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    Nice Marathon LENR Patent - Thanks Ahlfors

    I suppose Marathon New Energy Power Systems warrants a separate thread.

    Marathon Systems Inc. on Linknovate…-systems-inc-5364971/all/

    Heat Star - Trademark - Marathon Systems Inc.
    Brake linings for land vehicles.
    Fleet Star -Trademark - Marathon Systems Inc.
    Brake linings for land vehicles. Website (Marathon Brake Systems)

    New Energy Power Systems - Trademark - Marathon Systems Inc.
    Steam generators. Website

    Marathon LENR Patent

    "Modular Electrolysis Apparatus With Cooled Header, Co-Disposed Heat Exchanger And Gas Manifolds Therefor"
    Inventors: Ernest Charles Alcaraz, Monte S. Chawla, Randolph R. Davis, Dorin A. Jannotta, Austin Lowrey, IIIThomas F. McGraw, Frederick Sandel, Donald J. Waltman - Current Assignee Marathon Systems Inc. Priority date: 2014-08-07

    [0001] This Application claims benefit under 35 U.S.C. § 120 and is a continuation-in-part of U.S. NonProvisional patent application Ser. No. 14/815,935 filed Jul. 31, 2015, presently pending, which claims benefit under 35 U.S.C. § 119(e) of U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 61/999,824 filed Aug. 7, 2014, both of which are of common assignee to the present application, the contents of both of which are incorporated herein by reference in their entireties.

    BACKGROUND OF THE DISCLOSURE 1. Field of the Disclosure
    [0002] The present disclosure relates generally to electrolysis systems that employ hydrogen and/or deuterium gas for practical production of useful quantities of heat for application to many challenging opportunities. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to improved materials, structures and methods for improving low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) systems. This invention specifically addresses the technical challenges of significant energy production in an industrially viable configuration.
    An improved, gaseous electrolysis apparatus can include a cooled header for electric connections or couplings, an exemplary co-disposed, coaxial heat exchanger around the reaction chamber to extract heat from the reaction chamber and exemplary rugged gas source and collection manifold(s) to support fixed and/or mobile applications in an embodiment. The system can include a heated anode and co-disposed cylindrical cathode within the reaction chamber and an improved electronic control circuit in an embodiment.

    Prior LENR patent granted

    Electrolysis Apparatus and Electrodes and Electrode Material Therefor
    Inventor(s): Randolph R. Davis, Thomas F. McGraw, Richard S. Woll; Priority date: 1995-12-26 Patent granted: 2001-06-19
    An improved electrolysis system includes a cylindrical anode, a cylindrical cathode, a cathode material including nanocrystalline particles, and an insulator disposed between the anode and the cathode material to prevent contact between the anode and the cathode material.

    The current Marathon LENR patent has quite a team of inventors. Anyone recognize the names or know of their participation in the LENR research community?

    One inventor has an interesting patent... Crowd control using ultra sound. "Apparatus and method of broadcasting audible sound using ultrasonic sound as a carrier" Grant US6052336A Austin Lowrey, III
    Priority 1997-05-02 • Filing 1998-05-01 • Grant 2000-04-18
    An ultrasonic sound source broadcasts an ultrasonic signal which is amplitude and/or frequency modulated with an information input signal originating from an information input source. If the signals are amplitude modulated, a square root function of the information input signal is produced prior to modulation. The modulated signal, which may be amplified, is then broadcast via a projector unit, whereupon an individual or group of individuals located in the broadcast region detect the audible sound.

    Inventor Thomas F. McGraw has quite a few patents that have been granted. Inventors Randolf R. Davis and Richard S. Woll have worked with Thomas since the 90's. These three are the inventors named in the prior LENR patent granted in 2001.

    Inventor Frederick Sandel has an old patent assigned to the U.S. Navy that is of interest.
    "Low perturbation electron injector for cyclic accelerators"
    A tapered z-pinch for externally introducing an electron beam into a parte accelerator that causes only a small development of perpendicular velocity in the electrons of the electron beam, and that causes only a small disturbance to the magnetic field lines of the particle accelerator.

    Donald J. Waltman has one old patent. It is assigned to the U.S. Navy.
    "Programmed-response spectral scanning telephotometer system"
    Visible and near visible light is spectrally scanned to produce a detection signal which is combined with another signal representing a correction function so that combination of the signals produce a response function essentially equivalent to that of the human eye for a wide variety of types of sources.

  • Modern heavy duty brake pad material science is complex. Marathon most likely has a well equipped lab, no expenses spared. Their lab sees extra utility by being used for LENR materials research.

    Wiki is useful at times such as this...

    Brake pads convert the kinetic energy of the vehicle to thermal energy through friction.


    The five most important characteristics that are considered when selecting a brake pad material are as follows:

    • The material's ability to resist brake fade
    • The effects of water on brake fade (all brakes are designed to withstand at least temporary exposure to water)
    • The ability to recover quickly from either increased temperature or moisture
    • Service life as traded off with wear to the rotor
    • The ability of the material to provide smooth and even contact with the rotor or drum (instead of a material that breaks off in chunks or causes pits or dents).

