Clearance Items

  • Pitiful Alan - I would like to point out that you have no idea what you are talking about which is business as usual.

    I'm looking forward to the day when you come face to face with truth. I am hoping that you'll be able to recognize it

    but suspect that your bitterness and the smallness of your position may result in that not even being a near miss.

    Hoping for the best though.

  • Alan - thank you for further solidifying our understanding of you and your position. You continue to underwhelm - did I deny anything?????

    The commitment and ability to apply capital at the edge of the Frontier requires new models.

    I choose to leave you simmering in your present state of being.

  • Bob: this site has been changing recently, and not for the better. I appears as though it is headed in the direction of being just an echo chamber for a specific set of opinions. It is not an issue of behavior - that is abundantly obvious. It is a matter of what team you are on. Unfortunate, but if that's what the proprietors want, that's what it will be.

  • Rossi has already frauded 11.5 MILLION dollars that could have went to valid researchers such as Bob Higgins. This is why we should care. Also, when people start turning a blind eye to crime and immoral behavior, we all lose at some point in the future!

    You and the others always forget about the additional 5 mio. for AEG (Amperego..)...

    Bob HIggins took IH money. Now he no longer does open research. That's what IH does: Collect the flowers of the desert field --> back to desert.

    If you pay 16.5 mio. it is certainly not to support the field. Only if you don't understand capitalism you can argument that way.

  • [That is incorrect. They have also supported a lot of open research, and much of it was reported at ICCF21.]

    Pleased to hear it. Not what I hear though.

    What is that supposed to mean? Read the abstracts, watch the videos, and see for yourself.

    What did you "hear"? That they did not deliver the presentations shown in the videos?

  • Wyttenbach - what is wrong with accepting money to fund deeper research? How else do you think this is going to happen? Is anybody else showing up with funds that enable a broad exploration? The open projects are admirable and noble but have less support and progress than folks anticipated. Why is that? It is not because of the people - most were smart, honest and hard-working. One of the reasons was the lack of resources. Are you blaming IH for picking up the some of the pieces and enabling folks to stay in the hunt? Bob didn't need any money - he is a successful and principled engineering Fellow who had retired to pursue his interests and enjoy life with his family. He has joined us because of our commitment to pushing the research and science thru to professional validation / verification. If we succeed there then applied engineering will follow. That should be a joyous day for all on planet earth, even those who will eventually be displaced by fielded LENR systems.

  • Wyttenbach - what is wrong with accepting money to fund deeper research?

    Nothing wrong! I honor what you do - risking your money!

    The problems are the trolls, that want make us believe that this is classic research in favor of (open) science.

    Nevertheless you should find a balance between risk protection and "open" discussion of findings. The field can only progress if we do some coordinate approach, that of course should protect your investments! I personally did uncover the new theory albeit I could retain everything for private investigations. But I do not say that I wrote down everything I know and found...

  • Perhaps you could educate me on what is "known".

    Now I know that Bob is more eloquent than I thought

    Using the same old bad Rossi ploy to justify anything.

    How many grassroot projects did car mech E Bob work on

    And what was he paid and what was the budget for these grass roots projects

    and did they take one year , two years or ten years.

    And how many worked in the Bob Team?

    Btw. I love the new 2018 Subaru Impreza,

    Bob should buy one too. Maybe a Forester

    Any hidden design problems ?

  • Why the heck does such a comment end up in the „clearance items“?

  • Quote

    Are you blaming IH for picking up the some of the pieces and enabling folks to stay in the hunt?

    No, it's a terrific idea. I just hope IH's future projects and participants will be vastly better and more carefully and precisely vetted than Rossi was. I am not convinced that they will. Of course, there is not a lot of information so far.


    Wyttenbach - we encouraged the researchers and scientist associated with our efforts to present anything they wanted to present at ICCF21.

    I thought it was an effective sharing. We plan to continue that approach.

    Alan - we plan to update at the next ICCF.

    Dewey Weaver : Why not do like the Gates Foundation does? Have a web page listing the projects, the level of funding for each, a synopsis of the reasoning explaining why the project was funded and a report of results thus far?