В России издана книга: Г.В. Эрлих, С.н. Андреев "История ядерной физики в зеркале Алхимии: От начала ХХ века до сенсационных открытий сегодняшних дней." - М.: ЛЕНАНД, 2017. -232 с.

  • About the above book...

    The book is devoted to the story of the brave individuals who ridiculed and even excommunicated from science. But they continued their work. From the book the reader will learn what obstacles they had to overcome some scientific authorities opposed them, some significant results have been achieved in real finders are still mysterious, but very attractive area of science - nuclear physics.

    The book consists of three parts. The first period is described beginning XX century, when there was a rapid development of nuclear physics, transmutation elements have been opened, the splitting of the nucleus, the first elementary particles, the first basic laws of interaction of nuclear particles, preferably energy. The second part describes a "quiet" period, full of dogmatism and the emergence of new shoots of knowledge on the physics of weak interactions. It lasted from the creation of the atomic bombs and reactors to Chernobyl, when the first doubts: we all know? From that moment again smelled a "revolution", appeared again curious, inquisitive and doubting "Pseudoscientists". This period, which lasts until today, when there is light in the darkness, is described in the third, the most interesting part. This period continues, but it is clear that very soon happen again breaking the old concepts and will take a new leap in nuclear physics.

    The book is addressed to all those interested in the history of science and nuclear physics.


    ERLIH Genrih Vladimirovich

    Doctor of Chemical Sciences, a leading scientific worker of the chemical faculty of the Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosova. Research interests - surface chemistry, nanotechnology. Member of the Union of Writers of Russia, the author of 15 novels of different genres, as well as several non-fiction books, including "Gold bullet, saving poison. 250 years of nanotechnologies "and" Small objects - big ideas. A broad view of nanotechnology. " Winner of the "Illuminator", Russian Academy of Sciences Award and the European Academy of Sciences for the popularization of science.

    ANDREEV Stepan Nikolaevich

    Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Scientific Secretary of the General Physics Institute named A. M. Prohorova Russian Academy of Sciences. Author of 68 scientific articles dealing with the interaction of laser radiation with matter, laser fusion, nuclear and photonuclear reactions in relativistic plasma and other topical issues of theoretical and experimental physics. In recent years, it pays much attention to the organization of work, data analysis, and promotion of ideas in the field of low energy nuclear reactions.

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    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr: