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  • Ooops. Giant sloth not a lemur.

    Also: we WILL go to Brown's gas.

    What we should have is the whole chain whereby we fuel the next reaction with the waste/by products of the first or of the chain reaction preceeding it. So you do 'borrow' energy but in an unusual form and while its seemingly a closed circuit of loop? It isn't.

    Its not designed to keep you in or out. To enslave anything. Not even oxygen.

  • Somebody who has studied the forms and structure of music.

    Expressing multiple dimensions and wave harmonics is probably easier in music than visually

    “Cold Fusion” is an exciting, fast paced work that showcases the wind ensemble’s adeptness to performing interesting

    harmonic collections and layered metric pulse.

    The title refers to a type of perpetual motion that has yet to be discovered.

    This hypothetical motion is the music’s underlying driving force.

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  • How can ppl disagree but they're both correct? And neither is lying?

    Tod Willingham. Tod Willingham failed at everything in life. A teacher stated that she saw lots of kids smoke pot but the way she wstched Willingham smoke pot when he was 12 was different. And that's your clue.

    Willingham was executed. He was convicted of pouring lighter fluid or gasoline onto his daughters and setting them on fire. I know he didn't do it. What happened?

    At trial two fire marshals testified. They gave conflicting testimony. Its not that one is incorrect, in error or wrong. Their perspective was different. Also: when ppl deny reality deeply over a long period of time then nature has a way of making itself known. I know of a case in which a cop was about to make a call and state that a person was dead when they were placed in a car trunk. Another officer stopped him. It seemed impossible but the person was alive. There is a telltale blood splatter pattern. But unless you actually saw it then you would be convinced the person was dead. The second cop happened to be on the scene with a coroner and the coroner showed him this. Its supposed to be so rare that you might never see it. Unless you were this cop? You would call it DIFFERENTLY not wrong.

    So the fire marshals testimony was seemingly contradictory and the lawyers made no attempt to reason this and maybe one lawyer made it seem as if one fire marshal is incompetent.

    And then? A psychiatrist who never met Willingham was allowed to testify. About Willingham.

    Two things: All of you can disagree. Without being wrong. And then: life experience. Who here has life experience?

    I have life experience. I acted to DO something. And I secured results. This occurred in December of 2005 and then on July 4th, 2006. And at the end of February 2007 I correctly reasoned whether or not any right of privacy existed.

    Using a pencil, the words "public" and "private" and a sheet of paper torn from a notebookI did it. And when I did?

    Ooompf! An actual flash of genius hit me and I felt as if the floor came out from under me. I saw the whole universe at once and every absolute within it. I saw it as if I was viewing a Rolodex or those old Polaroid photo holders that moved around in a circle. Then I felt a divider in my brain physically move until it was perfectly centered just like a hard drive's partition can be moved and I felt as area of the brain that we don't use light up. So cool, you could feel the electricity tingle but the electricity itself was not moving! Imagine sensors all in a row. I felt it as each section or neuron lit up.

    You have life experience. The most valuable life experience you have isn't necessarily strictly LENR as... there's an existent injury and as the universe works just like the human body and so as I will not experience man then you will not experience woman.

    Guess what? When I gave birth I experienced Brownian motion. The urge to push. I then surveyed a bunch of women. This wasn't their experience OR it was and they had no idea as to what Brownian motion is. And men?

    Men ASSUME what women can and can't know so can and cant do. You spent billions on the question Do men and women think differently? By phrasing the question as a brain difference only. We know physical brain differences exist. So what does science do when it cant answer its own question? Deny reality and then write essays upon no PROVEABLE difference existing.


    I know the sign language men use to commiunicate with one another as they delusionally believe women CANNOT know it so don't know. I already told you how we envision or imagine differently. So what's another billion dollar problem you could've solved by asking?

    Me: Anthony, tell how boys think.

    When he did? I was howling. So instead of spending a billion more and having 17 more national protests?

    Around the age boys and girls start to notice each other you seat the boys in front and the girls in back. PROBLEM SOLVED.

    But Anthony has to act this out for you, 😂.

    I'll be back. I have an example of ppl all disagreeing over Butschli drops. I believe I have what they never accounted for.

    The reasoning that I cant just dump it all at once? Im surrounded by manipulators who have driven themselves insane and still are and now one of them is drinking. They know that when I file again then everything changes. As they know this?

