New Paper By Gullström, Rossi - COP 22,000

  • The second consequence is one that I think is highly likely -- high energy electrons. Ed Storms has performed glow discharge experiments in which a cathode would be impacted by protons/deuterons. The report is on LENR CANR. He detected very large numbers of high energy (.8 MeV) electrons being emitted.

    This radiation is now well understood! It comes from intermediate 8Li beta decay. Just study the Lipinski experiment and you will learn much more!

  • It also implies that the heat and energy in Quark-X comes from Li+H reaction: the "cathode bombardment" and "nickel pre-treatment" plays no role there at all.

    After all, what one could expect at temperatures close to melting point of nickel? Which type of "nano-cracks" and "pretreatments" could survive that?

  • Maybe, but A. Rossi confirmed for ECatWorld, that Gullstrom is already member of his team and working for him

    Really... Rossi confirmed!

    He also stated there was a real customer, real production, real engineer.... on and on and on.

    Why do you believe this anymore than the others. Mr. Wong was his expert "witness" during the discovery of the court. Mr. Wong saw absolutely nothing of the eCat plant. ALL of his testimony was based upon "Rossi says".

    In Rossi's mind, being part of the team is simply following what Rossi says, it does not require attendance.

  • Quote
    Rossi confirmed! He also stated there was a real customer, real production, real engineer.

    Like it or not, A. Rossi is the only authority for to decide, who belongs in his team and who doesn't. If you cannot prove the opposite, what are you actually trying here? You're just funny clown at best and annoying troll at worst.

  • what are you actually trying here?

    Just pointing out that believing anything "Rossi says", has been proven to be false in the majority of cases. So why would you state "his confirmation" as being factual?

    For example...

    No real customers

    No real production

    No robotized factories

    No real chief engineer

    No real independent ERV

    No real safety certification

    No real sales of (3) plants to the "satisified customer"

    No real sales of the stated previous 10 plants he stated.

    No real previous customers that he stated

    No real heat exchanger on second floor

    Not to mention the approximately 50 legal charges brought against him

    BEFORE the eCat drama started...

    and I could go on.....

    So I simply ask... why do or would YOU believe him:?:

  • Believing is only one thing.
    Those pictures of him at 34(?) were impressing, What a life he has lived this far, hope Vessy will write a thorough book, some film scripts, and at least one book of the explanations of Big Science why they deliberately frauded public.

  • Quote

    So I simply ask... why do or would YOU believe him

    I didn't say, that I believe him - but he also said, that Gullstrom is his cooperator. And this is just a bare fact and you should just wait, until someone will disprove it.

    Or shut up. I have absolutely no reason to believe you more, than Andrea Rossi.

  • I have absolutely no reason to believe you more, than Andrea Rossi.

    Absolutely true! :!:

    But then I am making no claims, only stating my opinion based upon Rossi's long history that Gullstrom probably was not at the test. And I backed it with logical process.

    I also have not made outstanding claims for going on six years that have been proven or highly questioned as deceptive in almost every case.

    Rossi posts daily, IHFB sings his praises and "TheDebateIsUselss" shows his faith in Rossi on a regular basis making scenarios that stretch the imagination when negative facts about Rossi are found. Why do you tell me to shut up and wait and not tell them? :/

    Hmmmm.... Once was said: "The ignorant will believe anything. They are kept in that state by not allowing questions nor discovery. To honestly question is wisdom."

  • Rossi doesn't live in vacuum: there are many who demonstrated heat in Ni-H systems (Piantelli, Defkalion, Celani, Cravens, etc.) Even the Quark-X reactor has been anticipated with Lipinski, Me356 already - nothing is very new here with Rossi. So I've also logical reasons for to believe his claims based on wider experience: it's fifty-fifty situation. That doesn't mean, I consider the scarce information from latest paper noncontroversial. But I've no enough information for to dismiss them reliably in the same way, like accept them.

  • So, apparently from Doc 207-47 previously linked by Forty-Two Rossi wanted a transformer capable of giving millions of volts. We now pretty much have confirmation (from the Rossi+toupée photo in the other thread) that the 1 ohm resistor is being used as a shunt resistor in series with the load producing the plasma. Could therefore Rossi actually be using a very high voltage source for his QuarkX, explaining the very large electrode gap (1.5 cm) reported in the Gullström-Rossi paper?

  • So, apparently from Doc 207-47 previously linked by Forty-Two Rossi wanted a transformer capable of giving millions of volts. We now pretty much have confirmation (from the Rossi+toupée photo in the other thread) that the 1 ohm resistor is being used as a shunt resistor in series with the load producing the plasma. Could therefore Rossi actually be using a very high voltage source for his QuarkX, explaining the very large electrode gap (1.5 cm) reported in the Gullström-Rossi paper?

