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  • ... "experiments where the intense generation of alpha particles with an energy of about 8.6 MeV was observed at the interaction of 400–600-eV slow protons with a thin lithium foil or lithium vapors, have been analyzed. It has been shown that the high efficiency of these reactions at such a low energy cannot be explained within standard models of accelerator nuclear fusion."

    ... "the formation and use of correlated coherent states at the time-dependent interaction of low-energy protons with crystals or individual lithium molecules has shown that these self-similar processes provide conditions for efficient nuclear fusion, which are impossible in “standard” accelerator fusion at high energies.We emphasize that this method in application to a particular experiment ensures not only qualitative justification of a large probability of the fusion reaction at a low kinetic energy of moving protons, but also very good quantitative coincidence of the calculations of the optimal energy of the particle with experimental data and with resonance of the reaction at an energy of about 500 eV.

    These results have indicated that many paradoxes of nuclear physics appearing at the interaction of low energy particles can be successfully resolved without any fundamental hypotheses."

  • .. "experiments where the intense generation of alpha particles with an energy of about 8.6 MeV was observed at the interaction of 400–600-eV slow protons with a thin lithium foil or lithium vapors, have been analyzed. It has been shown that the high efficiency of these reactions at such a low energy cannot be explained within standard models of accelerator nuclear fusion."

    Pretty old cheese... Lipinskis patentend it some 10 years ago...

  • Look at the upper-right corner.

    This is the last resort (from Wiki!) left for the famous Ocellé lizard of Cardache after Ascoli's brainless friends started the construction of ITER.

    Contrary to Ascoli this animal could find a new place to save his live. Ascolis ITER LENR troll job will end soon, because his brain seems to be less developed than the one of this famous animal, he could not identify the date (2011) of his famous picture...

    Ascoli65 : You lost your last credibility as you just did show the the real quality of your posts!

  • Geliebte ITER..

    They (ITER) just had a popular promotion on Swiss TV. 20 billions are already passed.

    100'000 physicists lost their credibility when they did support the biggest nonsense project in earth time.

    They waste at least 30 billions until 2050 with the guaranteed promise to have no solution. This research is based on the childish hope that an allmighty person will be born that invents a neutron blanket that magically can shield the absolute deadly waste ( 10 MeV neutrons!) of ITER.

    I would go one step farther than just a loss of credibility. They are in a mind state that usually needs therapy. The best one would be to read Dürrenmatts "Die Physiker"...

  • Just to comment on ITER.

    I know environmentally-minded young physicists who are now going into hot fusion because they see it as a way forward for our technological civilisation that can beat climate change.

    Now, personally, I'm not so sure. I see more benefit from battery + PV technology, both of which are still being pushed forward - particularly batteries where we are nowhere near the fundamental limits.

    But the hopeful startup "small hot fusion" projects are chasing a not impossible dream, I follow them with interest. And their success, if any of them ever get it, comes from all the work done on ITER.

    It is easy to rubbish people working on very difficult problems. You can blame politicians for putting money into science only when it has some tenuous link to weapons (distorted fission research) or where it is a project so big it has political momentum (ITER). I would not blame those hot fusion scientists.


  • I know environmentally-minded young physicists who are now going into hot fusion because they see it as a way forward for our technological civilisation that can beat climate change.

    You exactly know that bright minded people do not go to ITER as it is proven nonsense. This is also the opinion of some British folks that are deeply involved.

    Bright minded people try alternative paths to hot fusion based on Z-pinch effect and advanced Alven resonances. (What requires true skills and not baby physics knowledge required for ITER.)

    ITER is just a fake project to develop advanced magnet technique for military use for e.g magnetic rail-guns. Of course there will be valuable spin-off technology. But what counts is the deception of the public.

    The most promising battery technique are super-caps as they potentially can store much more energy than classic Li batteries based on cheap material. They can be loaded/unloaded in seconds.

    But as long as the British energy mafia is financing a new nuclear power plant instead of dirt cheap wind from south west (off shore) I would question the the UK system and not try to defend ITER...

  • The same process that created life and sustains our cellular functions and powers LENR will also be how we travel to the stars.

