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    Be patient and it might well happen.

    Your extraordinary claims about excess heat are now, not it might..., it may..., it will... when (better to say: if a day) you will be able to demonstrate, anywhere, under third party verification and control of independent and qualified scientists of wordwide community what you claimed during these years, let me know.

    Otherwise are only chatter.


    Perhaps you should revisit your optician.

    As said my optician is based only on verifiable scientific facts, in other words simply "Science based", not on hopes or a wishful thinking postponed every time in the future.

  • I know a kW is a rate and a kWH is an amount of energy. Only the babblers get confused. I'm mildly surprised that you wrote I should know rather than saying I didn't know, in you usual style.

    Only a babbler would be stupid enough to think telling the kid
    "1 Kilowatt-hours to Ergs = 3.6E+13," (politically correct units) would be more helpful to a kid than comparing it to a horse.




    Alan ? Can You explain, why Adrian is allowed to insult in an obvious selfish and dunning kruger way, and does not get "moved to clearence items" ???

  • Who are the remainig active moderators here? Lack of posts for several months indicate Eric is gone. I only see two moderators now?

    Yes, it is not only puzzling why a certain moderator protects factless, "babbling" pro-Rossi posters yet is not adverse to thowing some shade on Rossi revealers, but is starting to cast shadow on his overall judgement world view.

    The facts are clear... what is publicly known absolutely paints Rossi as a liar and fraudulent con artist. His three supporters here provide zero "non-Rossi says" evidence for thier support. One constantly is personnaly insulting on a continual basis and without fact. Yet nary a slap on the wrist.

    Yes, from the collective actions and attitudes seen, it causes me concern, even for the on going project. If one believes they are "above or beyond" being deluded, they are often the very first who are.

    Supporting Rossi is advanced delusion. Just look at AA.

  • ...



    and I was banned for 2 weeks by Alan Smith after using the word "delusion".... no one really gets this anymore...

  • The facts are clear... what is publicly known absolutely paints Rossi as a liar and fraudulent con artist.

    Do you really believe that somebody serious is interested in your (and your follower trolls) comments?

    We know that Rossi had something. But nobody knows whether he ever will be successful! I only give him a 1% chance.

    May be you should once try to write a real post with real information not just repeating others (very, very old) claims.

  • Wyttenbach,

    I've been studying your papers that are posted online, and I have a question for you.

    How far does the electromagnetic induction field capable of producing excess heat in surrounding materials extend? Are we talking about a field that could extend for multiple microns or a field that would only extend for a much shorter distance?