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  • Russ George

    The postscript is the important bit

    "PS. Materials needed to replicate Mizuno’s multi-kilowatt cold fusion are on order and I expect to be

    one of many who will lend a hand to bring the Japanese cold fusion tide that will lift all boats."

    Russ has a good boat and crew.

    The tide is not Japanese... it is Mizuno no.:):)

    Jeremiah 2.13

  • So, Russ George discovered all of this long ago, but he deigns to give Mizuno some credit for replicating Russ George. That's sweet of him. It is a shame he never published. Something about hiding a light under a bushel comes to mind. I suppose you would set yourself on fire doing that.

    I am confused. I thought the atom-ecology reactors were next to proven and being verified by important visitors? I took it that the AE reactors were pretty much a lock for proving excess heat / LENR reactions.

    Now are they to be dropped and replicating another's design (Mizuno's) taking front stage instead?

    Perhaps someone could clarify this.


  • Mizuno has behaved with integrity and honour. As a scientist, he subjects his work to critique from others, and benefits from it. He makes mistakes: but does not hide from them. if anyone has the idea that scientists don't make mistakes they have a big misunderstanding of how science works.

    If his most recent R20 results are real then the world will soon by transformed by LENR. Also, either IH are losing the plot ( Dewey Weaver please note?) or they will sniff at these new results and check them. I know they did this previously and found nothing. These results are much stronger and more easily checked - if real they are better than Rossi's claims. Not only that but Mizuno is an incomparability better partner than Rossi in all respects.

    So: if these results are real we have partners lined up to help ease the work to commercialisation, and also something so significant it will disrupt the scientific and commercial world.

    Russ George however is different. All I know of his work is hints from Alan here and PR from his blog - which is on a par with the various vapourware companies promising free energy with no substantive evidence and a cult internet following: Mills and BLP being the most obvious and successful example. I wish Russ well, I have no reason to think him in any way dishonest: in particular, unlike Mills, he does not as far as I know seek large corporate investment. Equally I have no reason to think he has any credible evidence. His behaviour is far from that of a scientist.

    Should George come up with some replication of Mizuno's work that provides free (LENR) power, of something else of interest, then he will no doubt be a hero. Should he be covertly doing ground breaking scientific work I will applaud him when the evidence emerges as a mushroom suddenly into daylight after the mass of hyphae grow underground.

    Until that time I'd like to point out that spin and PR is not comparable with scientific work, and comparing George with Mizuno does Mizuno an injustice.


    PS - note the various conditionals above

  • Russ ‘Sueballs’ George wrote:

    He has raised tens of millions to build and demonstrate his work, however, the results became clouded in controversy when his investors refused to honor commitments to fully fund their agreements with him. Reneging on the payment of some $89 million when his demonstration was complete.

    IMO the above statement suggests George has a fantastical lack of common sense, or otherwise actively enjoys bullshitting the readers of his blog.

  • If I were in RG’s boat and facing a rising tide, I’d make extra sure that my life jacket was working.

    Russ lived a long time with a live jacket - he knows how to use them.

    Your opinion about Ni-H LENR seems to blinded by the way the professional cheaters of IH informed the public. Ni-H LENR is working but more in the Mills regime with max 1000eV per Ni. We have absolutely no clue what a paranoid researcher & a bunch of cheaters did do.

    Just to remind you: IH said Mizuno could not be replicated. At the very same time they enter a patent for his work. That's how money greedy cheaters work.

    Look for your own live Jacket, as for some day you might need it... Or stop repeating what you just read, if you have no contact to the field.