me356: Photos of AURA control unit

  • Kia Ora (thanks, bravo) Axil.

    There's a lot to chew on there.

    So what do you think is happening with Mizuno , do you think he has a special.discharge into the deuterium/nickel

    to get a special magnetic shape?

  • The key to LENR fuel preparation is to get a transition metal to confine hydogen with enough force to produce metallic hydrogen. Mizuno, and Francesco Celani, are doing fuel preparation online. Pd/D loading, Rossi, me356 and ECCO (uses metalized water) produce their fuel off line in a separate fuel preparation process in which hydrogen is highly compressed by the chemical bonds of the transition metal and stored in the metal lattice until the metallic hydrogen is released during an online operation at a latter time. The grass like emergence of metallic hydogen as seen in me356 micrographs show how the metallic hydrogen liberates itself from the pits in the metal lattice.

    I beleive that Mizuno and Francesco Celani do not use the high voltage EMF activation field. This is why they both see only limited COP under 2.