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    ps: The best experimentalist in the whole saga is Mats Lewan.

    You mean the Mats Lewan who, for six years, followed Rossi closely, had his ear, wrote an entire book about him, and never insisted on a single proper calibration? Including the current "demo"?


    Levi's water test: probably.

    You mean the Levi water cooled test which, in six years, was never repeated or improved on? You mean by report the best performance by any ecat ever (the NyTeknik article) EXCEPT of course that Levi wouldn't do it again even when asked directly by Nobel laureate Dr. Josephson? That Levi water test?

    Have you ever considered that by FAR the best explanation for all these failures and all the lack of clarity is that Rossi has nothing but deception? Cleverly orchestrated, designed and tested means of misdirection? In other words fraud? You don't think if the ecat really worked, someone associated with Rossi or one of his claimed customers would have proven it by now?


    Leaving out Doral (fake customer, heat dissipation, flow level questions) ... the alternative explanations were not (in the most part) conclusive either.

    Why would you leave out a clearcut major example of Rossi's duplicity and lying? Are you also leaving out the hundreds of documents in the depositions which show that Rossi lies extensively and often?

    Obviously, I don't expect a reply.

  • It looks like the QX reactor is simply 2 bolts pushed into the ends of an unsealed glass tube, you can see the thread. What colour arc do you get in plain old air )))

    If there would be a glass pipe in between the two bolts and the bolts do not cover the circular surface - the little kind of "spark" that appears to come out of it and was supposed to be a high voltage plasma discharge as discussed here - could easily be just "light", coming from the center of the homedepot reactor, via the glass pipe....?

  • Rossi put out the bait yet again. Now, he will ensconce himself in his Miami condo and sip mint juleps and wait to see if anyone bites. In the meantime, he is going to continue the cloud of bovine feces he has always emanated from his idiotic and misnamed blog, JONP. I doubt he can resist doing that. Maybe, like someone famous we know, he will discover Twitter? I really hope some of the information that has been relayed by various people to local prosecutorial authorities is eventually acted upon. I'd love to see that man in court and in prison (again).


    Thanks for the history. But to paraphrase Barnum, new suckers are born every minute.


    I don’t care if he goes to prison, suckers are born every minute and if they are foolish enough not to do their due diligence and then to get taken by a con man, oh well.

    However, I would absolutely love to see him in court and watch him uncomfortably twist and turn, clench his jaw, gnash his teeth, mumble and stumble in a witness chair while being asked yes or no questions prepared by an engineer.

    Now THAT is a show I would buy tickets for

  • Bob,

    I have never been a Rossi believer, however, when first introduced to it in January, 2011,

    I was certainly intrigued enough to follow it.

    However, within the first 12 months it was obvious to me that he had absolutely no intent to follow the scientific method to prove his assertions.

    It is my humble opinion that Andrea Rossi is a flat out con man.

  • Dunno about "car" battery. There is an endless variety of sizes and shapes for 12 volt batteries for a whole variety of diverse applications like electric wheel chairs, industrial devices, tools, and so on. Most are lead-acid, some are other technologies and may vary a bit in their open circuit terminal voltage. Sure looks like that is what you see in the images of the white box with the row of holes. Rossi's choice looks small to me for a car battery but maybe a small car, a motorcycle or an electrically assisted bicycle.

  • I think the main issue at is that at L-F you have a lot of* people with a strong technical background who have come to the conclusion that Rossi's claims are entirely ridiculous.

    I'm not sure being coders or software analysts qualifies as strong technical background in the LENR field. Neither does being electrical engineers (though it's a bit more helpful)

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    the homedepot reactor,

    Hey, that has a ring to it. So we have the original toilet tubing reactors, then the Ottoman (official NASA designation, LOL) reactor, the Penon reactor, the Lugano reactor, the Six Pack and now, we have the Home Depot Reactor. That name should stick.

  • Of course, even if there is completely unassailable, iron-clad proof that the Stockholm demo was a complete sham (and we are getting there), the Rossi believers will still stick with their hero. They will come up with absurd rationalizations for why Rossi can't show "the real e-cat" but instead resorts to unconvincing fakery. From time to time, I try to ask the remaining believers why they believe and never get an answer. Whenever thy say anything that isn't just anger towards long-time skeptics and more recent apostates, they site the support of people like Penon, Levi and Mats Lewan. Of course, these are people whose only claim to fame or credibility is that they support Rossi. Kind of circular reasoning, no?

  • So insightful you had to quote me twice?

    Rionrlty, really? The clue is in the name...

    And E48 is an electrical engineer, you clown.

    And seeing as how you're here impugning people's qualifications, what the chuff do you do for a living?

  • Of course, even if there is completely unassailable, iron-clad proof that the Stockholm demo was a complete sham (and we are getting there), the Rossi believers will still stick with their hero.

    Of course, even if there is completely unassailable, iron-clad proof that the Stockholm demo worked (and we are getting there), the Rossiphobe believers will still stick with their unproven speculations.

    The various commenters who have stated there were no investors at the demo, not being there, can make up anything and somehow believe they know more than those present.

    November 29, 2017 at 4:32 PM

    Italo R.:

    Several days after the Stockholm demo we made a very important agreement, that will make faster the start of a massive industrial production. These few days have been momentous.

    Warm regards,