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  • Gosh! What a dangerous life you lead, almost as scary as being a LENR researcher.

    Yes, indeed. In only a few weeks I already lost four of my lives: How do you convince a skeptic? :)

    You did plenty of explaining yourself. What you observed was a typographic error and some misplaced blue arrows, nothing more I am certain, and from that you have constructed a whole conspiracy.

    I just answered in the F&P thread: FP's experiments discussion

  • AA:

    Re: your comments about bureaucratic waste and inefficiency in universities -- absolutely on point. If you look at the budget of any US university or college and compare the amount spent on teaching/research vs. the amount spent on administrators, it is obscene how much we waste on bureaucratic nonsense.

    How about replacing them with Robots.

  • For cold fusion, I don't think so. Outside a small community of enthusiasts, most scientists don't spend either time or resources examining cold fusion or LENR. Hot fusion is another story. How much should be spent on that can certainly be argued. And when if ever it will be practical can also be argued. However, unlike LENR, that the concept works can not.

    Of course the community of professors and other public researchers who support the two approaches is proportional to the public funds at disposition of the respective researches. But with respect to the impact on the public imagination, which was the topic I was talking about, the money spent on cold fusion have been much more effective. For instance, I'm not aware of any movie whose story develops around the research on tokamaks and I think that F&P are much more popular of any other scientist who worked on the hot fusion field.

    Anyway, when I talk about the impact on public and decision makers, I'm referring to the whole FUSION propaganda. A situation, which I tried to exemplify in this old jpeg.


    The first issue (1) was published well before the CF appearance, but FUSION was the precursor of 21st Century Science and Technology, a magazine which strongly supported F&P and CF since the beginning (1a).

    The magazine of the second issue is well known and the stunning message on its cover has reached millions of people in the world. Worth to notice that in the internal text (2), CF investors are mixed with the small HF initiatives which are the specific argument of the article.




  • Now please, while we may on occasion *out* one avatar to another avatar for perspective, putting a real name to an avatar, is solely at the discretion of the member.

    What gives it away....?



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  • Well in truth, he’s been trashing all things Andrea Rossi mostly, and I am his attorney


    Mary/SOT and I go back 6-7 years now. I know him well, as does he know me. What you say is true. In the early days he was all Rossi. Turns out he was right. The past few years though, he has started to transform himself into an anti-LENR crusader also. He is not quite there yet, but I see the shift. If you ask me, the reason for the shift is because he has been greatly influenced by the more rabid skeptics. It started with him "appealing to the the authority" of the likes of the infamous, and hot fusion advocate Joshua Cude, aka Popeye, aka Louis Reed.

    From there, Thomas Clark, and then THHuxley, and others have had their influence on him.

  • Jeremy Rifkin -activist 1989 "1a link"

    "Worst of all to some observers,

    its cheap inexhaustible energy

    would let the planet support many

    more people than its current population

    of 5.2 billion. And this, they

    say, would be a crowded Earth."

    Presently we have 7.7 billion.. can't blame LENR for that

  • I should not have labeled SOT an anti-LENR crusader. IMO, he is just another skeptic, but more vocal. I also agree with Bruce, in that as long as someone is polite and logical, they are welcome matter their opinion on LENR.

    Well, your honor,

    In defense of my client,

    From the outside looking in, (as I do not know SOT), I would say he has just had enough of the hype.

    It seems almost weekly now, someone, somewhere iintroduces another theory of what might be happening, especially Axil,

    But there is a grand total of zero progress that anyone can replicate.

    It’s been over 8 years since Rossi reignighted interest and nothing has changed.

    We can argue about the small victories that many claim, but collectively, they have not amounted to anything beyond a few skeptical watts.

    Even the most ardent LENR supporter must have doubts, SOT is simply more vocal.

    I rest my case