The Great 'Believer' Witch Hunt

  • "Witch hunt" - I don't think there is any witch hunt agains LENR believers on this forum.

    Maybe I'm trying to start one?


    Still not voted yet then, Mary? I knew I should have replaced the word 'cretin' with the word 'moron', which in fairness... you do seem to prefer.

    Anyway enough about Rossi's misplaced genius and exotic particles, please. This was supposed to be a thread where we could pontificate about such high and mighty topics as the nature of belief, and the paradoxes of objective epistemology. Or something. Where's Lomax when you need him?

    At least Eric and THH had some interesting stuff to say, but it's getting late...

  • ele


    Mary your mind is in a confused state. .. no fire has ever destroyed any records,

    ROTFWL! "ele" think's I AM CONFUSED?

    This is the Rossi version of the fire as told to his victim (to the tune of around $5M) DOD/CERL ... Rossifiction, as I call it.

    Of course the reason the delivered devices did not work was not limited to mechanical failure and poor worksmanship. It was because the prototype never existed. It is doubtful that the "location" destroyed by fire existed and it is virtually certain that nothing was ever tested at the University of New Hampshire. It was the usual fabric of Rossi lies and cons and fraud. The above quote is from the actual DOD report conveniently preserved here:…ThermoelectricDevices.pdf


    The original heater of 2007 (10 years ago!) was a first prototype, quite obvious that was dismantled,

    Only in the world of scammers (and actually it is a hallmark of energy scams) do people dismantle incredibly effective prototype and then make inferior ones, both as to power and also as to "COP". This decrease in performance with time is another hallmark of free energy scams and Rossi's 20W QuarkX fits perfectly into the pattern. Rossi's Levi-tested early ecat made a peak power of 135kW from a device the size of a tennis ball with COP's around 20 -30. Later models made around 5kW with COP's of 6. The so-called hot cat made around 3kW with a claimed COP of less than three (it is probably 1.0 as per Clarke and TTH and others). That's progress, folks! Rossistyle.

    Hilariously, some of Sterling Allan's scammers used to claim that they had to delay demos because they had taken apart perfectly working examples of their machines so they could afford to build a newer model ROTFWL!


    Levi has done measurements over many prototypes and never refused to do one.

    Levi's best experiment ever, which you and many believers either choose to ignore or are ignorant about was the one he reported in 2011 in NyTeknik. Of course there was no calibration and no adequate documentation of what Levi actually did. Anyway, a couple of years ago, I contacted Nobel laureate and LENR believer Professor Brian Josephson through his Youtube channel. While I disagree with Dr. Josephson about many things, he is always polite and kind to a fault-- a real gentleman. He replied to my request and originated a PERSONAL email to Levi asking that the data be made available for that spectacular test and that Levi repeat it under proper controlled conditions and observation. LEVI DID NOT EVEN GIVE JOSEPHSON THE COURTESY OF A REPLY. Josephson finally wrote me: "I suggest you email him yourself." ROTFWL again. Like Levi wouldn't respond to josephson but he'd respond to me1 Anyway Levi's sort of a schlump about all that stuff like controls and calibrations but I hear he does make a mean cup of coffee.

    @Admins I wish you had not suspended ele because he or she won't be able to respond to this and may never even see it. Be that as it may, it is a waste of time to communicate with this person as well as with Zeus so I probably won't do much of it in the future, regardless of how outrageously they write.