    For many years straightforward asbestos was viewed as having an optimal performance in all five categories. However, as the serious health-related hazards of asbestos became apparent, other materials had to be found. Today, brake pad materials are classified into one of four principal categories, as follows:

    • Non-metallic materials - these are made from a combination of various synthetic substances bonded into a composite, principally in the form ofcellulose, aramid, PAN, and sintered glass. They are gentle on rotors, but produce a fair amount of dust, thus having a short service life.
    • Semi-metallic materials - synthetics mixed with varying proportions of flaked metals. These are harder than non-metallic pads, more fade-resistant and longer lasting, but at the cost of increased wear to the rotor/drum which then must be replaced sooner. They also require more actuating force than non-metallic pads in order to generate braking torque.
    • Fully metallic materials - these pads are used only in racing vehicles, and are composed of sintered steel without any synthetic additives. They are very long-lasting, but require more force to slow a vehicle while wearing off the rotors faster. They also tend to be very loud.
    • Ceramic materials - Composed of clay and porcelain bonded to copper flakes and filaments, these are a good compromise between the durability of the metal pads, grip and fade resistance of the synthetic variety. Their principal drawback, however, is that unlike the previous three types, despite the presence of the copper (which has a high thermal conductivity), ceramic pads generally do not dissipate heat well, which can eventually cause the pads or other components of the braking system to warp. However, because the ceramic materials causes the braking sound to be elevated beyond that of human hearing, they are exceptionally quiet.

    Phenol formaldehyde resin is frequently used as a binding agent. Graphite can serve as a friction material as well as binding agent. An Italian producer conducts research to use cement as a cheap and less energy-intensive binding agent.

    There are environmental factors that govern the selection of brake pad materials. For example, the bill SSB 6557  adopted in Washington State in 2010 will limit the amount of copper that is allowed to be used in friction materials, to be eventually phased out to trace amounts, due to the negative impact of high copper levels on aquatic life. For its substitution, different material combinations have been developed, though no direct replacement is available yet. Other materials, such as compounds made with antimony, are being studied.

    Vehicles have different braking requirements. Friction materials offer application-specific formulas and designs. Brake pads with a higher coefficient of friction provide good braking with less brake pedal pressure requirement, but tend to lose efficiency at higher temperatures. Brake pads with a smaller and constant coefficient of friction do not lose efficiency at higher temperatures and are stable, but require higher brake pedal pressure.

    gbgoblenote- Shane D. I hope this sheds some light, "Wonder how this group went from brake systems to LENR?" Also, these folks have been working on this, quietly with considerable resources, since the mid 90's. I imagine they most likely are onto something.

  • There was no episode. It was 'finger trouble' by an ECW admin, in other words, and error. Russ has been reinstated.

    I still stand by my post, although I should make it clearer. I did not mean to state Mr. George specifically, just that his recent episode shows that ECW (Ackland) censors very strictly and often. While it may be that Mr. George was "accidently" censored, it was during a "censor activity"!

    Believe me, you post doubts or "the facts" on ECW, you WILL be censored and rather quickly. I was censored (I inquired of Ackland and he acknowledged it) because I made a post of a list that showed about 15 Rossi quotes, (with links), showing that he out and out lied. I was banned and the post removed. When I inquired, Frank responded that ECW is a pro-Rossi site and anything posted that the eCat is not real is grounds for banishment.

    And I stand by my statement that the believers memory is quick to fade.... "NATO colonels" , 13 sold MW plants, multiple "aerospace engineers", Norman Cook, Seimans, National Instruments, NASA, direct propulsion, direct electricity production, 1 year run at 80+ COP, independent customer (JMP), customer chief engineer (Bass), Hot cat, Gas Cat, QuarkX, Jet engines, connected sterling engines, COP > 6, COP > 2000,

    temperature > 10,000, no radiation detected, radiation is detected, magnetic fields, transmutations, the list goes on and on.

    Only a few things remain proved and consistent.....

    1) No confirmation that he has anything. All demos/tests have been thoroughly bad to the point of ridicule. After 8 years, not a single confirmation of anything!

    2) Only Fabiani, Penon, Lewan have remained at his side. (Of course there is F.Ackland, A. Ashfield, yourself and possibly Mr. George! :)) Others publicly connected with him "leave".

    3) Rossi is still saying "in 6 - 12 months his robotic factories will be crushing the competition". (Ha. What competition is there? )

    4) His loyal followers erase the past and start fresh every six months or so......

  • Quote

    That web site consists only of the home page which is a very crude CG image of some imaginary space craft.

    The two entities "Marathon" may or may not be the same. You'd need the corporate papers to know for sure or at least the street address of each.

    Asbestos as an LENR ingredient? Who knew? Why not try bovine manure also? Seems as probable.

    This patent is like Rossi's usually are. It details a cooling system for an unspecified heat source. Whooopeee!

  • Only Fabiani, Penon, Lewan have remained at his side. (Of course there is F.Ackland, A. Ashfield, yourself and possibly Mr. George!

    And probably 20 people I could have rounded up at ICCF-21 including names that would surprise you who say 'of course Rossi has something, but don't tell anyone I said so'. Fear and Loathing in Miami.

