Rossi vs. Darden aftermath discussions

  • If Rossi was lightly involved, and seldom present, then the report would be more respected, than if Rossi was there all, or most of the time, as the documents show was the case.

    I don't understand why Rossi's presence at the Lugano test has to disturb you so much. In the report, is it written that Rossi conducted the test? The actions he has made are listed and are perfectly understandable since the Professors were not required to know how to load or turn on an object they saw for the first time. If you believe in the authors' word, you know that they had the control of the test. If you do not believe it then you would have suspicions even if the documents did not report Rossi's presence. But it is difficult to understand why professors with a career and a reputation should lie about a test they chose to do and describe. Really absurd ....

  • I expect you would say, "if there is a megawatt of heat coming out of this machine, why isn't this whole warehouse hot?" Everyone I know who saw it said that.

    Everyone? Like Murray, who visited the Plant the very last day, when the reactors just ran for half an hour? Sure there was no heat in that location!

  • I doubt it's in violation of the tax laws because the laws hadn't been written yet. I live in California, which is as far as I can tell the first state to start taxing internet purchases.

    For many years many states complained that their tax laws were being violated by online companies, and they were. It wasn't until recently (in the last few years) that the larger online companies began collecting tax and paying it to the various states according to your residence. But it was always a violation. It just happened to be hard to enforce, just as it is hard to enforce the taxing of barter, Craigs list sales, etc., which is why most people simply don't pay their taxes on such things.

  • No one one involved with the Doral test ever said that the small E-Cats failed to produce excess power. They were shut down apparently because of water leaks and grounding problems. Rossi never complained about this as far as I know. Do you know any different?

    I know what Rossi said in an interview with E-Catworld:…evelopments-of-the-e-cat/

    "We are working pretty much on the 1 MW plant that has worked for one year, because probably you know that after the 16th of February 2016, the plant has been sealed by the parties, and it was in a land of nobody, like the land between the two Koreas. Basically nobody could enter there. We put our locks, they put their locks, and to enter, as in the safes of the banks, you needed two keys, etc., etc. So, it was tragicomic.

    Now, I got my key, their keys also had been given back to me, I have opened everything, and now we are dismounting everything, opening all the reactors. The big ones that worked pretty well, and the small ones that never worked, because at the beginning they had many problems. Now we are going to open all of them to study. It will be very interesting, the analysis. Also the isotopic analysis of the powders of the four reactors that worked, and also the degradation that happened in one year. So now we will have precise data about how the powder became through one year, etc. In the small ones it will be very interesting to understand now why the heck they did not work, as if in some of them there was simply no charge. Because they were connected in a way that was necessary for coordination.So now I am disassembling the plant in thousands of small pieces to be analyzed because this is technology, this is how technology is made."

  • There is plenty of evidence to prosecute Rossi. And it's been turned over to the relevant departments of the Florida state government. Probably by several people. The problem is not a lack of evidence, the issue is priority compared to murder and rape cases, for example.

    Mary this proves that you are completely out of reality.

    In US the Justice System is quite efficient and would persecute even non violent crimes.…s-life-non-violent-crimes

    If Rossi has benn not persecurted is because there is no evidence against him.

    If you have any show it !

    On the contrary is now clear that Tom Darden acted in a "borderline" way if not completely out of Law many times as a smart inveterate criminal.

    A lot of evidence has been exposed also in this forum and lot more documents (public and official) will be shown.

    I am not aware that TD has ever been charged and convicted with a criminal offence. In which case he might be a rogue in some eyes, but without a personal conviction, not a criminal. So your remark in green is not acceptable. Alan.

  • Quote

    In your dreams Mary. If IH were happy to walk away so quickly and drop their countersuit

    As the legal eagles and several of us noted many times and you fail to grasp, IH agreed to settle, not because Rossi's idiotic lawsuit had merit but because they could not trust a jury of lay people to understand enough of the technology to realize what a fraud Rossi had perpetrated on IH. Not only that but IH stood to gain almost nothing. The possibility that Rossi would have coughed up any part of a judgement would have been minuscule when he could easily flee with his money to a non-extradition country. And Darden clearly had no use for Rossi's worthless "technnology."

    And the chance of losing a half billion dollars and/or being entangled in appeals for a decade was not something Darden could risk. For once, Rossi calculated correctly when he filed that spurious lawsuit. It was risky but he was right in his pre-evaluation of the probable outcome.


    As Rossi forecast, people like you will only believe it works when there are working units out in the field.

    The believers keep strutting out that antique canard. As if a decent and truly independent test by a famous lab wouldn't help. Scientists believe all sorts of technology ideas which are not being sold. But they have been properly tested. Rossi never has. That's all.


    And today is no different, people will steal Rossi's $Trillion IP if they could.  

