New Paper By Gullström, Rossi - COP 22,000

  • Somewhat interesting from the report:

    Address of the site: 7861 NW 46th St., Doral, Florida, 33139 USA"

    Well, JMP was supposed to be at this address, but now Rossi has officially stated it is Leonardo Corp's "Factory". Another almost bullet proof point that there was no customer for the 1 year test and we now know where Rossi does his experimental work. One would have to believe that JMP moved production into a facility and then vacated it in a very short period of time (1 year) and then Rossi took over the facility. Not likely. I wonder who his "team" is now that Fabiani is in Russia?

    Perhpas Mr. Weaver could chime in on what equipment was setup at this location, if he knows of any.

    Is it well equipped lab or is it "bare bones bench and voltmeter?"

    Mr. Gullstrom seems to be a doctoral student at Uppsalla.

    He has been linked with the Lugano testers and Rossi since 2014 per Sifferkol. (Did not think I would ever link to Sifferkol's site! I do not know how accurate it is? I wonder whatever happened to him anyway?)…l-oscar-gullstrom-papers/

    One thing I must say, Rossi is like the Energizer Bunny.... he keeps on going and going and going. Why he simply does not "really" sell a plant and put into operation if he really has something. :?: He could put this all to rest several different ways.

  • If this reactor turns out to work -- it requires much verification -- then it changes the whole ball game.

    The source of the light, heat, and direct electric production of the Quark becomes obvious: the excess electric current traveling through the reactor is the source of all three! If the results of the paper can be verified, the following is what comes to mind.

    - The current ionizes the gas emitting light.

    - The current adds kinetic energy to the ions increasing the temperature.

    - The current -- from potentially multiple sources including direct thermionic emission from the heated electrode -- raises the amperage flowing through the output wire.


    If of course these results are verified by third parties and turn out to be correct.

    I'm hopeful that can be done.

  • Well there are a few coherent sentences in there, not a lot of them, but then you see things like

    62−xN i + xn∗ →62 N i

    What? You have 62Ni that you imagine is smaller by x neutrons that you add in an wind up back at 62Ni.

    then we have this winner that seems to be fission of 2 neutrons out of Ni64. That is actually quite endothermic.

    "The main sources of the bound nucleons are
    64N i →62 N i + 2n∗ "

    I honestly don't have time for this sort of nonsense.

  • I honestly don't have time for this sort of nonsense.

    It is conjectured that protons and neutrons can move from nucleus to nucleus under the influence of subatomic particles, specifically pions.

    One idea that is not found in the conjecture is fusion as a consequence of coulomb barrier penetration. In this rejection of fusion as a major reaction in LENR, we are making progress. To identify how the strong and weak force produce LENR reaction results under the influence of unusual magnetic effects is valid in principle if not in detail.

  • For those who have trouble with the notation



    62−x Ni + xn∗ →62Ni.

    Here we are talking about "62 minus x"

    Just pick x as an integer so that 62-x gives you an existing stable isotope of NI and you have one version of the formula

    x=1, 2 or 4

    e.g. for x=2: 60Ni + 2n+ -> 62Ni

    I don't understand 99% of the report but this seems to just be a way to write 3 very similar (basic and well known) equations on one line

  • Let us start another bet.

    This news is only to hide the quarkX presentation, which was already delayed.

    I assume, Rossi now will post several headlines referring to this " new effect ", like he did with the old E-Cat, where we suddenly here nothing more.... only QuarkX here and QuarkX there.

    The planned presentation of the QuarkX was delayed.

    Now the new effect comes into play.

    I also assume, that there will ne NOT A SINGLE ATTEMPT to give a public presentation of the QuarkX, it might vanish and this "new effect" will be the reasons, which Rossi will mention, when he will be asked by anyone about QuarkX, its current state and the presentation.

    Then, once again, we will read "... working 16 hours a day to analyse and stabilize the ' new affect', dropped all effort for QuarkX, just to have time to study this 'new effect', bla bla bla bla ".

    I am betting 1000 lollipops, that this will be the new direction.

    Anyone to join ?


    @ Axil: Do not post nonsense, if You even do not know, what a Van der Graaf test ist".... unbelievable ... simply Dunning Kruger.

  • No wonder readers are having difficulty understanding this paper! Lots of wild conjecture and little experimental evidence in support.

    But let's look at the details. Under the heading "Experiment" they write, "most stable nucleon have a ground state of 0+and all seen receiver nucleons are of this state"!? Evidently they are unaware that even/even nuclei are more stable than their neighbours and ALL have a spin of zero.

    6He is proposed to be a product. If this is so, why has its intense beta radio-activity not been observed? Why not design experiments to test conjectures and actually look for predicted effects?

    The proposal that neutron transfers might explain CMNS is hardly new, but the authors make no reference to the previous work Hagelstein's neutron hopping, Bazhutov's Erzions, and Fisher's Poly-neutrons, Collis' Exotic Neutral Particles. Fisher in particular, identified 64Ni as a neutron pair donor. This would neatly side-step the problem of why no radio-active 59Ni is observed.

    It is all very well proposing that bound protons are somehow transmuting 27Al to stable 28Si. But why don't we see radio-active 28Al from neutron transfers? What about all the other reactor components including the resistor, container etc.? Why are they not transmuted too?

    And missing from all the proposed reactions is any role for hydrogen. What then is its role? At least some discussion of the issues might be in order!

  • Finally some reasonable thoughts, and not again the "dreaming and hoping" for Rossi to finally change the world forever. In fact, he already did, he shows us all, that, no matter how far the public meaning is allowed to spread, no matter how strict scientific rules are, no matter how far technology is evolved, there is always enough space for professional, scamming charlatans. Cheers.

  • This could possibly end up as the most important paper in the history of LENR, if verified by other parties.

  • Quote

    This could possibly end up as the most important paper in the history of LENR, if verified by other parties.

    There is nothing to verify, as all important experimental details are missing. Temperature given (2 362°C) is nonsensical as the nickel melts at 1455 °C and at the temperatures above 700°C the LiAlH4 fully decomposes, so that we supposedly have two nickel electrodes covered with lithium, bit of aluminum and aluminum oxide, hydrogen and some lithium vapor with DC 100 mA plasma discharge at 2 kV minimum/1.5 cm distance.

    • Official Post

    2 kV minimum/1.5 cm distance.


    Are you basing the 2kV minimum figure on what is usual, or on something in the paper? Also, it is not possible for the plasma temperature to be higher than the electrode temperature -so long as triggering is intermittent? And if the lithium and the aluminium are vapourised, does it make any difference?

  • Deep River Ventures - is not going to be happy to hear this.

    New Paper By Rossi and Gullström Reports QuarkX Experiment — Calculated COP >22,000

    Yes, I already commented on this. Another "overwhelming" headline, which surely is nothing then pure fraud.

  • The Uppsala division of Planet Rossi has chosen to go down with the ship. He's also taking some Bologna folks down with him as well.

    Sorry for those whose eyes did not open in time. We're out some money which is survivable and replaceable - the lost time and diverted resource are very regrettable.

  • Alan - thank you for the advice. How can anyone rest when the lights are getting turned on? Its more like the opposite of stress - whatever that is.

    You should consider a permanent break from your moderatroll role - you have not done L.F. forum any favors in your delusion.

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