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  • Hey Ascoli65: Do you or did you ever work for a company or other organization which obtains funding for or related to hot fusion?

    This is irrelevant. On the web, I'm what I write.

    About hot fusion, I've already written my opinion in several posts.

    The following are those posted in the last few months:

    1 - FP's experiments discussion

    2 - FP's experiments discussion

    3 - FP's experiments discussion

    4 - Rossi-Blog Comment Discussion

    5 - Clearance Items

  • (not that cold fusion is any competition for hot fusion-- maybe someday but in the present, that's just another silly myth)

    That is not a myth at all. Read Mallove's book, and read the newspaper articles and comments by plasma fusion scientists. They went on the warpath within days of the announcement, trashing F&P's reputation. See, for example:

    The opposition to cold fusion has been led by the plasma fusion researchers from the start, and it still is. I assume they are afraid of losing funding.

  • Quote

    Now we’re talking evil overlords...

    However, apart from politics, Koch enterprises support superb PBS programming including one of my all time favorites NOVA. Evil may be their intent, I don't know, but PBS support (unintentionally) supports a very liberal and usually objective network.

  • However, apart from politics, Koch enterprises support superb PBS programming including one of my all time favorites NOVA. Evil may be their intent, I don't know, but PBS support (unintentionally) supports a very liberal and usually objective network.

    That’s all true. The Koches are not idealogues; they are driven entirely by greed. They have moral principles unless acting on them affects their wallets.

  • Start a thread of your own instead of hijacking the rest.

    OK, fine. I'll do it.

    However, the closed thread ("FP's experiments discussion") wasn't hijacked by me. It was chosen by Shane D. to move there some comments (1), starting incidentally from one of mine (2). The justification for using a preexistent thread was that otherwise "So much on LF's is lost by starting new threads." I wonder if this same justification wouldn't suggest to reopen the closed thread.

    Anyway, I will wait 24 hours before opening a new thread dedicated to F&P experiments.

    (1) Where is the LENR goal line, and how best do we get there?

    (2) FP's experiments discussion

  • KevMo - everything that could be said has been said here.

    Let me see...

    You're quoting me from another thread where apparently you DIDN'T respond and brought it over here to this thread which would appear to have different rules, since it doesn't appear to be a Rossi thread.


    I think I'll respond over HERE where you have been invited to reply in context instead of hiding in a thread with 462 pages or over in this thread where there's other stuff going on.…_report_on_rossi_reactor/

  • No one of them were even asked [about the fans] [under oath]! And if they were, we don't have their responses! Such an important question, and nobody was asked under oath? All of the people that were paraded through the factory, and none of the lawyers thought to ask the most obvious questions of all regarding the heat exchanger?

    Doesn't add up to me. I suspect both Rossi and IH have withheld the responses from us, and that this issue was to be litigated during the trial.

    Maybe Rossi demonstrated the device for a day or two. Part of the initial validation was only for 1 day greater than 6 COP. Once that took place, and IH figured they had belled the cat, then they transfer $10M, hoping to eat the cat's lunch or at least share it with the cat, and Rossi discovers something in his interactions with IH that pisses him off. Something like, they're taking these results to his would-be competitors or some customer he disapproves of,... whatever -- with Rossi , it could have been almost anything. So that's the end of Rossi cooperating with them, and it takes a while for IH to realize it. The plan was to install a heat exchanger for the longer tests which would have attracted customers, but Rossi put the kibosh on that plan and started working towards other goals that did not include IH. From that point on, Rossi is generating a completely fabricated demo, rigged up Fred Flintstone-like so he can control whether it works and who it works for, that kind of thing.



    ok, why was this post removed from the thread? It sure can't be due to overly considerate of Rossi's feelings...

  • I know. Let me explain my point one more time. Focardi shared with Piantelli all the claims about their presumed NiH effect, which were published before the arrival of Rossi in 2007. His subsequent involvement in the Ecat affair has clearly shown that his claims about the calorimetric performances of a CF device are not reliable. This unreliability affects in turn all his previous measurements, including those at the basis of the results he claimed together with Piantelli.

