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  • That is silly. In U.S. bars, they have to ask a young person for a driver's license to prove you are old enough to drink. In Atlanta grocery stores, they ask for driver's license before selling you any wine or beer. Even when you are old they have have to see the license. Are they acting as a Public Officer? Of course not!

    I agree jed, but now to throw you a curve ball, why would the Democratic party not want I'd,s for voting? Confusion rules???

  • I agree jed, but now to throw you a curve ball, why would the Democratic party not want I'd,s for voting? Confusion rules???

    Confusion only rules if you do not read the news. All states require IDs for voting, as far as I know. Georgia and other southern states do. No one objects to that. The Democrats are fully in favor of IDs. However, the problem in Georgia is that the Republicans want to require IDs that many poor people and elderly people do not have, and cannot get. Up until now, Georgia voting allowed things like utility or phone bills, or tax bills addressed to the voter. They allowed student IDs, ex-military IDs and expired licenses. Everyone other than homeless people have these. Now, the Republicans want people to present state issued, up-to-date driver's licenses only (or so-called non-driver's licenses). They want people to xerox licenses to vote by mail. A surprising number of people in Georgia do not have cars and never had one. Most of them live far from any office that can provide one. They include blind people, for example. They do not have birth certificates or passports. They have no internet access. No credit card or bank account. No access to a xerox machine except at a public library in the next county. It may seem strange to cosmopolitan people, but I know some elderly people who have never touched a computer.

    The Republicans want to impose several other rules that will make it difficult for poor, elderly, rural, minority people to vote.

    The Brennan Center described the problem with IDs:

    • Nearly 500,000 eligible voters do not have access to a vehicle and live more than 10 miles from the nearest state ID-issuing office open more than two days a week. Many of them live in rural areas with dwindling public transportation options.
    • More than 10 million eligible voters live more than 10 miles from their nearest state ID-issuing office open more than two days a week.
    • 1.2 million eligible black voters and 500,000 eligible Hispanic voters live more than 10 miles from their nearest ID-issuing office open more than two days a week. People of color are more likely to be disenfranchised by these laws since they are less likely to have photo ID than the general population.
    • Many ID-issuing offices maintain limited business hours. For example, the office in Sauk City, Wisconsin is open only on the fifth Wednesday of any month. But only four months in 2012 — February, May, August, and October — have five Wednesdays. In other states — Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas — many part-time ID-issuing offices are in the rural regions with the highest concentrations of people of color and people in poverty.

    The Challenge of Obtaining Voter Identification
    Ten states now have unprecedented restrictive voter ID laws, which require citizens to produce specific types of government-issued photo identification before…

  • Do they take your phone bill at the grocery store when buying beer?

    Seriously, I do not know what they take for proof of age when people do not have licenses. When the law was first implemented, years ago, cashiers were allowed to push a button on the screen for "customer looks old." Lately, they have to ask every time, even when it is obvious you are over 21.

    I suppose a utility bill is reasonable proof that you live in a certain address and you are named John Smith, but it is not proof that you are over 21. I think utility bills are the most commonly used form of ID for voting for people without licenses. Everyone has electricity, but not everyone has a telephone or an expired military ID.

    When you present a license, utility bill, or whatever ID you have, they look you up in a voter registration database to confirm that John Smith lives at that address. So, it isn't as if they need to have full confidence the utility bill is actually yours. Plus you have to sign the register. (Or write an "X" if you are illiterate.) They have your signature on file. In other words, there are multiple safeguards in place other than the ID.

  • Once again I am posting this directly in clearance items as is about an extremely controversial topic, but I guess that a few of our readers may deem this information useful and in any case will become more and more debated as time passes and more evidence is gathered about this phenomena.

    There has been an ongoing rumour that people that has got the covid shots begin shortly after to broadcast a BLE bluetooth MAC address.

    For some months I have been hearing this rumor consistently, and several videos had been posted trying to demonstrate it by using the bluetooth device finders from smartphones.

    I had remain skeptical of the claim, as there was no way to assess the validity of it from the videos alone, and several rational explanations could be raised to disambiguate the observations.

    Until rather recently, I remained fairly skeptic, but then a Japanese blogger, that had also been documenting the magnetic anomaly on the covid jabs (which I have been able to confirm first hand myself), also begun documenting the BLE MAC anomaly.

    He found a rather simple way to perform the experiment in favorable conditions to single out the source of the BLE MAC addresses by finding a relatively isolated place (a praying shrine in a low density population area and parks around) without any nearby detectable BLE sources, and was able to get two MACs from an elderly lady that had no smartphone on her, nor any other device capable of bluetooth connection, and just a mobile phone that was turned off for the experiment. The English version of the video can still be seen in the Zaurus Alive youtube channel.

    This video, for me, was the most compelling evidence I had seen, so far, that there is a true anomaly.

    Elder lady in the shrine Zaurus Alive video Yet, this video still wasn’t prove enough, just a very intriguing observation that begged for more enquiry.

    However, just a couple of days ago, I found out that there's a soon to be released French produced documentary that performed an experiment with a control group of "vaccinated" and "non vaccinated" people and was able to unambiguously prove that at least some of the people that has got the jab emits a valid but non listed MAC address. Video can be watched

    I was sent the link to this video from a person in France, and upon query from my part, he says the results will be published shortly, independently of the documentary of which it forms part (Called “Primum Non Nocere” in its French version and “Hold On” in the English version, to be available next 11/11/2021).
    So, that’s it. The implications of this are subject to endless speculation, I just wanted to share the evidence supporting the claims, IMHO very compelling.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.