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  • Good day, Dewey.

    Any chance of letting us know the paint type on the Lugano reactor? I like to see things through to completion. I have enough Durapot left to cast a Dogbone, and have already done emissivity tests on the 810 cement.

    My Nog-Z horizontal clamps and irrigation fitting device is stalled at about 1/2 done due to lack of interest, and quite frankly better things to do...


    I just finished restoring a GR-110 scintillometer. (A nearly indestructible sweetheart of a scintillometer). I have old software for recording the scint output counts by audio output, but need to somehow connect the 1/8" audio jack to a RS-232 connector, so I can use a RS-232 to USB adapter, (which has it's own software...) so it can connect to my laptop. (Rare to get a serial port on laptops these days). Anyone have a good idea how to do that? Or a shortcut bypassing the serial port adapter? Not my forte, but I suppose I will figure it out on my own if I have to.

  • But to begin at the beginning, perhaps someone with some experience could refer me to the best material regarding the replication of the original Fleischmann and Pons experiments and results? I understood that it was a difficult issue even for them, but did this ever get fully worked out?


    How to:

  • Dewey,

    While you are here; do you think crossing the finish line could happen in 2018? By that I do not mean a commercial product, but something promising that will lead you there. I ask because with NASA, the Japanese, Russians and maybe even LFH, zeroing in on the process, it would be a shame to see IH left behind after throwing millions at it already.

    BTW, it looks as if IH's decision to return IP back to Rossi, was a sound one. His walking away from the 1MW Ecat shortly after the settlement, proved that he had no IP worth fighting over. Hope you guys make a fortune.

  • Can you do a FOIA request using a fake name?

    The rules say 'No'-

     To be valid under Section 8 a request must:
    o be in writing;
    o include the requester’s name and an address for
    correspondence; and,
    o describe the information being requested.
     The requester can be an individual, a company or an
    organisation but in each case they must provide their real name.
    A request made under a pseudonym will be invalid.

     There is a low threshold for meeting the requirement to describe
    the information. A description will be valid if it contains sufficient
    detail for the requested information to be distinguished from
    other information held by the authority.
     If the description of the information is unclear or ambiguous, the
    authority must ask the requester for further clarification in
    accordance with Section 1(3) of the Act.
     A request defined solely by keywords will be valid. If the
    keywords are so common that the scope of the request is
    unreasonably broad, then the authority should consider whether
    Section 12 (cost limits) or Section 14 (vexatious requests) apply.

  • Ahlfors,

    I remember that time well. That was when (spring 2012) Gary Wright started his campaign against Rossi. He had just moved to Miami and was saying on JONP that Ecats were being manufactured there in Florida. GW passed that on to the Florida State Radiation Regulation Agency, and they paid Rossi a visit. Rossi admitted to them he was not manufacturing anything. Another red flag soon after the Military Customer Acceptance Test. Then the Hotcat was introduced, along with the new partner (to be learned later as IH), and all was forgotten.

    Not to be deterred, when IH bought in, and the 1MW was shipped from Bologna to North Carolina, GW made another complaint to the North Carolina authorities about an unregulated nuclear device being operated. They visited, and in a document later (Dec 2014) made public, noted no activity in the warehouse, and no radiation readings. In an interview with Vaughn (IH president), he told the inspectors that Rossi was not credible, and down in Florida. Another red flag, and then Doral came along and all was forgotten.

  • Para - here you go:

    Aremco Pyro-Paint 634-ZO (99% Alumina)

    634-ZO !! .... >95% zirconium oxide? Dewey, I do recall you mentioning Pyro Paint, but just not the specific version.

    Not 634-AL ? (Alumina based)

    You can see perhaps why I like clarification.

    (The spectral emissivity of zirconia is pretty close to that of alumina, and within the Optris camera spectral sensitivity band, the two oxides are nearly the same. They sure would look different by any chemical analysis, though.)

  • What can be the advantage of coating the dogbone with zirconium oxide paint ?

    It beats me ! But I am open to any suggestion.

    Could it be that the construction of the dogone started with a tube where the heating coils where wound on ?

    And that this then was coated with the zirconium oxide paint to settle the heating coils and preventing possible shorts due to movement of the heating element due to temperature changes.

    And that as a final step the rest of the dogbone was casted on this with an alumina casting ?

    Remember that the Lugano testers took a sample of the outside of the dogbone and analyzed it and reported that it was more then 99 % alumina.

    So where was the zirconium oxide ?

    The above possible construction also explains the possible extension of the heater coil under the end-caps (And thereby the flatter temperature profile compared to the MFMP dogbone)

    Maybe Dewey has some more details to share ?

  • LDM ,

    From testing, it seems that the emissivity would be increased (somewhat) from that of Durapot 810 by using either zirconia or alumina paint. The Durapot 810 takes on a somewhat dingy appearance after strong heating, with dark, probably pyrolusite, stains forming near cooler areas. The Durapot ends up looking more like concrete than alumina. The paint might have been used more as a dress-up than a fudge factor. It could hide some small flaws, like cracks, pinholes, etc. The ugly casting of course could not be fixed that way. (Compare to the beautiful job by Allan G.)

  • Rossi did lie many times and constnatly. This is documented in the Doral Court documents and if you will take your time to browse through his diaries on JONP and compare what he said a few years ago or couple of months ago in later statements, it is pretty clear.

  • Now we have Dr. Muelenberg's "deep orbital electrons" theory on overcoming the coulomb barrier. He claims it covers all aspects of the known LENR effects. Is that competition for Charge Clusters?

    But what interested me the most starts at minute 08:50. Here he takes off his lab coat, and puts on his business suit to start with what sounds to me like a sales pitch, NDA, proprietary, etc. He knows something no one else knows, with some experiments to back it up. Not definitive *yet* mind you, but it could be definitive with some....

    hmm, where have I heard that before? He obviously wants to go commercial, and looking for seed money. Hey, that is fine by me. I love capitalism. Best system ever invented. Unfortunately, LENR and capitalism have a very poor track record together. So far, no one except the douche-bag, has made anything off of it. My guess is that we have another candidate poised to take his "save the planet" secrets to the grave.

  • guy looks like David Feherty from the

    Golf Channel?