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  • Mary Yugo is schizophrenic freak - he lives in his own world of patoskeptic delusions. His 19.694 posts at moletrap forum speaks for itself. You should be warned in advance, once you'll try to argue with him with facts or even convince him logically as it's impossible. He can just fool the naive people like Eric because doubting and denying looks more qualified and "mainstream" today than pushing something for many people (despite it actually allows to be less informed). But in reality everyone who is trying to argue with him is freak too - only schizophrenics cannot recognize another schizophrenics.

    Moved from this thread. Eric

  • @Zephir_AWT's account has been suspended for two weeks.

    But to address the accusations: (1) Many people find Mary Yugo annoying, but I don't think she's exactly a troll. She has been following this field for years, and although she strenuously resists becoming informed about it, she has brought some interesting information to light, e.g., concerning Rossi's history of business dealings. And unlike many trolls, she does not usually launch into frontal attacks on other forum members. She gives off flippant insults which are regrettable and ugly, but not generally intended to start a fight as far as I can tell. (2) I have no ulterior motive relating to astroturfing, although, as these crackpot theories go, there is no real way to defend against the accusation.

    Let me just put it this way: I am pretty sure I would be doing something wrong if you and Sifferkoll liked how I was handling things.

    There is ambivalence within the LENR Forum team about Mary's participation here. This can be true at the same time that she is extended the protections that all forum members have against personal attacks and doxxing. People such as yourself, who understandably find Mary objectionable, are free to use the blocking feature to hide her comments.

  • Quote

    She has been following this field for years, and although she strenuously resists becoming informed about it,

    Oh, c'mon Eric. Show me some decent clearly written work and I will be delighted to examine it. I simply have no time for convoluted prose, unclear papers about unclear methods and coordinate graphs that make no sense. I also don't care about results that are as likely to be noise as anything meaningful. Show me some powerful LENR claim and I will look at it. That's why I originally looked at Rossi. And see where THAT got us.

  • Eric, thanks for your moderating efforts (not an easy job at all these days!) and cleaning up frequently the mess here ...otherwise (speaking for myself, but I am sure, that I am not the only one) using this forum would end up in browsing annoying, useless and endless personal rude attacks to find and follow some valuable information on LENR topics here.

    Sometimes even a ban unfortunately doesn't seem to restrain a few folks to almost immediately fall back to their special pattern again after being back...

  • I second that from the above poster. Ms Mary has never tried to doxx anyone and only point out her viewpoint. It bothers me because someone once drove away a voice. But everyone can carry something too far.

    Doxxing is kinda weird as it can backfire since information is so freely available on the internet using the wayback machine (archive) and well common information like DNS records or personal websites entries that have been discarded. So weird that it's best left alone. But you know some folks do not get it. Maybe they should unless they want to come out, if not do not dox. Just a thought.

  • Are you suggesting that Mary Yugo and Gary Wright are in fact the same person?

    No, Zeus46, I'm not. But my memory is fuzzy; I recall her being the one that did the freedom-of-information request that led to information about the DoD thermoelectric devices episode? She can correct me if I'm wrong.

    But even in cases where Mary was not necessarily the first person to dig up a piece of information, on multiple occasions she has been the first person I've heard mentioning it.

  • Eric.... A Brief synopsis: (All this can be found using the search function: FOIA, mary yugo)

    Gary Wright first made a FOIA request about the DOD affair.

    But Gary Wright didn't publish all the documents he received from the DOD. He left out an appendix that contained details of the testing that took place at a university.

    Mary Yugo repeats GW's assertions, but then claims that no university testing ever took place, despite it being pointed out that GW is purposefully hiding the part of the document that details exactly what went on, and who ran the tests.

    Mary contacts Gary to get hold of this hidden appendix, in order to prove his belief about it's contents.

    Gary refuses to send it, preferring that we just rely on him to be truthful about it containing nothing of interest (Despite the main document specifically referencing the contents of it).

    Mary Yugo was then goaded by others into making a similar FOIA request, to back up his assertions

    Mary makes his own FOIA request, but then claims he didn't ever receive the appendix in question. Despite Gary Wright acknowledging on his website that he definitely received it after making a similar request to the same people.

    Despite a lack of evidence, and an apparent reliance on the veracity of Wright, Mary continued to make his same old claims (Well, actually he's just blindly parroting GW's claims).

    This reminds me of Mary's boast that he was instrumental heavily involved in bringing down Sniffex... The truth is different from the (shrewdly cultivated) perception, and certain facts have been carefully 'forgotten', but ultimately it's pretty off-topic, and really, who even cares?

  • The notion that Mary refuses to become informed about LENR is believer mythology. What that really means is that she refuses to interpret the claims in the same way as believers. When I have some more time, I will discuss how it is that people with no scientific expertise pontificate on how to judge scientific papers. For the moment, I will only say that not having expertise seems to nearly be a requirement for truly appreciate the LENR literature.

  • Just one question for the believers among us:

    I've seen repeated over and over that Mitsubishi has achieved LENR. What is preventing them from showing it to the world, winning the Nobel Prize, and making billions?

    MHI have convincing experimental results with thin films.

    Academic don't consider them, as they are associated with a career destroying subject.

    Industrialists see it is no yet usable, have no theory, and lead to many trouble with academic.

    Only in the CareBears world does good science lead automatically to Nobel.

    You should better read the history of science. Even just some documentary on NatGeo could help you. Knowing your own technology's history if you are engineer, would give you more realistic vision of real Science.