Rossi and Cures [split]

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    can wrote: Fioravanti wanted to initiate a military test, but didn't manage to.

    Wrong there. It happened, italian army brass in attendance. I have no precise idea when or exactly where.

    Says who, Alan? Rossi? ROTFWL.

    Maybe it was the Fioravanti mentioned in this article?…to-the-stars-sues-her-ex/

    OK... maybe not that one but he does live in Florida!

  • After reading every single post available from Cures (he stopped posting in 2014) I have a few observations.

    1) He was always overwhelmingly positive about the reality of the technology. This is because he not only helped with the design and test of the original one megawatt plant (which he claims self sustained for 5.5 hours after the power module was removed) but also the testing of MANY of the earliest "hot cat" reactors. He was aware of their construction and design, because he tested many of them with Rossi. The only information he was not directly provided with was the fuel composition. He said their task was to try out many combinations of fuel ratios to find a formula that was stable (wouldn't lead to instant runaways) while still produced reasonable excess heat.

    2) Related to the above, he stated multiple times the ability of the E-Cat technology to self sustain.

    3) He said in more than one post that Rossi was a high energy inventor with a steadfast work ethic and was "more honest than you might think." But he also said something similar to the effect that the enemy of Rossi was Rossi. He didn't just worship Rossi: he made multiple critical remarks over the years that he posted. However, he gave Rossi credit for being a very hard working and smart inventor with a real technology. (To read his actual words you can go to cobraf. My words here might not be exactly the same ones he used.)

    4) He was very worried about what he posted. In one post he said something similar to, "if Rossi is reading these posts of mine I'm worried he may send me to hell." Obviously, this was for two reasons: he was honestly critical of certain aspects of Rossi's personality at times (while giving him credit at other times for his work ethic) and he didn't want to reveal confidential information.

    5) He claimed to never sign an NDA with Rossi and paid his own way for everything. The lack of an NDA was why Rossi's business partner made Rossi force him out of the project. He claimed Rossi did so without batting an eye. Interestingly, he was not angry and didn't have harsh feelings.

    Cures came across as a VERY intelligent and knowledgeable scientist/engineer with a very balanced perspective about Rossi.

    I find his posts absolutely fascinating.

  • I have been reading Rossi's posts for years and I know his style.

    Even through the translated Italian, Cures style was far different. There is no way that he was Rossi. I think such a theory is total nonsense.

    Cures account of the development of the E-Cat (while he was involved) is fascinating. He seems to be able to differentiate Andrea Rossi as a person from Andrea Rossi's technology. As a person, he has both some VERY good things to say about Rossi and some not so flattering things. When it comes to the technology, if his account is truly accurate (which I'm guessing it is but I wasn't there working on the hot cats) then it is another indication the technology -- as a whole -- does indeed work. The only thing that will prove the issue of the reality of the technology is repeated widespread replication at power outputs and COPs that are undeniable, however. A few posts or even a couple on a hundred don't provide absolute empirical proof, but they can be motivating.

  • Zeus,

    I thought about that too and decided the same as THEDEBATE. Not far-fetched BTW, as there are some good reasons to link the two, so nothing to be embarrassed about for thinking it.

    And thx THEDEBATE for the Cures analysis. It was nice of Cobraf to lay out all his posts, and nice also for Paradigmnoia to reference to them. I read them that day, and was about to make a few comments here about them, but decided not to. I do concur with your overall assessment though.

    So may I ask; if this debate is so useless, then why....oh never mind. ;)

  • Shane,

    I'm not debating. I'm just talking. I refuse to debate these issues: they put me in a bad mood and make me far too emotional. I've said unkind things on here from time to time that I regret. The truth is that if arguing in a hot tempered sort of way can lead to bad behavior then we should mellow out.

    There are a TON of posts by Cures, BTW. You have to go all through the entire archive on Cobraf to find them and google translate them. The short list that was recently posted on Cobraf is perhaps one fiftieth of them. There are some really interesting posts. He posted all the way from 2011 to a final spurt of postings in 2014.

  • Well, whether or not DF and Cures are the same person, the Customer that one-or-the-other-or-both was representing never did purchase a Plant


    Very true. I think it was a little over a year ago (Jan-Mar 2016?) I posted a Rossisays from his JONP, where he had been questioned about what ever happened to that first plant. Rossi surprisingly admitted the customer never made the first payment. On website of Leonardo, run by Hydrofusion, it states that all potential customers are allowed first to do their own test (DD), and then if they are satisfied, purchase. Either they did their DD and found the 1MW lacking, or this is another fabrication by Rossi.

    Point is, he finally, years later, did admit the thing was never sold. My guess is that he found the issue too thorny, was getting too many questions about it, he was either about to initiate his suit against IH, or just did, so decided to lay it to rest.

  • Shane D. ,

    I am sure you remember the endless teleporting container discussions. The thing went to Greece, USA, etc, and was still in the warehouse too. It appeared on a crane going to Ferrara, when it was supposedly gone to the US. Dents were analysed and tracked from image to image, showing it was the same one... Finally, August 31, 2013 it gets to the Charleston, SC, port.