    The Ascoli troll strikes again! Focardi formed a business to follow up his findings (only fools do this... may be in the world of Ascology) . The Ascoli troll gives no details/explanation for his claims except his most inner believe that all LENR should be fringe science.

  • I have zero interest in Ascoli’s bizarre

    Zero to add to a thread , as is usual from io, except "bizarre"

    Ascoli65 is demanding recognition without providing any scientific or indeed personal validification.

    " I ask you to join me in this call to the people who are going to meet next March 23 at MIT"

    How delusional is it to demand that people do things for ' it'

    to find and bring data to the MIT meeting, when we do not even know what "it" is!!!!!

    I do not consider any of its requests worthy of action.

    I also have zero-interest in interested observer.

    Its adds little to this forum except supercilious comments.. but it maintains it has a scientific background

    It should get over its non self and keep off this thread.

  • For somebody who isn't interested in Science interested observer posts a lot.

    So now I am not interested in science? I’d like to see where I said that. I seem to be a man of many legends. (Cue kevmo to post my comment that I don’t post here to further science in you missed it the previous 300 times.)

    This thread notwithstanding, what percentage of posts on this site are actually about science as opposed to personal attacks, amateur psychoanalysis, legal matters, snide remarks (like the post I am responding to), critiques of IH, conspiracy theories and, mostly, discussions of the adventures of Rossi? Yes, there are threads and discussions that are actually about science, but scientific matters are hardly the bulk of what appears here.

  • Never confuse ardent support with failure to condemn. For now I am content to watch and wait.

    I am sorry Alan, but you and IHFB are one and alike. A trait that for some reason is high on my pet peeve list... hypocrisy.

    IHFB says he is unbiased and you state "failure to condemn" is not support. IHFB's and your posts clearly state otherwise and this is simply BS.

    It is true you NEVER condemn Rossi. Not for lying about customers, "salting" test samples" and much worse over 11 years of fraud. No you do not condemn or hold him responsible for anything, even when proven seriously wrong. Yet you often throw "shade" on IH and NEVER say anything POSITIVE about them even though they are supporting TRUE researchers with serious funding. These true researchers are happy with IH. Only crooks like Rossi, who when caught, call them snakes and clowns.

    NO, your posts clearly state you support Rossi and condemn IH. This is fine, just admit it. Do not be like IHFB and be hypocritical. Man up to your true position. Most people can respect a person if they are upfront and engage with integrity. However, the "Unbiased One" and now "The one who does not condemn" are simply being hypocritical and statements otherwise are complete BS, as proven by their own posts.

    Hiding under the "failure to condemn" when refusing to give an assessment of a clearly sham demo, when promising a detailed report prior to attending clearly shows that you cannot be trusted to give unbiased or complete information. This damages your credibility, event to the extent of the "Atom Ecology" drama. This is most unfortunate.

    No you owe me nothing, but you do owe yourself better.

    So sad but this is true and has been for a long t..... all Rossi supporters cannot defend Rossi on his merit, his work, his statements or anything as such. So they therefore simply attack and try to discredit Rossi's opponents. They cannot defend Rossi by any working product, positive data, demos, customers etc. So they resort to arguing heat exchangers, missing windows, pages on "possible backout offers", conspiracy theories and worse. Not one iota of actual positive proof can be made, so they attack others.

    I am afraid this same pattern has started with the Atom Ecology drama. Big claims, no data. Secret people visiting, yet almost a year later no revelation. Principal party lashing out with unprofessional vigor. We are coming up to the 1 year anniversary and yet nothing more is known than day one. Not promising, unfortunate.

    By the way..... somethings CLEARLY SHOULD be condemned. You seem to have to problem casting shade on IH for unknown and unproven allegations yet on absolutely proven and known fraud from Rossi, not a word. That by default is support and not confusing at all!

  • Bob should speak for himself... perhaps he cannot read

    I know a lot more.

    So do I, and his fixation on Alan S, has been mentioned, and warned about before. Bob is one of our more eloquent, and read members, with a big following. However, that does not exempt him from being a gentleman, and giving up the campaign when he has already made his opinion well known many times over.

    Hopefully this is the last time.