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  • IH: "Yes, let me give you 10m dollars, based on what I read in a short self-published book. No it's fine, don't worry about any testing, we have literally got everything we need. It was all on page 58 actually"

  • Dont really care about your obscure belief system. And I dont really honor your long distance psychiatry capabilities either. I might even go as far as to say that you are the one stuck in cognitive dissonances, since I believe Mats knows way more about everything Rossi and LENR, than you.


    I agree. I think that Mats is a competent technical person that knows much more about LENR than the majority of people in this forum.

  • Dewey,

    If so, he is not very good at it. :) He is living on a shoestring budget, and neglecting his day job...all for the cause. To be honest, I think he is the real deal. He is sacrificing a good lifestyle to save the planet. There will be no money for him if he truly has it all figured out come O'day. Whatever it is, will be open sourced for others to capitalize on. His, and MFMP's only reward will be for a job well done.

    Too bad some rich benefactor does not come along and give these guys enough so they can concentrate only on this. know anyone with a lot of free cash?

    I'm also convinced Bob Greenyer is the real deal. He has sacrificed a very well paying occupation and extensive time with his family to try and chase down the truth about LENR and related issues. Like many of us who have been following this topic for years, our interest isn't based on money. We're sick and tired of living in the narrow layer of reality that the powers that be impose upon humanity. That's why Bob, several others, and I tend to run our fingers off making posts (or in Bob's case videos) when we feel that we've came upon something important: we'd rather see holes poked in the dam than our lives made more comfortable.

    There's very little "free" cash out there, by the way - at least not with strings attached. On this planet, the powerful players with money to spare generally desire to make more money. They'd rather lose a million dollars on a hand of high stakes poker in Vegas than hand out a few thousand dollars (which is a ton of money to those struggling to keep their utility bills paid up) to researchers like Bob Greenyer to allow him to continue his research without wondering about grocery bills.

  • Dont really care about your obscure belief system. And I dont really honor your long distance psychiatry capabilities either. I might even go as far as to say that you are the one stuck in cognitive dissonances, since I believe Mats knows way more about everything Rossi and LENR, than you.

    Tony, Tony, Tony,

    My young Padawan, you have much to learn

    I have called it right since October 2011.

    Don’t answer here but ask yourself this,

    at what time do you throw in the Rossi towel?

  • There is no towel to throw in.

    Even if Rossi never commercializes anything, it doesn't mean that his technology is one giant hoax.

    Likewise, even if Rossi successfully commercializes the E-Cat QX and sells millions of units, that won't change the lies he's told and the fact he can be a deceptive individual.

    The picture isn't as simple as Rossi being obliterated or Rossi being made into some type of global hero.

  • Wow, six years counting in that smelly bubble of yours ;) Actually you do not need to bother about my towel... I was merely stating that your experience and knowledge on the subject of Rossi and LENR is way inferior to Mats. And since you swiftly focused on me instead (an anonymous troll like you!) I suspect you know I'm right on that matter.

  • Director,

    Well, I guess I just disagree.

    The big picture is the same as it has been since January, 2011.

    Energy Out > Energy In

    If not, what does that make Rossi?

  • I can see why you are sympathetic to him. BG loves EVO:s too, and like you he is a Director. You seem to be soulmates.

    I'm not a director of anything or anyone except myself. I hate choosing usernames for email addresses or forums, and the idea for "The Director" came to mind so I used it.

    Yep. I suppose I do like EVOs a great deal. Specifically, I find them fascinating because I think we can learn a great deal about the nature of the universe, at all scales from plank length to galactic distances, by studying them.

    Bob is good person that cares more about the public disclosure of a wide array of fundamental truths than his own well being. What is even more shocking to me is that he seems to be willing to, at a minimum, significantly reduce the quality of his families lifestyle in his quest. I'm not saying this is good or bad: there are many issues and causes worth significant sacrifice. But this means he has conviction in his beliefs.

  • Another good thing about BG is that you CAN trust him. He may go a bit off the deep end on occasion, be a little too forgiving of those not deserving of it, but he is as honest as the day is long. Not out to rip anyone off, as others in the field have tried, or done.

  • What is "the deep end?"

    I'm learning that the deep in is truly open for interpretation.

    I too, perhaps a year ago, thought that Bob Greenyer was occasionally going too far or stretching the boundaries of plausibility in some of his videos. Now, I find my thinking processes paralleling his own more often than not. This isn't because I "bought into" his messages or "drank the kool-aid" as many of the pseudo-skeptical naysayers like to say. Instead, I found some seemingly deep rabbit holes, followed them down into the depths of various online archives, and found papers and books that deeply and profoundly impacted my perspective on many issues. This doesn't mean that I think he's right about everything. And, without a doubt, I'm certain that not all my ideas and the connections I see are valid. But there is an enormous amount of truth as of yet to be discovered that has been obscured for over a hundred years, going back to the time of Tesla.

  • Bad wording on my part Director. "Deep-end" as I mean't it, was about flights of fancy. The non-science kind. As in his India experience. I admire creative intelligence in all it's glory. Whatever it takes to get to the finish line, is fine by me.

    Take care, and keep thinking.