me356: Photos of AURA control unit

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    This morning I received an update from me356.

    He tells the research goes forward and that he will try to find time to answer some questions soon.

    Validation / Test document by Bob…gwJpUvzHSvWM84-geOCF38pw/

    Youtube from MFMP (validation team)

    Update 2017-05-24

    Now it's getting closer to start

    From MFMP



    We are planning to test the AURA device this is the MFMPs internal name for the as yet officially un-named technology from ‘me356’. me356 is a researcher/inventor somewhere in eastern Europe that claims to have prepared 2 copies of his most recent device that he has developed over the last several years. He is claiming around 12 kW output with a stable coefficient of performance (COP) as high as 10 based on the current generation of his technology. In certain circumstances for short periods, me356 says this COP can be increased to as high as 40. One of these devices will be connected to a large family house heating system, the other is understood to be in a separate building where we will have greater freedom to move around it, mount it, and configure the test. We know almost nothing about how his recent technology is configured internally. We know he has observed radiation in the past. The MFMP has been invited to validate his performance claims in private communications with Bob Greenyer.

    The validations tests will be done openly, as is the hallmark of the MFMP, but the technology being tested will be treated as a black box, at least for now. me356 does not wish to see the technology stopped because some rushed/poor attempts to re-create it lead to accidents that lead to legislation that would prevent it being delivered to aid the masses. In the past he has committed to making this technology open to benefit humanity and over the years he has not said otherwise.

    Following our initial verification, he has said that he would like to see wider scale verification by trusted parties and testing authorities and then a large scale scientific verification, say 100 units. This is in line with the MFMP goals and we have philanthropic people that have offered to help finance this stage of the process. The aim would be that the technology is widely verified in many locations before full disclosure and so it would be impossible to prevent. This is his desired strategy given what he knows about the nature of his implementation of the New Fire technology


    Finally we have finished first control box prototype which is designed just for the purpose. It will offer touchscreen for basic control, data logging, remote configuration and regulation.


    It will be powering our 10kW unit so I am very happy it is finally ready, so we will not need any other third party systems as it is designed here. Controlling will be just matter of pressing the start button.


    Now we are designing the reactor enclosure so it can be maintained by anyone with no risk for electrical shock or burn. It could be ready in 2 - 3 weeks so then more wide tests can start.

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    Bob Greenyer has much more information and details:…of-his-reactor-controller

    David Nygren

    This is not the reactor (as mentioned in the title), it is only the controlling & monitoring box.

    This control unit is called "AURA" by me356 and his team.

  • I'm curious how much of a 'black box' test the AURA test will be. Will the fuel composition and power signals be disclosed or available for monitoring? The ECCO test appears to be completely open in that everything about it seems to be disclosed. We will probably find out soon (mid-May).

  • More interesting information about possible performance:…of-his-reactor-controller

  • Me356 failed to keep his promise -- which he made repeatedly -- to share all the knowledge to replicate the high powered Ni-H effect in "weeks." Since he basically gave two middle fingers to this community while dreaming of his wallet fattening, no silly little control box should be taken seriously. Although I'm convinced his tech is real for my own reasons, he doesn't deserve any of us to give him the time of day. This liar wants us to drool over his control box when he won't keep his basic promise to this community. Discussing his control mechanisms or other features of his technology is like a slave praising his master for dropping him an extra helping of moldy bread after promising him freedom after a certain date. If he had shared with us -- in specific details that we could follow -- the information to make a basic Ni-H configuration work, the past year could have been filled with excitement, wonder, and progress rather than spiteful bickering over legal documents.

    Someone on another thread said that he shared enough for us to follow and we are being selfish to ask for more. First, he promised us all the details. Secondly, he promised the MFMP the details. Thirdly, the simple truth is that 99% of the replicators don't have the time to be more or less guessing about how to implement his bread crumb trail (which I admit has some useful information) or the will power to then run fifty to a hundred tests tweaking individual parameters to produce a robust result. I've learned that even those few replicators who have the equipment/materials don't have a lot of free time to run long series of tests. If his results are going to ever be replicated, there must be a specific and detailed protocol provided. But that's not going to happen. He is just like Patterson and a slew of other inventors: unless he can keep the entire market to himself he won't share the know how.

    What I also know is even if the MFMP are able to measure excess heat from his black box, it won't matter much. There will be a huge amount of controversy and hostility from honest skeptics, pseudo-skeptics, and competitors who will push the idea he has nothing whatsoever out of jealousy. The on going accusations of fraud and collusion with the MFMP will stop his technology from EVER being taken seriously by the world.

