EU Commission answers to EU parliament on LENR/Cold fusion

  • On Twitter, @The_New_Fire cites a short answer of Mr Moedas of the EU Commission to a parliamentary question :

    the question was…E-2016-009616&language=EN

    Subject: Latest findings on CF (cold fusion)

    In October 2016, the 20th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCF20) was held in Sendai, Japan. Its objective was to tackle energy issues through the exchange of findings and research methods in the field of cold fusion.

    A growing number of scientific institutions are conducting experiments on cold nuclear fusion (CNF), using Pons and Fleischmann’s electrolysis cell and low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) devices. However, the results of these experiments are often contradictory and unclear.

    — Is the Commission aware of the latest scientific findings in the field of cold fusion? — If so, does it consider the results reliable? Do they hold promise for the future replacement of fossil fuels with clean and renewable energy sources derived from cold fusion or low-energy nuclear reactions?

    The answer…E-2016-009616&language=EN

    Key for me :

    1. "The Commission is aware of the claimed successes in the field of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)".
    2. "apparently some of these results have been replicated lately, in a few cases by reputed scientists or laboratories".
    3. "but the mounting body of evidence and the growing investment by companies and governments outside Europe might indeed require an in-depth review and assessment of results to date in view of deciding whether research funding should be granted in this domain".

    So :

    1. EU commission is aware
    2. things have changed recently
    3. some replications recently happened and are done by reputed actors
    4. growing investment by foreign actors
    5. EU commission considering to consider (:D) review of strategy

    note that old report on material science where Violante (ENEA) wrote a section on LENR…g-materials-report_en.pdf

    and that old presentation…-renewable-energy-source/

    remember also National Instrument lobbying on Cold Fusion by Stefano Concezzi in 2012…june_20_2012_concezzi.pdf

    NB: Trying to block LENR as some propose as CIA conspiracy is sure to be failing, desperate, stupid, beyond being not proven.