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  • Can we decide in here, what to do to Adrian, if Rossi fails again ?

    Adrian MUST stay,

    He is the voice calling out in the wilderness,

    He is the sole source of reason in this sea of insanity,

    He is the leveling influence when others are askew with contradictions.

    And other than Ecat World & 3 Stooges

    re-runs, where else am I going to see evidence of PT Barnumfamous edict:

    “There’s one born every minute”.

  • Is someone talking about aliens?

    That is my specialty.

    I'm convinced beyond any doubt that extraterrestrials have visited this planet for thousands of years and that a new wave of activity begun approximately the same time humanity started experimenting with nuclear weapons. In 1947 the nuclear weapons testing may have attracted the UFOs that ended up crashing in New Mexico after being exposed to extreme high powered radar. After the Roswell and Aztec crashes, humans began working on the technology to try and figure out how it worked. At least at the beginning this project was ran by a small group headed up by Vannevar Bush. This is not fantasy but proven fact disclosed via declassified secret and top secret documents. Wilbert Smith, a canadian scientist and basically the head of their version of the CIA was in contact with members of this group and was sent materials to study.

    Basically, regardless if it was called MJ12 or not, a group like Majestic 12 existed and continues to exist to this day. Multiple individuals who worked for the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program have indicated that their project was made aware of OTHER programs that worked on crashed extraterrestrial vehicles, but they were denied access. Harry Reid attempted to get the Department of Defense to give Special Access Project status to AATIP so they could get access to the information this other programs had but failed.

    The truth is that we don't need to listen to far reaches of the galaxy for radio signals, because extraterrestrials are visiting our planet in space craft as we speak. Not only do we have camera and radar evidence of these vehicles (AATIP has hundreds of videos) but there are programs that have crashed ET spaceships and bodies. These programs are extremely classified and that is why Luis Elizondo refuses to use the extraterrestrial word even though that is the logical conclusion. He has stated that as soon as you say the E word the subject becomes classified.

    It is being rumored that up to four programs that had previously been SAPs are considering disclosing their existance this year. For this to happen, MJ12 would have to give them approval if MJ12 still exists.

    This year a lot may change regardless of what happens in the LENR field. If the civilian world can get access to the technology of Fluxliner ARV, then I suspect we will transition into a space faring civilization extremely rapidly.

  • Most people believe there are other intelligent civilizations out there. Odds are in favor of; that is why we invest so many millions looking for signs of them. It is kind of contradictory then, that some of those same people call anyone who believes in UFO's visiting earth...crackpots.

    I take an open mind on them. I have never seen one, but do not discount them because of that. Still, my view is that mixing discussion of them, with LENR, just gives the skeptics another reason to ignore the field. We have enough on our plate as is, so why add more?

  • I examined the F&P documents and exposed some obvious errors, asking the others L-F members to explain these apparent inconsistencies, but only a few did it for a while and now they are silent, leaving my observation unexplained.

    You did plenty of explaining yourself. What you observed was a typographic error and some misplaced blue arrows, nothing more I am certain, and from that you have constructed a whole conspiracy.

  • Back to the straw man. The budgets are held hostage, not the staff, this was from the beginning a comment about the waste of money, nothing else.

    Thank you for the clarification.

    What budgets? In Canada, university administrators allocate the funds for research infrastructure (buildings) but faculty fund equipment and operations mostly from money they obtain themselves. The share of the infrastructure support that a faculty member gets from the administration depends on how much funding they can win. Given all this the leeway for administrators to push around tenured faculty is not huge. And the question of tenure is, in the end, dealt with by the department (i.e., one's co-researchers) as a whole rather than being soley in the hands of administrators so there is not a huge amount of hostage taking there either.

    So again. What budgets? Is the situation in Italy grossly different from as I have described such that most, or even a substantial minority of a researchers's budget is derived from the university itself (an thus under the control of administrators)?

  • This is absolutely true for hot fusion! But no professor of cold-fusion has mislead the public so far. May be you still assume AR being a professore ...

    Come on, AR was never considered believable, not even by Rothwell:…D/?postID=29406#post29406

    All the Ecat credibility lies on some European professors and US experts who declared to have measured or seen huge quantities of excess heat been produced by its various models.

    As for the misleading of the public and the decision makers, I can talk for the Italian context. CF got a big attention from the highest levels of our governments since the beginning. I give you just a couple of example, among the dozens that occurred in the last 30 years.

    The following quote comes from a declaration of the Minister of Education, a former professor of an Engineering Department, held on May 4, 1989 to the Italian Parliament. The text is really interesting for an Italian, but could be boring for the others, therefore I only report a small quote from the final replication of the Minister (please, translate by yourself):

    From…Bollet/19890411_00_06.pdf [bold added]

    Dunque, per quanto possa essere grande la tenerezza verso il nuovo nato, credo che prima di poter parlare di un nuovo filone applicativo sia necessario attenderne la crescita. E questa non è prudenza, ma una mia sensazione. Ricordo che quando ne discussi con il professor Bartolini, che non giudicava attendibili i risultati raggiunti da Fleischmann e Pons, lo invitai a riflettere su come fosse assai improbabile che due scienziati si mettessero d'accordo per raccontare cose non vere. A mio avviso, quindi, è consigliabile un atteggiamento di apertura; attenti, però, a non essere imprudenti, anche per il nostro ruolo nell'ambito della comunità scientifica internazionale: il prestigio della scienza italiana si misura, infatti, con decisioni che, anche dal punto di vista delle responsabilità politiche, risultino non criticabili.

    So when the Minister was warned by prof. Bartolini that F&P results were not reliable, he replied that "it was very unlikely that two scientists agreed to tell untruths". Now, after 30 years, it's evident that Bartolini was right.

    In the meanwhile, CF has contributed to delude the people, convincing them that an almost free energy source was possible. Who understands Italian can enjoy this video, shot in 1997:

    It was a comic show, but it had the pretention to deal with serious topics. Among other things, it was essentially said that with a little heavy water and 200 kLiras (about 100 Euros) it was possible to have 5 kW for 400 years. After a few years the same show man founded the 5-stars movement, whose leader is presently the Deputy Prime Minister and leads the Ministry of Economic and Industrial Development.


    On the other side Italy spends billions a year for family car of (Roma's) state employees... May be you should change the field...

    But this is a LENR forum.

  • This will do a lot of good. Sort of like a ... rain dance.


    How can we coordinate a round-the-world "go to Hades" aWake for 20th century geo-political power, pseudo-skeptics, and half-steppin "scientists" to tell them that CF Lives!

    You can start with a verified demonstration showing Pout > Pin and Eout > Ein by a large margin for a long time from a small device and verified by a government agency or renown testing lab. Get "60 Minutes" to cover it. Or a nice fat high yield explosion from a small device in a safe location with appropriate measurements. But wailing about pseudo-skeptics and other villains won't cut it. It won't help one tiny bit.

  • Quote

    Most people believe there are other intelligent civilizations out there.

    Perhaps. But out where exactly?

    Anyway, most reasonable scientists simply say it is certainly possible, even likely, but until it is demonstrated, the real truth is nobody knows. People "believing it" adds nothing at all to the proposition.