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  • The Forum button in the drop down menu lists about five recent subjects.

    The Portal button lists about 10 recent subjects.

    After that the search function needs to be used, which can be tricky since often the content wanders from the subject title.

    Eric said: H-G, I'm not a very good LF power user.

    What is LF? Is it the motor that runs this site?

    (Another thing: People here are too fond of acronyms. We need a thread dedicated to acronym translations!)

    Ok, 10 is better than 5 and 5 is better than nothing.

    But it should not be necessary to search the web or the site to find a thread.

    There should be a listing of thread titles in creation time order, newest first.

    An extra help would be a search function with a scope that covers only this list.

  • So, Bruce__H ,

    What do you think? The condensers were likely 3/4 full of water?

    Perhaps some other ideas would be interesting to pursue...

    Was the condenser water even circulating? Are there enough images from the demo to show the reservoir either depleting or maintaining a level?

    Perhaps the 1 mW Plant simply ran long enough to fill the condensers and outlet hoses before being shut down. Can 750 L of water be held in the condensers and hoses?

    Since there were two pipes from the Plant, two condensers, and two sets of hoses to two reservoirs, perhaps it is even possible water went IN one hose connected to a reservoir, and out the other. I believe that the two reservoirs were joined so that water could transfer between them.

  • I'm sure that the reservoirs are joined so as to transfer water between then but I don't know what that means. Do we know what kind of heat exchangers these are? Are they equipped with pumps on their outlets?

    By the way. In the old post containing still images that you linked to earlier, there is a diagram from one of Rick Smith's reports showing a schematic of the setup at Doral. That diagram has superimposed on it text containing an argument about water levels on the JMP and Leonardo sides. I hope you realize that the "vent pipe" that the argument depends on is not really a vent pipe.

  • The man is called Parkhomov...

    Takes one google click to get it right if one wants to.

    Stan, as you seem to be a fan of snarky pedantry (and a massive hypocrite to boot!) you need to be aware that the man is actually called Пархомов, and non-cyrillic renderings can vary.

  • It means that if you had deigned for yourself what you dismissively prescribe for others, you could have avoided making a daft comment.

    (IMO, Parkhomof, or even Harhomof would be better English versions)

    Edit: you might want to verify that he actually wrote the English version of that paper instead of just assuming it.

  • Just to end this pointless exchange of pleasantries this is what google says:

    parkhomov lenr - 12.300

    Parkhomof lenr - 1

    Harhomof lenr - none

    Parkamov lenr - 84

    So why not stick with the version that is already kind of established?

  • Thoughts?

    Hey Bob, I miss in your list the “master of CF”:

    Dot. Andrea Rossi : Conducting all kind of experiments shows (using home-depot garden center materials)

    Brief description: LT e-cat, ottoman-e-cat (fat-cat), mouse&cat e-cat, hot-cat, quark-x, e-cat SK (80W, 1kW...)...

    Current Status: Already hit the market (if you don’t believe - ask IH, they bought his junk)

    Last Communication : Daily updates on JONP (even including the tennis results against his wife; heh heh)

    Proposed demo / experiment date : “soon again”

  • Agreed... makes sense to stick to the accepted version, so let’s not drag this out too much, but Harhomof was only a weak joke for any Russian readers, and Parkhomof (or similar) is a more correct English spelling... Despite the fact that 12300 people don’t realise it.