    They are knocking themselves out exactly as the federal government is, knocking themselves out in their attempt to drive me insane or if not to drive you insane. The fed, with help of organized pyschiatry, IS doing this to you:

    When manipulators set out to manipulate one another all they succeed in doing is driving themselves and eachother insane.

    In any society what must the slaveowners do once the slaves begin waking up? The masters must must must get you to doubt your own sanity or if not then doubt my sanity as what happens in life you and I must never, ever come to know that ppl elected and installed lunatics. That the ppl calling themselves DC and the UN are nuts. They are!

    I possess a report by a forensic pyschiatrist certifying me to be 100% sane. Do you? I have 4 other docs one of whom entered her curricula vitae who have certified me sane and who will again at the drop of a hat IF necessary. Do you?

    Organized, modern science and ppl like CERN are gonna flip out when we prove the exactly named Creator exists as we will prove what consciousness and then what being self awareness vs self conscious is. What sapience is. Think they wont attempt to discredit you? They will!

    Don't worry. When I'm finished dissecting the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory/Index and prove why it is not an authority and is itself a work of Insanity and no licensed doctor caught on? Psychiatry will die as a profession.

    Raise your hand if you're familiar with the P versus NP problem?

    They're all crazy. 😁: I finally found a man who says the same thing I do. He was ripped to shreds. Gee, what is it? That little darling Terrence Tao must solve it? Or that you must me able to ordain it? BOTH.

    This? All of this?

    Is also about "official certified and accepted info" versus actual knowledge and the nature of proof.

    If you're proof is math only? You lose. Math? Math might not even be admissable as evidence. It isn't in SCOTUS and it isn't in science as to prove that your theory is a law you must name an unknown behavior of nature and then CORRECTLY predict the behavior of nature. If you correctly predict what once wad unknown behavior? You have named the cause so your theory is a law OR its the correct interaction/application of law.


    Higgs is INCORRECT.

    When manipulators like Higgs set out...

    All I ever had to do? Flip to the footnotes or who they credit. I have a long long string of names. Gee, one name is missing. Who?

    Goldstone. Bingo.

    I'll be back with Butschli. Think I can name what they missed.

    Abusive alcoholic jerk just walked in. If he doesn't start shit? Be back in about an hour with pics too.

  • The correct application of the law of nature is...

    Equal but distinct and then unique.

    Equal amount of human potential. Men & women have an exactly equal amount of potential. Of mind.

    How we manifest it and how much of it we manifest?

    Up to each of us which is why this truth is very unpopular, as then your success or failure is on you.

    And its nigh impossible to hide behind others or coast on somebody else's work!

  • Quote

    Clearance Items is the purgatory where comments that are completely off-topic are sent. It is starting to look like we may now have comments that are actually off-topic from Clearance Items.

    Those lengthy items making no sense actually have a designation: it's verbal diarrhea consisting of word salad. Seriously indicates something very wrong with thought processing (IMHO of course).

  • Sorry no play II

    I think they should have included a means to raise temperature above/around the magnetic property change of the particular metal and include a substance that drastically increases the quantity of free electrons. They are looking for affects below hundreds, instead of hundreds or up to just past a thousand degrees. Pushing/saddling this threshold is where I gather interesting things are more likely to happen. Also possibly instead of using potassium or sodium some form of high intensity current would work to raise the tempurature and increase free electron density among the hydrogen/metal environment. Relatively high tempuratures, and free hydrogen/electron saturation/density would change results probably. Just high pressure hydrogen loading alone won't produce reliable exothermic results.

    Curie Point is the term I was looking for.

  • "Indagini che richiedono l’impiego di uomini e materiali. Tramite Malagoli, Ferrari è ancora alla ricerca di denaro da destinare alla ff. Ho appena scorso la tesi; è piena di omissioni importanti. In 60 pagine non figura una sola funzione di eccitazione. Come si fa a scrivere una reazione nucleare senza riportare la sua funzione di eccitazione? Se avessi tempo varrebbe la pena di fare una review. Ma non merita; al massimo qualche nota, se viene a piovere e sto in casa.

    Basta una tesi del genere per laurearsi in fisica a Bologna?"

  • My title was removed which mentioned EVOs.

    Please go ahead and make all the cynics happy by banning my account and instituting an IP ban.

  • I say that all discussion about SAFIRE and EVOs should be banned on this forum along with UFOs. Let's go ahead and make the cynics happy.

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