    I have to say I should have realised that such a transparent mismeasurement is possible from Rossi. In that case we have unknown input power as well as arbitrarily (could be 10s or even 100s of times) mismeasured output power. I still think my spiky waveform mismeasurement, which does the same thing, is cleverer.

    You have to hand it to the guy for bare-faced chutzpah. Were the deceptions he practices not so loathsome you'd admire him.

  • I OCR'd and rearranged in chronological order the email exchange on this subject between Andrea Rossi and Jim Bass, since it might be relevant.


    From: Andrea Rossi

    Date: 11/05/2015 7:49 AM (GMT-05:00)

    To: Jim Bass

    Subject: Fw: capitolato

    Dear Jim,

    I need help from you, urgently for a thing I need for the plant o JM ( not the plant of Leonardo).

    I attach here a layout.

    What I need is to make a transformer - system that takes the normal voltage and gives me 5 million Voits with 5 to 20 microA ( 5 to 20 Watts of power).

    I need it to be as small as possible,

    Can you do it?


    You can call or visit me here when you want for explications.

    This has priority upon what, you are doing for Fulvio. Obviously if you can help me with this.

    Warmest Regards,


    * * * * *

    Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2015 at 2:28 PM

    From: "JIM BASS" <jimbass[at]>

    To: "Andrea Rossi" <ar.123[at]>

    Subject: RE: Fw: capitolato

    I Andrea, I have a dentist appointment this morning. I will address this when i return. Big problem is dielectric strength of materials Involved.


    * * * * *

    From: Andrea Rossi [mailto:ar.123[at]]

    Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2015 9:12 AM

    To: JIM BASS

    Subject: Re: RE: Fw: capitolato


    The current is 5 microamps, so the materials can be stainless steel, I already know they are


    * * * * *

    Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2015 at 7:47 PM

    From: "Jim Bass" <ilmbass[at]bellsouth. net>

    To: "Andrea Rossi" <ar.123[at]>

    Subject: RE: RE:.Fw: capitolato


    I am referring to the dielectric strength of the transformer body, coil, and air. 5 megavolts will arc through anything close. I am researching special transformers now.

    The dielectric strength of air {dry} is 3 megavolts / meter, so any electrodes that carry 5 megavolts will need about 1.7 meters distance between them. That is only the electrodes.

    Transformer coils that do this are wrapped closely, so the insulating material will require some special coating with extremely high dielectric strength.

    I will have some answers for you by tomorrow.


    * * * * *

    From: Andrea Rossi

    To: Jimm Bass

    Subject: Re: RE: RE: Fw: capitolato

    Date: Thursday, November 05, 2015 3:01:02 PM

    Obviously the coil wires are insulated! There are materials that allow the spires stay fwe mm from each other withoud arking.

    Warmest regards,


    * * * * *

    Sent: Friday, November 06, 2015 at 4:09 PM

    From: "Jim Bass" <jimbass[at]>

    To: "Andrea Rossi'" <ar.123[at] >

    Subject: Transformer

    Dear Andrea,

    I have spoken to several custom transformer manufacturers, and I have sent email requests to several detailing your design.

    Each response so far is negative, although I am still waiting for a few more answers.

    The problem is both the dielectric strength of the coil and the body of the transformer. Transformers are basically simple devices : the multiply the input voltage by the number of coil turns in the secondary divided by the number of coil turns in the primary.

    Output voltage = Input voltage *(secondary turns / primary turns)

    If you were to assume 500 volts input (for ease of the math), you would need a turns ratio of 1 : 10,000.

    If you had only 10 turns in the primary, you would need 100,000 (10**5) turns in the secondary, and it appears there is no existing method to insulate that many windings and prevent dielectric breakdown on a small scale. Several suggested oil filled, but they are very very large, good for > 100,000 volts, and are used in the electric grids of our country.

    Tesla coils can generate megavolts, but they use spark gaps, they are large, typically require higher resonant frequencies (way beyond 1500Hz) and generate large amounts of electromagnetic noise.

    I am still waiting for some responses, but I do not have an answer as yet. I do not believe this is a viable design using transformers.


    * * * * *

    From: Andrea Rossi [mailto:ar.123[at]]

    Sent: Friday, November 06, 2015 10:16 AM

    To: Jim Bass

    Subject: Re: Transformer

    You are forgetting that we want 5 microamps, therefore the wire we need is like a hair.

    You are cointacting wrong companies, because you are talking of giant transformers. We are talking here of an electronic device.

