Doral warehouse. Not even his own website, as his "Ecat.com" is hosted by his licensee Hydrofusion.

    BrLP is looking good to me, but then again...I said that about Rossi once.

  • -They have had many validations from credible, independent (some were paid, not all) experts. Those validators are known, not anonymous, and have stood by their reports.

    I would be interested for pointers to unpaid, credible, independent validations. For example, not the Gen3 test, whose writeup includes the misleading claim of being carried out at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. (It was carried out there, but only in the sense of being done on the premises by Gen3, who are not affiliated with Harvard.)

  • Axil said

    On page 12, does anyone know what any of the bullets mean?

    Comes from Nov 4,2016 presentation


    Looks to be a summary of circumstantial and direct evidence for hydrino.

    To properly understand Mills GUTCP and hydrino requires a big investment of time.

    Try googling the separate items with hydrino. e.g. hydrino + solid state NMR

    Simplified understanding is available at



    Infinite Energy Mag



  • Shane, you had the patience to read all of those files in the Rossi v. Darden docket, and you are pretty detail oriented. I encourage you to read through all of those PDFs on that page you pointed me to when you have the time. I would like to compare notes at some point. Since you are trained in zoology, the technical details might not be of interest. But I'm finding similarities in the language and in the formatting of things like text, graphs and tables, which are potentially interesting as well for other reasons.

    Jansson, author of one of the "independent" validations, it turns out, has been collaborating with BrLP for 20 years, ever since he did a study of their work for his master's thesis. There are some technical observations that I'm taking notes on that are relevant, but I'll try to collect them first.

  • Quote

    -The Suncell itself looks like it means business. Even to a layperson, that thing looks like a lot of thought, and honest engineering went into it. Not some oddball collection of parts made to look impressive, but built around a concept which so happens to look impressive.

    Ha, LOL, it's certainly a cut above Rossi's collection of rusty crap originally put together by a 90+ year old plumber with crude toilet-work type tools! That's what a lot of money buys you. But you are easily fooled. Mills' kludge puts a HUGE amount of ELECTRIC POWER which he gets from the mains, through a very small gap or a very low resistance short circuit. You should expect fireworks! It's basically a gussied up welding rig. And if it makes so much power and it makes the power in the form of electricity, we are entitled to ask the usual question-- why not use a little bit of ALL THAT POWER to make it run autonomously (self running). Does Mills want respect? Ok, cut the cord and then demo it in a rig which makes cheating impossible.

    You have to separate Mills' claims into two parts -- theory and devices. I make neither hide nor hair of the theory so I leave that to others. I have yet to see a convincing demo that hydrinos even exist. As for the device, it is not impressive. It looks like a scam. And then there is the history-- Mills has been claiming that useful power generation (real power plants) is just around the corner. He first claimed it to be two years in the future. And that was going on what now? Twenty five years ago? How long do we believe him?


    I am a Zoologist for goodness sake. I study Zoo's! :) So how about you telling me instead, where the good, and the bad is here:


    I thought you were an airline pilot -- I guess airlines are resembling zoos more and more these days. The validation reports I saw earlier on (I have not bothered recently) consisted of taking some "fuel" supplied by Mills and supposedly made with his process and showing it had substantial energy content. But nothing was said of the energy REQUIRED TO MAKE THE FUEL. That was the earlier Rowan University work which was entirely paid for by Mills' company. Mills' story is more complex than Rossi's. If a potential investor wants to pay me to sort through all the supposed validations, I would consider it. But it is way too much stuff to look at for free. I look at the history. Nothing Mills ever promised about upcoming demonstrations and power plants ever came true. All he came up with was a modified arc welder machine. Big deal.

  • Possible function of the antenna

    "Antenna design to control temperature profile..Automated antenna disassembly, retraction, and storage post startup"

    Melting the silver according to [email protected] SocClassPhys yahoo

    "The antenna is sending out the electric field that heats up the silver - similar to an induction hob - basically vibrates the silver atoms real fast so they heat up http://www.asminternational.or…10192/1849770/ACFAA5C.pdf "

  • Jimimo : BLP says cost feasible at $60/kW.

    The $50-100 /KW cost guestimate is probably on the low side for the 10 KW units

    A Kubota diesel generator costs AUS $ 10000/10 Kw

    and I can't see the Suncell incl hydrogen generator + inductor heater + PV array

    being very close to that $100/KW cost .. at least in the first five years of production..

    But even if the capital cost rises up to $200/KW it will make current solar cell installations become shiny dinosaurs

    like the $650 million 150 MW solar thermal plant in South Australia

  • Small flare from the centre of the Millsian solar system.

    "We have run that design. High current through the graphite causes it to fail." Randy Mills Sep 5 1:34 PM

    In answer to a Amack43 satellite's question

    "I was wondering if the design could be simplified if the graphite shell itself could act as a spherical cathode with one central molten silver anode projected vertically to mid sphere from a single silver reservoir? The result might be like one of those plasma ball toys but with high energy output and silver vapour as the plasma. The design would have to prevent shorting but it's not impossible."

    That might have been a spectacular fail. At 3000C.

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