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    I was joking! Of course I do not expect you to make a useful contribution to this field. I doubt you are skilled in the art

    Never mind little old me. You don't admit that recent (last 10 years) skeptics have done a great service by helping to weed out scumbags like Rossi, the jokers who perpetrated Defkalion, and all the other claimants to various high technology energy related frauds? I bet people who considered investing with those crooks appreciate the advice from skeptics that they found on the internet. There are other ways to contribute than to putter around in your garage.

  • I would agree it would be Mizuno but it would be on firmer ground if someone capable, for example a scientist from IH or a university had visited Mizuno and had been taken through all the measurement steps (never mind the construction and preparation steps) .

    I think independent replications are better. They are underway. If they don't work, we can go on to Plan B or Plan C. I have already arranged some of that. I hope to provide some people skilled in the art with meshes prepared by Mizuno, and also as received meshes. The as received ones may be here in about 10 days. It is impossible for me to say whether the prepared ones can be provided, because of circumstances beyond our control.

    Independent replication is the gold standard of experimental science.

    I doubt that people visiting Mizuno for a day or two would learn anything more than is written in the paper. Especially if they do not speak Japanese. I have been involved in visits to him and to other Japanese researchers. These visits often end in a chaotic fiasco, in which both sides misunderstand the other, and the visitors come away with grossly mistaken ideas about the experiment. I spent weeks trying to untangle the misunderstandings in one case. It is better to communicate mainly by papers. Papers translated or edited by me. It takes me weeks to get it right. A scientist may be more skilled than me, but if takes me weeks, I doubt he will get it right in one jet-lagged afternoon.

    It tells me something that there is little or no appreciation of this issue and of the simple heat meter test for the larger reactor in this community.

    What can it tell you about the community? You have communicated this to one person: me. I have not mentioned it to Mizuno. He has enough on his plate already. He and I did discuss some additional high powered tests. He wants to put them off for what I consider very good reasons, which I fully agree with.

    I do not know what the community thinks of your suggestion, but I think it is a bad idea. I am not the community. Perhaps others think it is a good idea. I suggest they replicate until they get high power (which might take months or years) and then have at it. Go for it! Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to tell a scientist how do an experiment. Suggestions can be helpful, but if you go in with your attitude: "Do it my way or you have no credibility" I guarantee the scientist will ignore you.

    As I said, that's teaching grandma how to suck eggs. That's my opinion. Perhaps you and the community disagree, but as Groucho Marx said in a similar academic discussion: "I think you know what the trustees can do with their suggestions."

  • I'd like to urge Google that there are a wide range of anomalies they would detect from a resonantly tuned reactor operating in the negative resistance regime that do not at all confirm to any established, mainstream theory. In addition to excess heat, light, and electricity, they'll be able to detect strange radiation (via track marks on plates and neutron detectors), anomalous back spikes that flow into the power supply (witnessed by Tesla, Correa, Chernetsky, etc), scalar longitudinal wave emissions (impulses of curl free vector potential propagating into the surrounding environment), spectroscopic anomalies (anomalous line broadening), transmutations and isotopic shifts (they will vary depending on the composition of the electrodes and gaseous fuel mix), and others!

    If they found an enhancement of fusion rates by 160 fold interesting, they'll be on the floor paralyzed in shock if they are willing to build the device and run the tests I've proposed. These phenomena are witnessed over and over again by a long series of inventors. I have no doubt they'll observe these anomalies and with their equipment and resources be much better equipped to gain a more complete understanding of the primary mechanisms involved.

  • I must admit I did not consider the language issue. Still, there are translators.

    What they need is an interpreter, not a translator. I am a translator, and I would be useless in that situation. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find an interpreter who understands electrochemical and calorimetric jargon. Anyway, it works much better to do it over many weeks in writing. I wouldn't recommend a site visit until you have tried to replicate. That way you know the experiment already.

    What is the obsession with sucking eggs? I'm pretty sure it's not a Japanese thing.

    No, that would be "Preaching a Sutra to Buddha." Sucking eggs is an old fashioned American expression.

    By analogy, it should have never been a priority for Rossi to make better, more efficient or hotter ecat reactors. All he had to do to become world famous and an instant billionaire was to prove that the original, small, supposedly steam making ecat actually worked.

    Maybe not an instant billionaire, but he would have gone a lot farther than he did. I think there is little prospect Mizuno will become an instant thousandaire even if this is widely replicated. It may be harder than you think.