     YOu're the one pushing crapola now.   Just get your skeptopath friends to put up the prize money and let Rossi do a black box test.   Musk, Bezos, Gates, etc. are not interested because they want to own that technology rather than let an upstart inventor own it.   

    More dumb canards from the believers. People kept saying that Rossi couldn't let anyone test his devices because the testers would steal the technology. If theft of technology were so easy, what do you think would happen the first time ever sold one (which, BTW, he said he did, multiple copies of units containing dozens of ecats each in 2011!). What in the world do you think patents, contracts, lawyers and courts are for? People share invented technology all the time and they work out how to share the risks and the profits. It can be contentious but it is routine. And how do you explain that Darden, to whom Rossi supposedly provided all the secrets for making ecats, is not currently occupied with making thousands of ecat power plants in some unregulated country like China or a poorly regulated one like maybe Brazil or Dubai or an African nation or even North Korea?

  • Kev - predict all you like but that is not true.

    The next time you ask someone to answer a question of yours, why not just add your insult before they even answer the frikken question and be done with the exchange?

    You asked:

    THHuxleynew wrote:

    Perhaps you could consider in advance what type of results would indicate I was right? I can't see any lying or obviously spoofed experiment from Rossi that has in the past caused those like you who think Rossi has it for real to think that?

    ***I answered. You end up saying "predict all you like but that is not true."

    It's like asking, "what if the sky turned green, would we all have purple skin?" and the guy answers the hypothetical and you say "predict all you like but that is not true." It points to your purpose here, which is to provoke rather than to generate discussion.

  • Quote

    His behavior ? What about you Mary..... Is more that 10 years that you are spitting venom and insults in the web Isn't that an insane behavior ?

    Are "venom and insults" your new names for facts? To quote Kelly Anne Conway, do you prefer "alternative facts?" LOL!


    By and large, the scientific establishment has dismissed CF/LENR due to unrelenting pressure applied by hot fusion plasma physicists (for their own selfish purposes). What is left is the market, which is the ultimate arbiter of most things, including this.

    Oh poopcrud!

    The scientific establishment, whatever the hell that is, dismisses LENR because adequate proof of the effect is lacking. That's all. It's really that simple. Let me know when there is a market and I will be among the first to buy one. Rossi and Defkalion supposedly made markets in 2011. Where are those markets now, six f'n years later?

  • Jed: Obviously, a replicable and sustained 100W output from any device without input power would be miraculous (or better yet, maybe it would be LENR).

    It is not miraculous. It is just a fact of nature. It is definitely LENR because there is no chemical fuel in the cell.

    The problem is that I have as yet seen no evidence that such an event took place

    You don't see it because you refuse to look. Fleischmann and Pons performed this test hundreds of times. They did 16 cells at a time, repeated hundreds of times. The heat after death lasted for hours in some cases and days in others. I know you do not believe this, but you don't believe any other results for that matter, so your state of belief is no indication of what is true.


    A video of a boil-off event:

    Mizuno and others also saw 20 to 100 W of output with no input, lasting from 1 to several days. Others saw high output with minimal input power.

  • But the chances that a competent criminal legal team would use it to bring charges against Rossi are so small that even the anti-Rossi crowd around here is frustrated about picking up the phone to let authorities know about this evidence.

    I am curious: How do you know this? Do you have a background in law or law enforcement? You seem awfully confident of this. Do you have any expertise or background that gives you confidence?

    I myself cannot judge how likely it is that criminal charges will be filed in this case. I am sure Rossi's actions were criminal fraud, but it may be there are so many frauds of this nature the police don't have the resources to go after him.

  • I am curious: How do you know this? Do you have a background in law or law enforcement? You seem awfully confident of this. Do you have any expertise or background that gives you confidence?

    I myself cannot judge how likely it is that criminal charges will be filed in this case. I am sure Rossi's actions were criminal fraud, but it may be there are so many frauds of this nature the police don't have the resources to go after him.

    It's like when Cliff in the comedy Cheers claimed to know karate. All his friends said that he would have been bragging about it since day one. That's what gives me confidence. And that's why someone posted that they should call the IRS, because confidence is so low on your side. Go ahead, prove me wrong. I'm waiting.

    It may be that there are "so many" and it may be that there are NOT so many. Neither of us know the evidence, so to proceed from that silence of the evidence is an argument from silence. I just know that Rossi aint in jail, and you know it too. Working backwards from there, it is more evidence for one set of conclusions than the other.

  • It would be a mistake to think that we here have seen ALL the evidence about Signor Rossi and IH. We cannot know about evidence not published, and police do not make a habit of publicising evidence that may be used in a prosecution until the time is right.

    Not that I have any great hope that Rossi will ever be in the dock, but you never know...

  • Were any of these effects replicated by reputable 3rd parties? Otherwise, they may be calorimetric calibration error.