    One. Fecking. Mechanism.

    Ken Shoulders was RIGHT.

    Who is this Ken Shoulders? He is very, very close. I can answer your questions. I have been sitting on cold fusion since 2097. Pobs & Fleischman? They had it. They failed to account for something. That's why you, and they, couldn't reproduce it.

    I'm about to file the answer in local district court as encoded it within a SCOTUS petition but you guys keep telling something is only "real" if you believe in it.

    I'm here as a long while ago I was surfing the web and I happened upon 2 of you lamenting the fact that the Safire guys were here and you missed your opportunity.

    I am all in if the experience I'm going to have is the underdogs conspiring in plain sight and not keeping THOSE guys out so that the field has been leveled and still, American underdogs win. Again.

    Don't you know that in America you can and may seize your right to a Do Over? It's NEVER "too late" if you know something about the actual nature of time.

    Cold fusion DOES happen all around you. And INSIDE of you. It is both 'hot' and 'cold' but those aren't very good adjectives to use as we wouldn't call what a pistol shrimp does via a bubble either hot or cold although in an insta-ton the energy/power/work produced is either.

    We measure what he's doing like this: The shrimp snaps a specialized claw shut to create a cavitation bubble that generates acoustic pressures of up to 80 kPa at a distance of 4 cm from the claw. As it extends out from the claw, the bubble reaches speeds of 100 km/h (62 mph) and releases a sound reaching 218 dedecibel.

    And we would not label consciousness it awareness, mind, as either.

    If you tell me that you made the quantum whistle? I'll tell you Finally! We're you ever going to listen to that baked potato scream in the microwave or click on a recording of the Mayan death whistle and make the connection? Finally! Not only Josephson but also a native American flute, a rod, missing steps and the now not lost forever but resdiscovered ancient Chinese yellow bell!

    I will help. My thinking is I gave the knowledge as to what and how. I don't speak the formal language of mathematics or physics as I never learned it, learning it would have crippled me. You might have the resources such as access to equipment it parts but I have a license to practice law in the Supreme Court if the US and not only did I file the rarest type of case directly and twice over but I won and I entered and exited in exactly 30 days, a record! And that's as I wasn't aware of what I knew, how important it is, as it was just simple fact of me and as I truly believed millions and may billions of us knew that the answer to cold fusion and consciousness was in US Law and Jefferson's letters and notes and on the Confessional record. Imagine my shock when I discovered how to wage this case every lawyer and law school claimed was humanly impossible to mount only to be starting at 3d shapes IN my mind's eye as they balanced upon a seesaw, sliding to and fro and cancelling each other out until there was one. I actually said out loud, Eureka! Give me a vote and I will move the universe!

    Be forewarned: I am keeping a naughty list. While you deny that you're prejuduced where women are concerned? YES you are. And that has to do with the fact that men don't trust women as they don't trust each other as all you know us manipulating each other. You can justify all if your actions as king as you can tell yourself a lie such as "women aren't my equal as women aren't and can't be geniuses" or "secrets exist and I have one so no person can ever know". Really? You'd think women aren't sapient and neither are you if we couldn't and didn't know! On some level we always know.

    If I do hang around and tell you what I know, please do not label me crazy and try to run me off as men always do. As I'm the victim? That causes you to be guilty not at fault for domestic violence named in Art. 4 Sec. 4, it causes you to labeled a. Wife beating, child abusing loon. A bully. A thug. Once? People ganged up against me as if ia swarm and as someone witnessed this they hung around as they said it was unmistakeably exactly what Nazis in Gernany did and this horrified him as he knew I made the case as he read the petition. When he practiced law in the federal courts for over 20 years.

    I don't work with bullies it Thurs. Or gangs of them man, woman it child. The whole point of sitting on this answer was to PREVENT those ppl from using this against you. And keeping it from you.

    My credentials in addition to SCOTUS? Too numerous to list so I will choose two:

    I knowingly, willingly and deliberately three the SATs and to this day I am pissed as I broke 1000 as I didn't think to do it, flunk the SATs on purpose, until after I completed the first section.

    I trespassed/burglared RPI in the late 70s. When I was 12. I needed to know what men valued beyond reason so much so that nobody but them could see it. Just yesterday while I was online taking care of some Virtue Philosophy pests, I discovered the name of the man whose work I saw: Donald Meager. I sent a written & signed confession to the Dean about 2 years ago as I was aware I couldn't sit on this much longer. I may write to Donald Meager now that I can.

    Will is to grace as the horse is to its rider? Will is to liberty, and to sovereignty, as a state of being; for humans it is the horses hoof or legs as without them it would not be a horse and I would not be sapient. It's not amazing or incredible that I know these things as I pusued this knowledge. What surprised me is what a mind can do if only you are determined and that I'd FEEL evolution occur, that you'd experience it like that. That's how I know some answers, via the experience of life.

    Don't hate me as you a man and will never experience giving birth!, 😀

    I will most likely return and begin with Navies Stokes and where you're stuck but YOU guys will have to carefully word it. OMG, your language is so sloppy! Like this:

    IN your mind's eye? IN? No. Men and women lmagine differently! You see it laid out before you, OUTSIDE your head. Outside of your body. I see way more than 6 dimensions and I can manipulate what I'm seeing too. But women see it INSIDE their skulls, IN their mind's eye!

    If you ran around saying WITH your mind's eye? A woman would have asked you about the difference when it was still BC.

  • I'm back.

    The reasoning to begin with Navies Stokes? Its ideal. IF. If I'm teaching ppl that there IS a difference in how men and women think. Organized modern science that is authoritarian does not believe in the existence of mind or will. Scratch "freewill" as that is a corruption of language.

    Animals are free but the sapient are liberated.

    Sidebar: US Law, what SCOTUS accepts as a proof aka a written authority upon exactly worded matters of law, is FOUR documents: The Declaration, The Federalist Papers, The Constitution AS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN AND TESTED BY THE FOUNDERS LIVING IT OUT, or, up to the ORIGINAL 13TH and not the version manufactured in 1871 that censored the original 13th and In Re Susan Herbert.

    And that is why men hate me, as I eclipsed the Founders by writing Law, "Law" and "legislation" being two different things.

    US Law would fit in a thimble, lol. The Constitution names only one act as a crime but it does not tell you that you cannot commit the act of treason.

    "Can" is human ability while "may" is lawful/legal capacity.

    You CAN act to do anything and everything that you have the human ability to do, and as you are 18 or older then the PRESUMPTION not assumption is that you know all of the consequences of your actions therefore The Constitution asks you ONE question:

    I can but will I?

    You can but will you?

    We can but will we?

    All I did is deconstruct Bush V Gore as EVERY WORD IS A LIE and when former Justice Stevens opined 'these lawyers are lying' as Dershowitz claims then he like almost all lawyers lost it. Why?

    Lawyers are terrified a grouP of scientists with an ethic and morals will expose them for the criminals they are. So then;

    Are you made of the actual 'right stuff'?

    Do you value prizes like Medals of Honor and Nobels or do you value the truth?

    If you LIKE prizes can and will you consider that it is possible to be ethical to a degree of supposed sainthood but yet you are a hedon and reap any and every physical reward but still, you're not a materialist? You prove that ethical and hairshirt can be and are if you so choose mutually exclusive? Can you withstand peer pressure and outside pressure such as a bunch of military bigwigs, not all in uniform, screaming in your face like the lunatics they are?

    Q: You do realize, no; are you aware that the NSA etc are eavesdropping on us? In 2007 I caught the US spying on me and in such a way they can never, ever deny it when dealing with me. They can lie to the public. They can lie to your face. When they're dealing with me? They CANT deny the truth as I threw the truth in their face via a federal complaint. Recently I had to revise my opinion of my own work of which Im never the best judge:

    I always truly believed that I nailed them in real time violating the Patriot Act, that they were caught abusing that act and violating at least gwo Federal Appellate cease and desist orders to then do it, "it" being stealing my intellectual property by seizing my searches conducted via theGoogle & Microsoft browsers.

    I happened to see a tag that at that time you could not type not even using wingdings. I rarely check my work for typos etc. as I am one person doing the work of a million ppl all by myself and without any compensation. At this point when ppl are actually dying and the majority of them are women and children who like me had ZERO opportunity acorded to to them and you believe it's prudent and wise and virtuous to bitch about a typo or uneven margins? And to the total exclusion of substance? BITE ME. WATCH ME DO IT ON PURPOSE NOW AS I KNOW YOU GOTTA READ IT TO THEN OBJECT OR ELSE YOU CANNOT OBJECT.

    I can and may do that as THAT guy?

    It is not possible to reason with an unreasonable person. Either he cannot reason as he was born insane or he can reason but will not reason so I've already moved on by the time Im misspelling a word using Find&Replace ad my point is: Who the fuck told you that I want or need your permission to act? I act not react.

    This lone time I sought out an absolute stranger and asked for a personal favor. As I did not know this person and I was seeking a favor then I decided to check my typing. To do this? I had to use the backpage button and when my note appeared, it appeared with what I call a rotten egg within it: gee, what's that little ellipsoid bomb like looking object? I know Newton did not embed it! WTF, man??? Wait...FBI, is this you? Susan VS The FBI: watch me hit erase! And then I promptly went to the FBIs own "Report Internet Crime Page" and reported that they may have committed a crime against thrmselves as for me it is "forever attempted" as I do not participate but it may have been Charles Herbert or the NSA. But now? Oh, now I knew WHY and HOW the citizens are being driven crazy, as on this site the FBI kept asking: WHO? WHO? WHO did it to you? C',mon FBI! Its an electronic computer driven website! Whatdaya mean WHO? Do you want me to name the person who owns the domain? How about the CEO of Microsoft? The ppl who created Google? Or do you want me to name THE person, THE agent at Quantico or wherever who pushed this button on a machine abd tagged me? As I know EXACTLY why you did this and you violated a federal court order. Tell you what: this is so easy for me that YOU give me your gun and badge and pay me whatever your yearly salary is and Ill deliver the whole case to you in about 15 minutes.

    You may request a copy of my complaint via FOIA. It actually reads the above. I wrote that. Recently? I discovered that I outdid all of my own reasonable expectations. I know Im that good but not this good: it seems as if I am the intrepid, nuclear capable American who caught them all and it is a then unknown project named STELLAR WIND.


    So, can you laugh at yourself? Do you have realistic ideas about anything "government" and yourself and can you laugh? Will you? As when I show you what Standford & NASA clowns have wrong in their Final Report On Gravity B Probe it might be a long while before they're laughing with us.

    First: I stomped on the ABA and organized, modetn science and every single officer and citizen 18 or older with the bad math and English known as BVG that began life as Gore V FL as when does the winner appeal thereby risking a loss? They don't. We can stop here. I didn't as every word is a lie such as the word "emergency" as life is proof: these ppl got you Congress to declare a war upon FALSIFIED AS IN FABRICATED EVIDENCE NOT PROOF. I have no idea as to why any actual scientist would read what the NYT reported as being good science and not scream "I object" but a highschooler should know that what is presented as being good science is not. Then? I inform them:

    Absolutes and wholes. A mathematical CONCEPT that small children do not comprehend and that most adults do not own upon any deep level but only upon an intellectual level. In America we NEVER out absolutes versus wholes and the Founders designed it this way as otherwise you or I could never defeat one lawyer or 9 Justices let alone 350 million plus citizens! We only count absolutes to then know the ONE WHOLE MINORITY VS THE ONE WHOLE MAJORITY. So BVG sits as a tie or did until I filed this suit as from the bottom up it is 1 vs 1 and then that 1 whole vs me as 1 person, on my own absolutely and in defense of the whole nation. They?

    Whole Majority FOR Gore.

    Me vs Gore; The Constitution reads I WILL not my lawyer will and in civil cases no right to a lawyer exists. In this case? Not only does SCOTUS not possess the power and authority to install anybody in any office but this court is not named in our Constitution as a court of authority; fact is it was born/created as a result of their own opinion, Marbury V Madison so this is not only a test of the whole Theory commonly known as US Law and alternately as The American Revolution but this is a test of Marbury and chain of command theory so yep, I'm suing YOU the Justices specifically your Chief as you are our ADVOCATES not only the referees in this unique instance as we had ZERO representation and as in any case AGAINST the US or in the case to or of a challenge of the result of a presidential election so that it is both the Officers and citizens who failed too as the SOLICITOR GENERAL NOT THE JUSTICES ALWAYS ALWAYS ANSWERS ON BEHALF OF THE US AKA THE PEOPLE and that person produced what is ineffrctive abd inadequate representation or they did not answer at all or they waived the right; in this case or my case? There is only one defense they can and may mount, NO ANSWER OR DEFAULT SO I WIN UPON FILING ALONE, or, GUILTY. As the third choice yet available is Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity and their problem is...once they can and do act upon the thought "I the Speaker of the House may be in denial as the House decides a tie in a Presidential race and somehow I denied basic math, exactly worded law I claim to have read that's maybe the front side only of 3 sheets of paper and US history as Jefferson won the 1804 election via a 37th tie breaking vote"?

    Once a person acts upon the thought "I might be in denial" by saying it out loud then they exit denial and so Insanity is no longer a defense they can and may enter. AT the time of entry on this case? Insanity is not an option. Why? I the Petitioner must represent all officers and all of the citizens as Im the one and only sane person who filed suit; see the name of the Petition? Im it but you told me exactly, that you hate women and mothers, so psychologically you will be driven to ignore and deny this Petition and to sink it, you exactly said "sink". No matter what I tell you? You're a traitor or you're a sick, suck individual but you weren't born insane. I already know what I will have to do if you act to slaughter us all as you told nm that you would! I am gonna have to ransom the Earth in order to deliver humanity itself not only America from slavery. I get it. You don't. All I need? One other person. Let me be clear: all I need I already have: my own self as you maniacs knocked yourselves out in your attempts to break my will and you failed. See me running around on the piece of paper using words? See how unafraid I am as I own the knowledge as wisfom that all threats, all forms of manmade fear, are hooey? Are empty? Maybe I am the last actual American alive. Maybe Im it and then we are extinguished. But maybe I am the very first actual American who came to be and become the living embodiment of US Law and so nature and Creator. No matter what this truth is I am ALL IN as I am betting on myself and on the fact that at least one other American exists and if they are living in captivity and aren't aware of it? They will voluntarily exit upon bring informed. Im not reckless either: already on my way to file the Petition that you, a clerk, is reading, a person ran away from me saying that when I am shot they are not willing to be shot with me. Holy shit, I thought. But not as I am afraid. You think that? THAT? You think every shooter is some mad, lunatic human like you??? Incorrect. They happen to be VERY calculating. So let's calculate it:

    I can conveieve of of numbers so large that you would be rendered cataonic if you had this same conception. As puny ad my brain is? Yours is smaller, you're using less of it and not using brain and mind as intended or at all. I could appeal to you, lawyers and officers of the court, and I can cite exacting numbers. What do you personally want? A million decimal places is easy for me. Im most likely to die of natural causes than to run out of what is infinite. Remember!: You didn't break my will and now you cant as you had to do it BEFORE I ascended so that liberty and then sovereignty became my state of being. So watch me turn the tables on you by appealing to the OTHER criminals who wont be associated with you. You know, actual gangsters and serial, mass and spree killers? And the lone shooter or assassin? They do it as they NEED to be heard. The way I reason this? I'm their only oppetunity, aren't I? You CAN shoot and kill me but WILL you? No as every damn time you shoot one of us then all you do is cement THEIR truth in place! Every single time without exception. You are that ridiculous criminal that thinks you will do failure RIGHT this time? I promise, if you DON'T shoot me? Don't kill me? Even if I repeat what is folly and REFUSE to listen to you? Refuse to CONSIDER not believe what you claim? If you let me live then the day will come when I say something and so put my foot in my mouth and everybody hates me. Hey, look at how very many ppl have hated me and still hate me and how many more join in this hatred every tine I just state the truth no other person is willing to state. Why on Earth would you, my potential killer/s, go to the back of that longest of all lines? I'd think if I am you that I'd go to the head of my own line and so once I do put my foot in my mouth then you can wholly enjoy my downfall AND be credited with it.

    LENR ppl: am I still here? Yes. But my point is this: you know you. You? No thing compels you to join. But if you do join me? As I already encoded this and even wrote "E=mc²" and other truths so that upon publishing in SCOTUS upon the docket as ignorance is no excuse then sorry! I already removed the promise of any would be profit. Profit is not benefit. When you profit you do so at someone elses expense and eventually at the expense of all life in this universe including your own and the universe as a whole itself. When you benefit then you do so in such a way that all life eventually benefits. Its possible that you spent your life believing that America and acting to benefit mankind was a bunch of BS as you lied to yourself or someone lied to you and you came to ttuly believe but as you control inly you can't you then you CAN decide to CONSIDER not to believe what Im telling you. I can and have worked with ppl who actually dumped hatred on me. Actual hatred! They were insane. The only time I cant work with somebody?

    When they are no longer willing. But isn't this true for you? Cant you just speak up and say, "Susan, that sounds crazy to me. How on Earth do you connect y to z?" Cant you then consider my answer and tell me if its still flawed and why? And if you're made to be afraid cant you state that? It just so happens my partner in science and math, Ray Morton who had Uniformity but did not know this until wr met and I told him - he was mot aware that be had one half of the whole answer in numerical form - cannot proceed with me until I am before a judge. SCOTUS? You all already failed To this day Ray and I and co counsel Susan Clemons and Carl Swensson had no idea if the Justices are aware of their own docket due to the process, a faulty process. Ray told me WHY. Never apologize for being honest. There is no defense against the truth. He cannot but not as he's afraid hell be killed, lol. Ray is me. He's retired Special Ops. We survived torture and came to thrive ex post facto. Caving isn't surviving torture. The reasoning I have never found any other ppl who survived actual torture as Ray and I did? There aren't any! They caved, died or became catatonic. Why? Oh, expect to confront Satan. As what you confront is your greatest fear OR the teeny tiny piece of this lie ppl breathed life into and then genetically encoded as learning within our DNA, lol. THATs Augustine's original sin! I was EMBARRASSSED to tell you! As when I defeated this thing its facade melted. Imploded as the dense core of a nuke would. But screaming Help! and Weee! in a way all I could think of at the time is FLYING MONKEYS IN OZ not Josephson whistle. And its actual image? Today Im not embarrassed to tell you that this thing looked EXACTLY like...

    The orange hairy monster in a Bugs Bunny cartoon!!! 😂😂😂! It did! Why?

    Dummies! If WE are the masterwork of all creation then none of this crap has the power or authority to defeat one of us let alone two or more of us!

    And US Law? Matches the actuality of natures, natures laws and the correct interaction of these laws. It is


    This was loooong, so I'll BRB but I looked Navies Stokes? May not be ideal here. In this context. I need to go back over the last day or so and read what you posted but in just scrolling I am aware that

    You are arguing not reasoning or debating. That? As you're not being unreasonable? Known as an "impasse". And tells me that my instinct is excellent. Can I think of anything off of the top of my head to illustrate why no conflict exists but only seems as if?

    YES. The case of Tod Willingham AND an ex football player whose name I will not say and...Buschtli drops. So while Navies Stokes illustrates the way in which men and women so absolute and whole thinkers differ, I'm going with...

    Two Fire Marshals who seemingly gave conflicting testimony in re Tod Willingham, psychiatry as a profession must die and with what is hydroscopic.

    And perhaps how I nailed David Hudson and the mono gold ppl the very first tome I read his purported account of its discovery.

