Need guidance from some one who has knowledge about spectroscopy

  • Hello Guys,

    I am new to this forum and to this domain as well,i am basically a networking/IT guy, i am looking to do some
    project which is involving spectroscopy to find chemical composition in different elements.
    As i am new to this domain,i dont know how i can find a friend/guide probably some one with good knowledge in physics to guide me or just to get a few words of positive advice from him.
    if any one is interested to help me kindly let me know here,all i want is talk to someone and want to be inspired.

    I didn't find the right solution from the internet.


  • Hi there. Pleased to help if I can, but spectroscopy is a big field. First of all, are you talking about emission spectroscopy (like the spectrum of a star), or flame photometry spectra, where you heat something to incandescence and look at the light given off? There is more, but this will do for a start.

    We have other people here far more knowledegable than me, btw. I am sure that some of them might also offer to help.

    ETA- just looked at your link. Spectroscopic analysis of a Hamburger (for example) would be a nightmare and probably not give you any good data...way to many odd molecules in there to give a clear signal of anything beyond a smell of burning.

    You need to think about what ingredients you are interested in too. that Hamburger might easily contain hundreds (even thousands) of different compounds of vastly different types, everything from Salt to DNA.

  • I was working with few kind of spectroscopy.. but at first any guy who want to help in this will ask you as much as possible Exact formulation of the problem - what substance you want to detect, in what conditions or substance it is, expected concentration. Next question will be - state of aggregation, temperature, pressure.

    You may send all your task to here, or to [email protected]. Will see what I can help.