  • Quote

    And probably 20 people I could have rounded up at ICCF-21 including names that would surprise you

    The names that would really surprise me would be any nationally renown testing lab and even Earthtech. After all, Rossi has had at least 7 years. 11 if you believe he heated a factory with an ecat in 2007 as one of his patent apps claimed. And everything Bob wrote above.

  • And probably 20 people I could have rounded up at ICCF-21 including names that would surprise you who say 'of course Rossi has something, but don't tell anyone I said so'. Fear and Loathing in Miami.

    (My last off topic here.... I promise! :))

    First, my statement said "Others publicly connected with him leave". Have the "20" ever publicly supported Rossi? If not, then there is little to no support. If they were public, then you can tell me their names! Also, why would they fear and loathe? Does any one fear and loathe connections to Bob Higgins, Magicsound, Storms, McKubre, Muzuno, Letts, Cravens, Miley and a longer list? Even MFMP is not scorned if you do not include BG. They are open and show what they do. Nothing to fear there.

    Yet.... Rossi does have a stigma attached and it is WELL earned! If Rossi really had the invention of the ages, possibly a key component to the welfare of human kind and people REALLY believed it, do you think they would all lurk in the shadow? Do you think they would keep quiet? Would simple embarrassment keep them from attempting to push this unimaginably important invention into the limelight for the well being of mankind? Really?

    It is amazing how believers have this "store of information" but cannot reveal it! There have been tomes of data shown that Rossi cannot be believed, his tests are in error or even fraudulent and NO data confirming results from someone other than himself. Remember, even the Doral test had the data sent FROM Rossi TO Penon!

    Knowledgeable and qualified people continue to ask for supporting data, (such as THH) and yet none can or is provided. What data has these 20 people seen that we have not? If it is only the same data we have seen, no wonder they keep hidden and silent.... they realize the existing data is meaningless.

    I make this statement... I do not ridicule Rossi for working on the eCat, for pursuing cold fusion, for trying to build an energy device. I criticize him for being a liar, deceitful and intentionally misleading. If Bob Higgins made a claim here on LENR of a positive result.... you can bet it would be of great interest! Sure some would critique it, that is what science does. But Mr. Higgins would not lie, deceive and cover up. THAT is the difference. He would either say nothing or he would post his data for others to peer review. This hiding because of IP theft is nothing more than a page from Rossi's handbook. A convenient excuse.

    Test data and procedure will not reveal the secret sauce! Input power can EASILY be measured accurately and without doubt. The IP excuse is simply that... and excuse.

    Rossi believers only "fear and loathe" the truth.... their great hero has nothing and has strung them along for years. And now they cannot bring themselves to admit how they were so badly fooled. I can say this because I was once among them. I defended Rossi quite clearly on the old EcatNews site for about two years. Then Rossi's OWN actions clearly started showing he was a fraud and I was taken in by him.

  • And none so spitefil as a believer scorned. Never the less I retain my respect for you.

    You ask 'Have the "20" ever publicly supported Rossi?'

    Some have, then recanted or kept quiet, some have never made public statements, only private ones. Maybe they don't feel the need.

  • What does it take to become a New Energy (LENR) producer?

    Might asbestos be a prime LENR ingredient? Just a thought.…0161128-dl.compressed.pdf

    Yes! You can help me with creation of model of the planet Earth. Geospheres of the planet rub the friend about the friend just as brake shoes. I saw you in and gave you the invitation to contact. write me to my subject Generator Tarasenko based on the model of the planet Earth

    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr:

  • Yes! You can help me with creation of model of the planet Earth. Geospheres of the planet rub the friend about the friend just as brake shoes. I saw you in and gave you the invitation to contact. write me to my subject Generator Tarasenko based on the model of the planet Earth

    The thing about my asbestos thought... A blind (yet not unconscious bias).

    The thing about earthen dendritic growth and subsequent crystalline morphology... It's absolutely amazing. The various colours and types of asbestos are difficult to replicate/manufacture. So I randomly got to thinking about brake pads (predominately/historically as being the best material for such). And about Marathon and LENR environs...

    Asbestos, in amazing and superior ways, converts kinetic energy to thermal energy.

    Conversely, within the super fluid crystalline lattice of LENR, might (flavours, colours of) asbestos be created, evolved/transmuted, and lend to the nuclear reactive environment of LENR reactors? Google 'dendritic morphologies LENR', 'dendritic growth cold fusion', or study the works of Vladimir Pines and the PineScie GEC NASA GRC LENR endeavour. Let's discuss it.

    Bruce__H Consider LENR as ECOLOGY/Evolving environments of many players, I.E. A many/varied multi body system that changes frequently, at nearly, less than or beyond the speed of light. Hope this helps... Suggest study of the many sciences... Uses of the term 'Ecology'. The word is still evolving. Go figure... I'm barely keeping up.

    Might asbestos play a role in transforming thermal energy within the LENR NRE to kinetic energy?

    Just a fleeting thought. Crazy, NO?

    A question...

    Does plasma have a Lattice Structure?