    The only thing that will push this technology forward is wide spread replication. A detailed recipe allowing anyone to produce high levels of excess heat from Ni200 wire and hydrogen gas with a minimal amount of equipment (hydrogen generator, vacuum pump, RF signal generator, power supply, etc) would allow for hundreds or thousands of replications to take place. In a very short period of time the tech would be accepted as totally real and legitimate. But that's not going to happen. He's never going to share the one thing that matters -- the recipe to make Ni-H work. Beyond any doubt he has inventors syndrome, and he thinks he can find a way to make a fortune while keeping the know how all to himself. Instead, while he spends another year or two preparing for a product launch, he will simply make himself a bigger target for investors offering megabucks to buy him out, the cynics who will seek to falsely discredit him, competitors that will seek to stop him, and the powers that be who will wish to control him.

    As long as people continue following the path of Me356 there will be no future for LENR. The combination of adequate money, energy, obsessive compulsiveness, skill/talent, open mindedness, and resources to produce high powered Ni-H reactions is RARE. I'd say there may be only a handful of individuals like Me356 on the planet today who have figured out how to make Ni-H work. My guess is that they have all followed his path. Until one of them is willing to OPEN UP and realize proving the reality of the technology FIRST is not only a moral imperative but also the ONLY way to prevent yourself from being a target, we'll see ZERO progress. One, two, three years from now we may still be in the same situation we are in today.

    Almost no one here seems to give a flying flip that the bickering and arguments could be more less completely ENDED by someone like Me356 keeping their word and putting the world and the community before their bank account. People keep on saying that only getting a product onto the market would "prove" LENR. That's total bunk if the effect is as Me356 claims: simple, easy to reproduce, and extremely powerful (up to infinite COP) if you have the know how. The world could not deny hundreds or thousands of kilowatt range experiments being posted on YouTube producing COPs of 10 or higher. And the argument that there wouldn't be many people interested in replicating is total BUNK too! Do you see how many videos of mundane experiments are on YouTube? Homemade galvanic batteries, homemade capacitors, HHO cells, robots of all kinds. If a REVOLUTIONARY tech like nickel hydrogen fusion emerged with a clear set of instructions, there would be a ton of replications almost over night.

    Screw the insane notions of those who enjoy bickering and namecalling and mocking rather than have a RESOLUTION to the debate as to the reality of Ni-H. I never became interested in LENR because I wanted to argue with people about an endless series of court documents. What motivated me to get interested in LENR was the REVELATION to the world of a PARADIGM destroying energy technology. Although there are risks and there will be various types of social and economic disruption, LENR technology could TRANSFORM our civilization! That is what I think anyone with a TRUE interest in LENR should be wanting to see. Not a long winded court trial, not the latest flame war on a toxic internet forum, not a technical debate about experiments that took place years ago. People who are on this forum for the right reasons want to see an energy REVOLUTION.

    Me356 could make that happen NOW if he wanted to. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year. NOW.

    But he won't. Because he can get enough satisfaction from the thrill of SCREWING US OVER while having us gawk and drool over a few pictures he tosses our way.

    If he won't share the know how like he promised, he shouldn't be paid attention to.

  • Almost no one here seems to give a flying flip ...

    Exactly. Most people realize words are cheap so they don't value them much. Most people realize that life is complicated and it almost always turns out differently than planned. Many people seem to enjoy the discussions (even with trolls!) knowing full well it won't change things even a little. Except you?

    While I appreciate your contributions it seems you've made up you mind about things that are not turning out. Remember life is a journey, not a destination.

  • Not of real importance, but I find a somewhat interesting is that the larger cable shown in the photo


    is almost certain a "Speak On" type speaker cable. See:

    Being a musician, I regularly use these cables from my primary amplifier to my speakers.

    They are rated lower voltage <50v, but fairly high amp at a max of 40 RMS I believe.

    I find it interesting he is using PA speaker cable connector in his application. They come in 2 and 4 pole versions. An 8 pole is available but looks nothing like the one in the photo. I suspect the one in the photo is a 2 pole version. I believe the Nexan 3G 2,5 is a 3 strand cable, 2.5 mm, which would match the 2 pole Speak On connector. (2 pole plus ground)

    He is either a musician or someone working with him possibly is. These connectors would probably not be well known outside those circles.

    I also am a bit disappointed in this release. I compare it with someone such as Bob HIggins. The mode of operendi is quite different. I do not really understand the reasoning behind it. I have to agree with Eric.

  • Quote

    Me356 failed to keep his promise -- which he made repeatedly

    OK - but what would you personally do, if he would publish detailed recipe? Lenr-canr,org repository is full of them and nobody does something. The BrilliantLight technology is still fully disclosed - did someone bother to attempt for its replication? Bazhutov plasma fusion is also described well - but who attempts to replicate it?

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