Directed muon beam weapons

  • Axil -> do not go through my post with out acknowledgement. At least get the point even if you do not agree. I think you are better working together -- if you do not agree then tell me so. I stand by what I said -- WTF blink and agree or tell me to F*k off. I think that people spend more time on what they think someone will say than the content of the message. Trust me I understand how somethings work. I have always been respectful to you.

  • Rejection is familiar for those who follow and support LENR. Like any stimulus that is repeated frequently, rejection becomes decreasingly important and meaningful. Many years ago, my goal was to understand the LENR reaction as a matter of curiosity. When I satisfied myself that I was on the right track in this understanding, I decided to post out much of this material so that it could eventually support LENR as an open source undertaking. Anyone who wants to defeat a present or future proprietary patent in LENR will find a rich source of prior art discussions in the collection of my posts.

    Over the years, there has been a string of detractors intent to contravene my purpose. I only pay attention to those that I hold in respect and affection, those who are important to the LENR endeavor, such as Ed Storms and Bob Greenyer among some others. Others that I hold with little regard an attention but like some gadflys, in a moment of weakness, I might swipe at them on occasion in a reflex of aggravation and annoyance. You can judge how much I hold you in esteem and fondness by the amount of attention that I bestow on you. There are some here on this site that I am very fond of.

  • Thank you all commenting on Thorium alternative. If not got definitive answer, it is as important finding that things are not as straightforward as Sorensen paints them out, but also that there are many new theories coming from LENR related research and theories. I also see it more important to work together to solve this puzzle together and put ego aside as much as possible.

    One important learning I have encountered and later witnessed many times. Before attacking anyones comment, one should merely ask to clarify and give more information and references what the commenter means. I myself do not have formal education on nuclear physics, but I am surrounded with the very gifted people around me and ended up witnessing several times where some super smart person has said something and got immediately put down with numerous reason why his/her opinion should be ignored. Many times I have taken that person to one to one discussion during meeting break, and oh boy what a wonderful world of logic and smart thinking there has been behind his short comment that was immediately dismissed (very well known phenomenon among Mensa members and is related to other peoples personal defense mechanisms in situations when they don't understand. Some could claim it is also related to ego and even Testosterone...).

    I see lot of similarities with those cases and many persons here like Bob Greenyer and Axil etc. to name a few. I'm not against challenging and arguing anyones opinions, since it is part of scientific process, but too often people here gets the same treatment as Pythagoras or Aristoteles when the they simply said 'Look earth is not flat , it is round'. People should have asked 'How so, please explain. Lets discuss', instead of throwing stones.

    I see also other similarities in named members here. They both read lots of articles, and that is great value by itself. Not every great innovation require new unique theories, many of them are result of combining few or more, sometimes very far fetched already known facts. Connecting the correct dots, some would say. Some times, actually majority of times, that technique fails when not properly understanding theories. But some times that brings something new or even revolutionary, and thus worth further questions and debate. This is especially true with topics like LENR where there is not many who even claims to have waterproof theory.

  • I ran across an interesting post involving fusion conspiracy theory. It brings to light Dr. Joseph Jacobson early thinking and his patent on cold fusion technology and how cold fusion could be be turned into a strategic weapon,

    axil: Jacobson refers to elctron Laser (X-Ray source). That's just the first labor place of R.Mills.. and the place where his theory took off.