    Again, I am not saying you and Mizuno are remotely like Rossi. But coincidentally perhaps, like Rossi, you refused a simple rapid test which would solidify the claim that the large reactor makes a comparatively immense amount of power.

    It is not a matter of refusing so much as not wishing to do an experiment that we think might be dangerous without proper equipment. Also, we disagree with your view that this would be more convincing. The people who need to be convinced also disagree with you.

  • However, insofar as Google is a business and they are doing this with the goal of developing a technology and making money,

    When you get so huge, dominant, and rich as Google, Bill Gates, Carl Page, Powers Trust Fund, and even Darden (on the lower branch :) ), there can be a humanitarian mission first, and profit comes second. At a certain point, making money is an afterthought. If that were the main driver in this case, I could not imagine a Google pursuing LENR. Like you said, they could wait and let others do the dirty work, and then if successful, jump on the band wagon. Then use their influence, resources, and capital to capitalize on others efforts.

  • Like you said, they could wait and let others do the dirty work, and then if successful, jump on the band wagon. Then use their influence, resources, and capital to capitalize on others efforts.

    That was IBM's oh-so-clever strategy in the early to mid-1980s. They thought they would rake in advantages from Microsoft's growth, and from the boom in compatibles. They thought they were in charge, and they could call the shots in the computer industry. Because they were the kingpins from the beginning of the industry up to that time. It turned out, Microsoft soon owned IBM, and IBM soon lost more money in one year than any company in history, and almost went bankrupt.

    If people start to make money with cold fusion, they will not cash in by selling shares to Google. Google may hope they will, but I don't see that happening. That would be like Microsoft cashing in their chips in 1985, just when things got going.

  • Godes' message states he believes Rossi ("Lugano test"). I could not find a date on it. Here it is from LinkedIn. If it's current, ouch!


    About In 1992 I constructed a self-consistent theory of the physics behind the phenomenon “Cold Fusion”. This theory has had a successful first principal test performed by Tom Claytor, before he retired from LANL. A key aspect was successfully simulated in a TAP at PNNL. I personally have constructed multiple control systems that allow the reaction to run in a controlled fashion. With my team at Brillouin Energy we have designed and built progressively more advanced systems to do the same and run several successful tests demonstrating 4X more energy out than in. The theory explains the results of the “Lugano test”. It also explains the results of John Bockris at Texas A&M and why he was exonerated multiple times of fraud or scientific misconduct. Brillouin Energy is a multidisciplinary group of engineers now solving the materials manufacturing and system design issue need to turn this phenomenon into a real technology. We have two design pathways with enough synergy that we are pushing forward on both systems. The HHT™ system is targeting high quality industrial heat up to 700Cᵒ. The WET™ system will provide lower quality heat possibly up to 200Cᵒ but will likely be lower maintenance. For more information and to contact us visit the Brillouin Energy website.


    Also: Mass flow is much easier for people to understand and this has been one of our biggest issues to bring a new investors on bored [sic].

    No sh*t Sherlock?

    And how about reliable independent (of both Brillouin and SRI) testing before bringing suckers investors "on board?"

    And just to be snippy, constant misspellings don't contribute to class or confidence. A drawing released four or so years ago from Godes, had "hyrogen" and "pluse" instead of ... you know. That remained uncorrected more than a year and is probably still there on Sterling Alan's former web site.

    ETA: Yikes, it's still there! From a related source:…n_Hot-Tube_Boiler_600.jpg


  • Inappropriate move in my opinion. Someone posted some BS from Godes and I responded in the same string. Why that needs to be in clearance is not clear. The guy is not responsible for the crap he posted? Or what? If admins find the need to move the response, fine but then move the original with it. Ah... never mind.

  • Inappropriate move in my opinion. Someone posted some BS from Godes and I responded in the same string. Why that needs to be in clearance is not clear. The guy is not responsible for the crap he posted? Or what? If admins find the need to move the response, fine but then move the original with it. Ah... never mind.

    I missed the other post about BEC you were responding to. Yours was in the Mizuno Replication thread, and I thought it was in wrong place so moved here. Also, it is a little strongly worded so best it be here. No reason either to blame anyone back then who thought Rossi had something. Heck, even I did, and everyone knows I am no sucker. :)

    Main thing is that BEC is a legitimate company, with employees/investors, and survived (so far) where others have not. They made some mistakes, misspelled a few words on their website, exaggerated a bit in the beginning, but that is all behind them now.