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    I say that all discussion about SAFIRE and EVOs should be banned on this forum along with UFOs. Let's go ahead and make the cynics happy.

    LF is a place for free thinkers, so obviously we will have varying opinions on what they are seeing, where in the system, and why. It should be noted though, that as of yet Aureon themselves do not have all the answers. Some educated ideas yes, but ideas nonetheless. Once funding is secured, they can get back in the lab and fill in the missing pieces to the puzzle.

  • Director,

    With respect, you're overreacting. The threads had to be consolidated and a call had to be made. It didn't break your way, but that's not evidence of malicious intent. Your opinions and thoughts are obviously welcome here. If you want to interpret the Safire work in the context of your reading and ideas in a substantive way then I'm sure the moderators would be glad to see you do so.

  • So, you haven't got any science to back up your unscientific claims? There's a surprise. It might be nonsense to you, but I suggest that is due to you not understanding the relevant science.

  • If there is no fusion in the corona, why is it so hot?

    Is that a serious question? I told you - if there were fusion anywhere above the surface of the Sun, it would produce a signature in gamma rays. They ain't there. Thankfully.

  • Mills! Lol.

  • I'm sorry? What relevance has any of that to the impossibility of electric woo powering the Sun? Or the impossibility of fusion of titanium in the Sun. What was Fields talking about? Where is the link to the paper? Where is the link to the paper suggesting such heavy elements can be synthesised in the Sun? It doesn't exist because it is pure crackpottery.

  • Clarage is another electric universe nutter, perhaps you can link to Clarage's papers on the subject. In which he does not appear.

  • None of which would be idiotic enough to suggest the fusion of titanium in the Sun, nor that it is electrically powered. Perhaps you can link to papers the specifically suggest such things. I'm thinking that they don't exist.

  • Yes, a tiny amount from cosmic rays. And occasionally in the very biggest flares. There is no gamma showing fusion in the chromosphere, as suggested by the SAFIRE clowns. To account for the observed neutrino production, you need precisely the amount of fusion required to power the Sun. We know what that is, and that amount of gamma would fry the planet. Fact. And the neutrino energy spectrum tells us what is being fused. And the vast majority of it comes from the first step in the p-p chain. As predicted. None of it comes from the ridiculous suggestion of titanium nucleosynthesis!

  • Glad you are interested in this field in some way! Why are you here? To sow seeds of doubt or are you genuinly interested in the scientific possibilities outside of what is already "completely understood"?

    Nobody scientifically literate takes Mills' rubbish seriously. He is running a bath