• Barty,

    This is rigel. I have exhausted all my email accounts and still can not post as my username. I sent you email [email protected].

    I would like to have all my accounts removed so I can re-use my email addresses. I would rather contact you with email as I have an issue that would like help with.

    Is there an email addr I can send my problem to? you have my emails. You have to help, Zephir is unleashed ;) .

    Also is Alan Ok? He has not posted recently.

    If you can remove or unlock my email bound to a rigel userid I will do what tthuxley_new did.


  • Rigel . I'm absolutely fine thank you - merely been travelling on family business to a land with no convenient wi-fi. And I abhor smartphones- work of the devil you know. Thank you for noticing my absence - and sorry to read that you are having log-in troubles. I am sure Barty can sort it out.

  • Good to hear Alan.. Taking a break with the family is more important than our little corner. Barty will fix the issues, I just need to clean up my accounts as I tried some things in vain, and have exhausted my email accounts trying to fix it. But in the long run the only reason that this is important --> I just need to get my 2 pence in :)

    Anyway back to LENR sometimes we take this stuff too seriously. Your job is not as easy as it seems.

    If I can post as Rigel-new I am good with it for now. After all I am just an anonymous poster in the Internet. -Take care

  • Just a reminder that anyone who was previously logging in using Google before the switchover will need to get in touch with Barty at the email address above about a password reset. Once your password has been reset, you will be able to log in to your original account by using a password. The problem appears to be caused by a bug in the new version of the forum software.