    We are talhing of 5000000V x 5/1000000 A = 25 W !!!

    You are contacting companies that make transformers of MW of power!!!

    Warm Regards,


    * * * * *

    Sent: Friday, November 06, 2015 at 4:26 PM

    From: "Jim Bass" <jimbass[at]>

    To: "Andrea Rossi'" <ar.123[at] >

    Subject: Re: Transformer


    I understand the current is very very small, but the insulating material still needs an extremely high dielectric strength, and I am not sure anyone can manufacture that kind of wire - even though the wire may be very small in diameter, the insulation would have to be very large, and the secondary winding would have to be more than 10,000 turns, so anything small is not feasible. I specifically asked two engineers about the voltage AND current.

    I will continue to research.


    * * * * *

    From: Andrea Rossi [mailto:ar.123[at]|]

    Sent: Friday, November 06, 2015 10:49 AM

    To: Jim Bass

    Subject: Re: RE: Transformer

    Just look well at the drawing I sent you.

    OK, continue your research. there are spires that can insilate 100 000 V if spaced 2 mm, therefore since to go to 5 millions we need 50 spires, the problem should not be so difficult to be resolved. If we take a survoltor that gives us 100 000 V, then all we need are 50 spires and 100 000 V at 5 microamps are not a problem.

    * * * * *

    Sent: Friday, November 06, 2015 at 5:14 PM

    From: "Jim Bass"

    To: "Andrea Rossi'"

    Subject: RE: RE: Transformer


    What is a spire?

    What is a survoltor?

    What is the size restriction?

    How many of these (if we can have them) do you want?

    How much do you want to spend?

    I have been discussing the design with an engineer from a company in Pennsylvania, and he had told me that issues are size, frequency, and voltage. He is thinking about it (no commitment at all - I told him it was a VERY important project).


    * * * * *

    From: Andrea Rossi <ar.123[at]>

    To: Jim Bass <jimbass[at]>

    Sent: 11/6/2015 11:39:03 AM

    Subject: Re: RE: RE: Transformer

    Do not give information and NEVER say the name of me or of Leonardo !!!

    It is for JM and you are not requested to fulfill their curiosity about what JM does.

    This said, sa spire is one turn of a coil, a survoltor is a transformer, the size must be the smallest possible, we pay for the prototype, then we'll nees 100 000 of them.

    Warmest Regards,


    * * * * *


  • Fascinating insight into Rossi's lack of engineering knowledge. He is a few zero's out in the voltage he needs for his device, as presumably he later found out. He has no conception of the problems generating high voltage (other than electrostatically).

    The human mind is a fascinating thing. We can, as the White Queen said, believe 6 impossible things before breakfast. More to the point we can have self-consistent strands of delusion that operate, blending seemlessly with the rest. So Rossi could here be genuinely working hard to make devices he believes are masterpieces, whilst also faking the tests and everything else about them...

    Then again maybe he is just thinking that plasma discharges look impressive. BLP might give him that idea.

  • For what the Quark-x reactor would need 5 Megavolts? Lipinski/Minari operated with 200 - 4000 V max. And which device would work with 5 microamps output current at 5 Megavolts? Every corona would drain more power from it.

    Rossi is incredible nut, with exception of secretiveness. His success in area of cold fusion research field would be a true miracle from this perspective.

  • The question is, did he find a transformer? I doubt it.

    That would then mean that his "test" and number were all made up. It appears that he was reverse "engineering" in the emails. I.E. he knew the end result he wanted, but it seems very unlikely that it would be realistic. However the numbers match the QuarkX descriptions.

    It would not surprise me if the test did not happen, and he just used numbers that he thought he could obtain later. He fed these to Gullstrom, who then accepted the values for his number crunching. This of course would mean Gullstrom was not present at the test, which I suspect. Do you think a grad student would fly from Europe to see a prototype, short term test? What was his input to the physical test anyway? You know Rossi would control the entire show.

    So either he found a transformer - unlikely.

    Reduced the voltage requirements by a great amount so he could produce a glow discharge for appearance sake and simple substituted his numbers. - This would not surprise me.

    Did not do any test at all and simply supplied numbers. - ???

    In any case, it would not appear that if this email exchange is indeed determined to be the workings of the QuarkX, we know where the 20watts of power come from..... and "it an't LENR" ! X/

  • Reading this eMail exchange makes me never want to touch anything that is electrically in contact with an e-cat. oO

    Rossi definitly does not know what he is talking about, but that is totally in line with his explanation of the "power in" part of the gullström paper. Am I crazy if I still think that the chances are high his e-cat/quark produces a COP > 3? I guess so... :)

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