    I patented and copyrighted Uniformity using SCOTUS but its mostly a joke as I was ripping Patent Attorneys who do things like have contests to see Who can patent the peanut butter and jelly sandwhich first? Now they've patented the http protocol so that you and I owe some lawyer cash every time we use that. Or they were about to when I last checked! I said, Fuckers and so when I entered SCOTUS I intended to patent the process to manufacture liberty and justice as that's how our system works and as they've never incorporated women OR the ninth and tenth amendments in, as they actually pretend not all ten rights are rights. They have pretend arguments about the word to distract you. So I went back and in every federal district too. I said:

    In case it is lost upon you? Go look! I not only patented Uniformity on behalf of The People but I patented...the CIRCLE!!! But it only a circle? It is a...DOT!!!! And a...SPHERE!!!! And watch me end a declarative sentence with it, too

    Gotcha fellas!, As now I am the King of all patent attorneys.

    David Hudson is king of nothing but DRAMA. So is CERN. And Rossi and Co? Not only do they have women and only care about some ppl bit they have no practical system or means of delivery.

    We are going to break the stranglehold my relatives - both sides of the elite as one side of my family os the old money and the other is the new money - have on ppl via control of outside forms of energy such as oil. That's another reason you don't have much cause for concern.

    My last name is Herbert. The Herbert's who endowed Oxford and descended ftom ALL of them including the woman Queen Elizabeths great great et al grabdmother assassinated in order to steal a throne that we intended to ditch regardless. All across the Earth my anscestors took advantage of political and rreigious upheaval to abandon Earthly thrones and titles. The other half did the same only they scrambled to achieve, start from scratch. Finally? They collided on America, the last place to be domesticated: there exists a piece of paper. A court record dated 1642 that states my mothers anscestor as shes a Kieffer as her father was named for his mother so he was Ralph Kieffer Brown, William Kieffer, was charged, tried and convicted of kidnapping and selling Native Americans into slavery. Where? Lol! All they did is move from Wales to QUEENSBURY and KINGSTON. Sometimes? They exactly advertised this. My father? A red head. Neanderthal. I do not know if any CroMagnon is within me as Im O negative so if the fossil I entered is correct? A lemur unites us as there's a physical dividing line for the lemur the found on CA as each family of lemur sits one one side if a mountain range? I am the direct descendant of this age and the previous 3 and geneaologists agree as X is common but Im still unsure of CroMagnon. As this fight that you're an unwillingly, unknowing victim of that makes you too the product of incest and rape?

    Go look. Medicine denies that our minds are magnetic too. They don't want you to know that brain death is an artificial standard , a legal manuever, to falsely claim that you are dead when you are not. Research this. Ppl hired as organ harvesters quit all of the time as ppl cry and thrash violently when their organs are harvested as NO anathesia is used. Cmon! How many times are the ppl who do the harvesting going to claim they put a celebrity at the top of the list but that's not selling organs to the highest bidder???

    Once is a mistake. Twice? Deliberate. And three times constitutes a pattern.

    So IM the rightful heir of all of this that they couldn't break or kill and I don't want it so threat neutralized but if you wont be able to let go of a personal hero or a belief as then your whole belief system crashes? And you can but wont trust that I can repair it abd you using dimple good math, science abd English that you can check?


    As Im about to enter LENR as an attachment to a filing in state district court.

    If you will trust me so then consider what Im going to inform you of in re THE and rhen your own science and math?


    As this should be actually fast and furious. And someone told me a joke about Frozen...the mess that cartoon is...what was it? It was as bad as the movieS...

    2 Frozen 2 Flurrious? Freeze Harder? No. It was Snowkyo Drift. Drift fits. That word.

    Guys! We need a "snappy " name for ourselves. LENR doesn't roll off the tongue. If ppl can laugh and can identify? No fear. Snowkyo Drift is funny in lots of ways such as Japan using an Americans idea do that's why they patent things differently than us. Regardless

    Brush up on Butschli and Quinke and Nitrogen as we must go to the begining and its continuum to go to or have cold fusion and watch this video in re Freezing Mercury before you go I said, BRB but after I take a shower!

    Wait!!! We need a music person. Somebody who has studied the forms and structure of music. It took me like 5 hours to calculate the seemingly lost chinese yellow bell! NOT efficient!…Vaw3G9pK2MA9LAMX6z2XO6LQp