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  • They did validate Fleischmann Pons on a regular basis. Roughly 17,000 times according to a grad student at the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, at 180 labs according to Ed Storms. (Not me. I didn't count 'em.)

    They are not replicating on a regular basis now because they are dead. Of old age.

    Nope. No skeptic has ever found any problem with the calorimetry in any mainstream study. They have looked, but they found nothing. I am sure you would not find anything if you were to read the literature, which I am equally sure you will not do.

    17,000 times?! That would mean we should all be powering our homes with palladium based fusion reactors in our basements. We know this is not happening so someone got something wrong here.

    I'm not a calorimeter expert. Mary Yugo is though [identifying suppositions omitted ...]. Mary has identified numerous shortcomings of the calorimetry methods used by P&F and Rossi as well. IIRC Mary has raised concerns about the probe locations and insertion methodology.

    Hoping Mary will comment on this thread to elaborate on her concerns.

    Please respect the anonymity of people who wish to remain anonymous. Eric

  • I was referring to Peter Gluck as distinguished. He is also the one with pending eye surgery, blindness and God knows what else. He's in the hospital. He can't defend his blog against trolls. You can't read the post? It's sixth grade English.

    Yes it is sad to hear about Peter's condition but really nice of you Mary to wish him well. We all wish him well.

  • JedRothwell

    Notwithstanding your sentiments, you are engaging a pure troll. I challenge anyone to point me to a coherent and intelligent discussion to which this pseudonymous individual has contributed anything of value of any sort.

  • @The Barker

    Challange: Try to make a conversation with 5 postings in a row with usefull and informative LENR contents and more than 20 words each, but without the words "Mary", "Yugo", "MY" and <Realname of MY>.

    And don't cheat with something like "Merry", "Marry", "Marie", "Hugo" or similar things .-)

  • Look guys, I like to ask the HARD questions. That is what I was known for in ECN. If you don't like me challenging the residents here then that's too bad.

    The fact is Rossi has taken us for a ride over the last 7 years. We went from eCat, to fat cat to quark x to God only knows what's coming next. And all the time we've had ZERO clear demonstrations from Rossi.

    I will continue to ask the HARD questions.

  • Alan I am legitimately puzzled and curious. I honestly cannot figure MY's motivation here. If it were not for the fact that I've seen posts here which seem to credit him/her with at least some scientific credentials I would have written him/her off months ago as a paid astroturfer. If not, then Rossi must have done something exceptionally personal and especially agregious to him/her at sometime in the past, for him/her to hate him so much. The only other person here who even comes close is Jed Rothwell and I at least know who he is.

    Oh boy, you don't even know the half of it rookie. At least Mary is reigned in here, somewhat. You should have seen hir at ECN.

    I kid you not, if you had 1c for every post Mary Yugo has made on the internet you'd be a multi-millionaire. Guaranteed.

    Moved from the E-Cat QX thread. Eric

  • Here is what Roger Barker placed on Peter Gluck's blog when Peter is hospitalized and unable to monitor it:

    Only a subhuman piece of crap below the level of trailer trash would do that. Georgina Popescu is trying to maintain order there but has no way to know what is real and what is being spoofed by infantile morons.

  • Quote

    How do you know the identity of the person impersonating you on Peter's blog?

    Well I don't know who "Roger Barker" is if that is what you are asking. I suspect a pseudonym and also I don't give a sh*t who this thing is. If you are asking why the impersonations are from the individual ayhole who sometimes signs himself as "Roger Barker", then it's because I recognize the impersonator by the style which is similar to the style he or she (or it) used on ECN. And by the fact that there are posts in his style immediately above or below. That's not proof of course, but this is no court of law. Very few people have as little taste and decorum in forums. And yes, LOL, I suppose intuition. It's sort of obvious actually given this pitiful, stalking troll's history. Why they chose me, I have no idea. There used to be some nut case on and ECN who signed as rats123, IIRC and who did somewhat similar things. And others stalked me in other weird ways, for example Jim Bowery during the Defkalion video demo threatened me with a beating by thugs over the talk channel. Very distinguished.

    Rossi must draw stalkers sort of like sh*t draws maggots.

  • So post your response over there if it's so important to you.

    No.  I will not get into a spitting contest with a snake.   Have your little contest on your own little thread.

    What is your technical basis for claiming my 'theory' is discredited?

    As already demonstrated upthread.   So take it offline, on your own thread that the moderators went out of their way to set up for YOU.   

    Moved from this thread. Eric

  • Ouch! If you won't play nice on my terms, take your toys and go home! Somebody is overly defensive, methinks.

    Uh, no. Jed has legitimately tagged this guy as a crackpot. If you want a crackpot to stay in his own designated corner, are you being "overly defensive"?

    Moved from this thread. Eric

  • We are not here at your beck and call. You are here at our pleasure. This is our forum, and you're a guest here.

    Do we have a reasonable expectation that you moderators would do the job that you have stated for yourselves? You have stated that one of the responsibilities of moderators is not to allow a thread to get hijacked. I did not beck nor call. As far as I can tell there is no mechanism for doing such a thing.

    Moved from this thread. Eric

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